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From the "stranger things have happened" files, there's a couple pictures of a supposed Best Buy computer screen showing order details for the Samsung Galaxy S III -- with the same model designation as the unlocked international version. According to the screens, Best Buy is making shelf space for the Pebble Blu i9300, which is the same model number as the version sold internationally, and the screen notes it is an unlocked GSM version. Of course, the quantity is at zero with none on order, so we're not 100-percent sure what it is we're looking at. We've put some feelers out and have come to find that Best Buy has sold GSM unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II phones in major markets and online, with the same i9100 tag as the ones sold elsewhere in the world. As we find out more, we'll forward it along. In the meantime, hit the Galaxy S III forums to see the original post and join in the discussion.

Thanks, razortaz18!

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steve0617 says:

Would someone actually want to pay $450 more than the Nexus just to get the SIII?

LCW says:

I'd actually only pay LESS for an SIII. IMO, Nexus is still superior, simply for being stock Android, and always getting the latest updates.

ugaco07 says:

$800?!? thanks.

guinnkevinr says:

They've been selling them online for 3 weeks now..;jsessionid=38C539A3EC48AA49EA123A9AB2350369.bbolsp-app03-72?id=1218692161505&skuId=5759172&st=galaxy%20s%203&cp=1&lp=1

84guy says:

i paid 60 bucks at bestbuy for my evo lte(-50 phone freedom, -50 for picking evo lte,-50 and almost all tax for price matching radioshack). i would not be able to justify spending almost 1k on a phone just to be free from a contract

3rdpig says:

$800 for a Samsung phone? Not bloody likely.

eagle63 says:

Don't suppose it supports pentaband does it?

bkinney says:

On the website it lists having a quad core Exynos processor and 4G LTE. I'm not so sure this is correct, the only model that i have heard of that had both is the Korean model.

miller7796 says:

Well it is Best Buy, you don't actually expect them to know what's in something they're selling do you? :)

cctpitts01 says:

Best Buy is always screwing people when it come to Full Retail on devices it's ridiculous what they want for full retail on phones.

gunderson says:

The above screenshot only proves that the device has a Best Buy SKU, and that they must be entertaining selling it, cause they took time to enter it. Then it shows that the item is just not in stock at the specific store where this employee performed the search, nor at their district warehouse.