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Samsung's latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S III, has received its first official firmware update, bringing the phone up to firmware version LF2. Right now we're seeing that the unlocked UK version of the Galaxy S III is the first to have the update pushed out through Kies, as well as over-the-air. Reports vary as to which route Galaxy S III owners are taking to grab the update, and we had to use Kies after our S III wasn't able to find any OTAs.

The update apparently includes "stability improvements," though we haven't noticed any immediate changes in our newly-updated Galaxy S III.

In any case, the latest firmware also boasts freshly-baked radios and kernel, and it's still based on Android 4.0.4, 'cause that's still the latest version. British S III owners should be able to update right now. Other territories should start to receive the update in the days ahead, so keep checking Kies and the built-in updater.


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Samsung Galaxy S III gets first official firmware update


I checked my T-Mobile UK SGS3 OTA and via Kies, and it says LE8 is the latest firmware. (as at 13:50 12/6/2012).

Update: LF2 now available via Kies on TMUK branded SGS3 (as at 00:30 13/6/2012).

I've got it. Through Kies it was a full image though and has therefore removed my root so hopefully I can reapply that later. Does feel a little snappier and I am now getting H rather than G from the radio.

I can only hope that US carriers don't block and delay updates like they've done so far. The devices are identical and so should be the software. But I just don't trust US carriers!

Always a risk if you use Kies. If you flash the OTA, you can run Voodoo OTA Root Keeper beforehand to have a very good chance of keeping root.