Looks like somebody got a little ahead of themselves and posted up some Samsung device info before they were supposed to. An image of the Samsung Galaxy S 2 has now appeared online and to go along with it, some of the specs were apparently revealed as well. The images are now gone and the Korean text remains but for now have a look at the specs for the Samsung Galaxy S 2.

  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • 4.3-inch display
  • 1GHz dual-core processor
  • HSPA+
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi
  • Weight: 116g, 8.49mm thick

Just in case that wasn't enough of a leak, there was also some talk of a new 10.1 inch Honeycomb tablet and some of its specs. 1GHz dual-core processor, 8 megapixel camera with HD video recording. Sounds mighty fine to us. Of course, we'll have to wait see how this all pans out. [via Engadget, Paran, Samsung Hub] Thanks, Chris!


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Samsung Galaxy S 2 and 10.1-inch Honeycomb tablet info leaked


I like slider phones too, and im 24. my ideal phone would be like a G1, but bigger and faster. I want more offset, 5 row keyboards with space between buttons. Noone seems to make anything like this anymore. I love my G1, I had the MTSlide and returned it in less than 48 hours.

Really? Do you currently have an Epic? I love my phone - but that's only because I have the knowledge to use the leaked custom roms on it. Support for it from Samsung has been ... limited at best. I had heard how they treated supporting their phones prior to getting the Epic but once I upgrade I will very seriously have to reconsider Samsung.

It is dual core, probably a much faster processor, definitely a much faster GPU, and probably more memory and storage. That is the point. I doubt an upcoming Evo2 would have that much higher specs.

However, it is a Samsung.... which for many is a huge negative.

1. Much better processor (not only dual-core but possibly orions)
2. MUCH better GPU
3. More RAM
4. Much better screen
5. Gingerbread
6. Probably more memory
7. Probably bigger battery

Why would you want the Evo after those points?

Why would you want the Evo after those points?

Well, frankly, its from samsung. Im not buying. I hate my current Galaxy S, and Im waiting for something like this to come out from someone other than samsung.

By the time this hits evo 2 will be out or around the corner with the same specs if not better and with support. No thanks. So glad I chose the evo over epic.

Are all EVO 4G owners this full of themselves? You guys think your phones are the best thing since sliced bread. The current Epic 4G has better hardware than the EVO, and even compared to the EVO 4G Shift. Don't base your performance scores from Quadrant, you should use Nenamark or Neocore. Even your OC'ed Evo Shift 4G with its second generation Snap Dragon process pails in comparison to a stock Galaxy S running 2.1, HTC always releases phones with inferior hardware compared to its competition however they do support their devices.

Full of ourselves? No No No you guys just don't get it. The Evo is a representative of ANDROID! It's an AMAZING phone with some of the best support (carrier and dev) in history. Honestly all the spec arguing and on paper stuff you guys bring up is halarious. The bottom line is the Evo officially dethroned the iphone not your amoled hummingbird samsung devices. Now granted there were and continues to be better phones than the iphone before the Evo, But as it currently stands now matter how you personally feel the Evo is the posterboy for android devices. We love it cause it's EVERYTHING we need it to be techwise and has the mass appeal to shut up the apple fanboys. The droids are awsome but motoblur and the bootloader is not. The Evo is a combination of 3 good things working together HTC, Sprint Realizing how important the phone was/is for they're brand, and support from ALL parties involved. SALUTE EVO FTW!

Reply to s14tat << You are wrong the EVO way better in many ways, I do have two Epic 4G and four EVOs, at least the EVO has back up supports and the Epic has NOTHING,beside it`s very slow processor.. Yes the phone has nice keyboard and good display, that`s all.

