Galaxy Note

Samsung recently gave more details on the availability of the Galaxy Note across Europe. The device launched over the weekend in Germany, and will roll out across the UK and mainland Europe between now and Nov. 25 on a variety of carriers.

Here's your country-by-country breakdown:

  • Germany (out now) - Vodafone, DT, O2
  • Netherlands (Nov. 1) - KPN, Vodafone
  • Belgium (Nov. 1) - KPN, Vodafone
  • United Kingdom (Nov. 2) - Carphone Warehouse, Phones4U, O2
  • France (Nov. 2) - SFR, TPH
  • Poland (Nov. 4) - Plus, Mediamarkt
  • Hungary (Nov. 4) - Panon
  • Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia (Nov. 5) - Swisscom, MOT, Three, Mobitel, SIM-free
  • Spain (Nov. 7) - Telefonica, Vodafone, Orange
  • Italy (Nov. 10) - Vodafone, Three, TIM
  • Portugal (Nov. 10) - Fnac, Worten, TPH, TMN
  • Greece (Nov. 11) - Cosmote, Vodafone, Wind, SIM-free
  • Romania, Bulgaria (Nov. 14) - Vodafone, M-Tel, Globul, Vivacom, SIM-free
  • Lithuania (Nov. 14) - Omnitel, LMT, EMT
  • Finland, Denmark, Sweden (Nov. 22) - Telia, Telenor, TPH, Elkjop, DNA
  • Croatia, Serbia (Nov. 23) - Telenor, VIP, TOP
  • Czec Republic (Nov. 25) - XSK, VDF, XEZ, ORS

Check out our hands-on feature for more Galaxy Note-based goodness.


Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy Note European carriers and release dates


I'm waiting on the Nexus - but it might be a fast hand-me-down when the Note hits US soil - Has there been any indication as to when it might be released in the US and which carriers?

Can somebody explain to me why US carriers haven't posted official release dates on either this phone or the Galaxy Nexus/Nexus Prime? Why does it seem the rest of the phone companies in the world get their act together and not US carriers?

Is it because there are 4 main US carriers vying for phones exclusively for or branded on their system with their add-ons. Does it have something to do with phone manufacturers themselves? Any one have insight?

Still not 100% that this phone is coming to the US main providers. Just the Galaxy Tab. If it does, AT&T I believe would surely get it, seeing how the radios work with theirs anyway.

I too want to hold out and see, but for how long? Hell...could come out in December, could in March...Seems like all the kickass phones we have to wait for months after Europe gets them.

HTC Vivid is pretty tempting....As well as the GS2 Skyrocket

We already know that the European versions of Samsung devices are physically different, thus creating a delay in manufacturing and releasing. Add to this our carrier's input and customization, this makes for a significant delay in product delay. The Nexus device might be an exception due the same physical design. I am also interested in the G-Note mTab* too. I'm just thinking it will be a while, for a US release, early 2012. Just a hunch

*(Mini Tablet, with the lowercase letter followed by capital T-a-b. A slap in Apple's face, just try to sue.)

It totally perturbs me that my European brethren are getting this before the USA.....BUT, hopefully this will drive down the price IF/WHEN released in the USA.

GNE!!! (Galaxy Note Envy)

Seriously? Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Serbia and we don't even know for sure if this will be released in the US yet. WTF can't anyone on the US side get their act together. I want this phone so bad, but I keep going with a barely working Galaxy S phone because they just aren't happy unless they play these BS games. Why do some companies hate money?

I'm still waiting for the galaxy nexus. I think that's about as large a device as I can comfortably fit in my front pocket. The note just looks like it would be too large to do that with comfortably in all my pants.

"Lithuania (Nov. 14) - Omnitel, LMT, EMT". Correction - LMT and EMT not Lithuania, but Latvia and Estonia.