Galaxy Note 8

After an announcement just a week ago, Three UK has today launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The stylus-toting tablet is available on a wide range of (data-only) contracts, starting as low as £5 per month for 250MB, with a £369 up-front charge for the device. If you're after a subsidized Note 8, Three's 24-month contracts start at £19 per month for 5GB and £69 up-front. Data-hungry buyers can go as high as 15GB for £29 per month, or £25 per month and £99 up-front.

The Note 8 packs a 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos CPU, 2GB of RAM, an 8-inch 1280x800 display and DC-HSDPA/4G LTE connectivity, meaning it'll support Three's 4G network when it launches during the fourth quarter.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 now available on Three UK


The Note 8 intrigues me. I just wish it made phone calls over cellular network so I could go back to carrying one device. I don't mind using a headset for calls.

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They are probably bundling it with a data only sim. If you put a phone sim in there you should be good to go. Of course it like of defeats the purpose of buying the device on contract. You would need to buy the device sim free and then get a sim only voice and data plan.

You have the option of giving up 4G and going with the international version N5100 which is the 3G version. If you are in Canada and on Rogers the N5120 should work on the LTE 2600 band but it is very limited in area. You will still also have 3G service as well.

Can I get an unlock one here in Canada? How about a giveaway for a free one? It has to be the same model as the HK version and I want one. It may not be a perfect solution for me but this version will work. It sucks being in North America sometimes. :)

Took a look at this device again today. Nice and not as slow as I expected. Still not convinced, but I like the S-pen. Perhaps the Note 3 will be the better size.

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This release has really screwed me over, I've been using the Note8 3G version for 2 months on three uk without any issues as my only device to make/receive calls and text and use the internet - yesterday, all data stopped working redirecting me to
After talking to Three support (called from my note 8), I was told they dont support this device on phone plans and would have to purchase a mobile broadband sim (which doesnt support voice or text, so is useless to me). it's a shame the asus fonepad doesnt have pen input, and I wonder if Three will be crippling Sony's new phablet when it comes to market later this year..

Brian above is absolutely right
Do NOT use this phablet on Three UK
They will make it work for 1 Month until you are outside your cancellation period then redirect all your web access

Three done the same thing to my note 8 3rd is there no way to get around this situation, and is it the same for all carriers in the UK.