And in what ways is the evo better than the epic? You are saying the epic have a slow processor. Slow compared to what? First gen snap dragon? I don't think so. Get rid of touch wiz and run a different launcher and the thing flies. You want a higher quadrant score? Run lag fix and it will score higher than any snap dragon phone. The stock rom can already triple the score of the snap dragon phones on nenamark neocore. The only thing the 2nd gen snap dragon phone can beat the humming bird in is linpack test but thats because no one has run froyo and over clocked on it yet with the galaxy s where the jit might help it a lot. Gps issue is also soft ware issue that has been resolved. Galaxy s better screen, better gpu better battery life, better main processor. Its only held back by crappy programing, but that can be fixed. Your hardware limitations can't. You should try running dungeon defenders on your evo and then come back to tell me how great your phone is ;)

I dont know which phone to get
the s2 looks good but will get no updates,and will have a defective gps based on past experience

The htc pyramid will be amazin but will have a crappy screen and short battery life and quiet speakerphone

HAHAHA so true. so true. I'll just go with the Atrix. Seems to be the best overall out of the bunch so far.

Unless their tablet is WiFi-only and < $500, then FAIL because they are still not listening. Based on their Tab pricing, I would say there is little room for excitement.

* Android 2.3 Gingerbread (NOT UPGRADEABLE)
* 4.3-inch display
* 1GHz dual-core processor

Fixed that description for ya!

Their UI is strikingly iPhone-esque.

And on that point I want to reiterate another point:
I bought an Android phone, not an iPhone, don't give me an interface that mimics the iPhone. If I wanted that interface I would have bought an iPhone.

It is iphone-esque.. that's what samsung does. The whole touchwiz UI is an obvious attempt to be an iphone.

No wonder Samsung won't upgrade their current line of phones, they don't want to take away from sales for this. It's obvious, they made current galaxy S phone owners wait SO long for Froyo that most of them will be happy just to get that... no chance for GB. They want you to buy this phone to have that.


Even without froyo I love my Epic. I'm liking the specs on this S2. Might even consider it. Samsung support sucks but we find faults in every device out there. My Epic gets just as many second looks as an Evo. Both phones hv their followers. New things come up everyday. Price is a major factor for most. The slow sales of the gtab proves that. Innovations are great.

Honestly, F Samsung.
Great, the GalaxyS 2 is leaked, and soon will make its official debut.
They are delusional if they think that any current GalaxyS user will jump right into another one without remembering this whole Froyo disaster.
I feel its a slap in the face (figurative language commenters...dont hold me to the 100% literal translation of my words) that they'll be revealing a new phone that will launch with 2.3 less than a year after they first iteration, which is still carrying 2.1


You know whats funny? Most people who say F### Samsung and bitch and complain about not having Froyo aren't even Galaxy S owners. Most Galaxy S owners are perfectly happy with their phones, and will run leaked versions of updated OS's. You can always make different software, but you can't upgrade hardware without changing phones. Sure we are a little upset about the slow updates but I think the hardware more than makes up for it. Most Galaxy S owners will agree with me.

So answer this question for me, why are none Samsung owners more angry about not having updates than actual owners of the phones?

I can provide about 10 hours worth or emails to read from Galaxy S owners that say different.

Everyone should buy whatever phone they like, and since this one comes with 2.3 (which actually supports the Hummingbird/Exynos features, unlike 2.1 or 2.2) it would be a fine choice. But the fact is that most readers here, and across the web, who own a Galaxy S phone are pretty damn pissed off at Samsung.

I have a captivate and have since about 1 month into launch. I bought it outright as to not extend my contract. I think the gps and intermittent shutting off issues with the captivate are serious issues that have not been addressed by samsung. The phone is better once rooted and the bloatware taken off, but they should have taken care of their existing customers. I will not buy another samsung phone period. Waiting for the moto atrix and bionic to see which I want. Might jump to Verizon since they at least update their phones. Not really mad but will not be fooled by samsung again.

I own an Epic. Love the phone, but hate the slow update process. Felt like getting that out there, and as usual, you cant speak your mind without some douche answering you in a comment.

PS, I didnt answer your question because you asked it like a retard. I teach 5th grade, and thats gotta be the first time I encountered someone started a question with "Why are none..?"

I apologize for not proof reading my post. I can understand why it bothers you when I don't use perfect grammar, but that is not the point of my question. What I meant to ask was "Why are non samsung owners complaining about the phone more than actual galaxy s owners" I'm not sure if that is perfect grammar or not, but it seems pretty okay to me ;)

S14tat...i agree. I am perfectly happy. Yeah I'm unhappy about slow upgrade but it's an awesome phone without it. I can go get a leaked version but like many Epic owners, I'll wait. I'm happy.

I like my Epic. I'm still on 2.1. I'd buy the Galaxy S 2 if the timing was right.

I'm still not sure if the slider keyboard is a deal breaker for me though. I don't use it often but sometimes I have to. I haven't figured out how to do certain things with the touch keyboard that I can fairly easily do with the hardware one.

If you hate touchwiz, disable it. Simple. You don't have to sit and complain that it's too iPhoney.

Epic 4g running 2.2 on midnight rom. I love my phone. It crushes every Evo its encountered.
This phone was so easy to root/rom I dont even care what samsung upgrades or doesnt upgrade.....but I sure won't be getting a keyboard phone ever again...swype it!

Your epic has never met MY Evo, if it did it'd be an EPIC fail for your phone. Don't kid yourself. Why does everybody wanna dethrone the Evo? I hate to say this but I'm starting to see how iphone owners feel sometime. When your phone is popular people HATE it only difference is the Evo Deserves the hype and lived up to it unlike the iphone 4 LOL. Not to say the Epic it's fly, I know it's a good phone. But I will admit samsung who I swear by for TV's I own 2 Makes cheap mobile products so far. My girls T-mobile vibrant is the worst phone I've ever encountered in the smartphone category. The GPS chipset is a joke the build quality although light weight which some may like is also a joke Samsung KIES MINI SOFTWARE A NIGHTMARE SMH.

I had an Evo...nice phone but the poor screen caused me to return it. The Epic has better hardware but poor software support. Now that I have rooted and installed a custom ROM I am very happy with my Epic. If HTC improves their hardware they will have killer phones that will be hard to beat.

I want it. Gingerbread will last me awhile, and I can always depend on awesome devs on places like XDA to get leaks and port new OS updates to my phone. Like others have said, you can update software, but you can't update hardware. As long as you aren't afraid of getting your hands dirty with the root process and whatnot, Samsung phones are amazing.

Nice I have the Epic with dk28 froyo. And this wil be my next phone. I want the full slide out qwerty keyboard tho. Can't wait for this phone. BOOYAH GRANDMA!!!

One day Samsung is gonna slip and just flat out put an Apple on the back of their devices while in the midst of copycatting.

Wow could samsung ape the look of the iphone anymore?

Why don't they just make an exact iphone replica since it seems that's all they want to do anyways.

only Samsung screens can compete with iphones retina display which both look incredily nice. No phone has dethroned the iphone yet, I see so many of them everyday. If you think about it, companies want to make a device for average consumers, and apple has done that perfectly. Oh and don't forget their advertising. Look at any iphone commercial and they are upbeat, and advertise about creativity and what you can do with their devices. Early moto commercials had their own Droid campaign which got Android going. I really really liked that. Now I feel like every commercial is bashing on apple or phone carriers. Even their latest superbowl commercial was bashing on apple, and I remember the only thing that told me about their new device was that it ran android 3.0 at like the very last seconds of the commercial. Tell me more about the device than trying to convince me not to get other devices!! Than we got T-mobile bashing on other carriers that they don't even advertise their MyTouch 4g!! If you think about it commercials, that's all that phone carriers do. Evo commercials are now just boasting about their phone and bashing on iphones, which I don't think is healthy. Meanwhile we have apple commercials showing exactly what you can do with their devices rather than bashing on other companies. I really think some of these phone carriers should rethink the way they advertise android if they want to get to the heart of the average consumer. We all know that android has already won the hearts of "phone savy" consumers if there is even a term.

It really brings up the question of whats the intelligence of the average consumer?....Seems to me like all they want is something that looks different but really cool at the same time, and is easy to use. The advertising of Apple is genius because they have succeeded at just that. Average consumers don't care about dual cores or super AMOLED screens, just how good it looks. So until a manufacture comes out with something that appeals visually more than an iPhone, and happens to come with android, the iPhone will always sell more

As a Galaxy S owner, I'm happy. I was getting antsy about this whole Froyo deal, but everything I need the phone to do, it does. My calls don't drop, my google maps work like a charm and I've paid a total of 1.00 for all the apps I've downloaded. Maybe it's because I paid only thirty for mine and nothing for my father's, it doesn't bother me as much.