Galaxy Note 3

$299 each on AT&T; Sprint has the Note 3 for $249.99 with a new line

As per previous announcements, today's the day you can pick up the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear on AT&T and Sprint in the U.S. AT&T's Note 3 runs $299 on a standard two-year plan, or if you're buying outright it's $724.99. Similarly, AT&T will sell you a Galaxy Gear in lime green, wild orange, jet black, rose gold or oatmeal beige colors for $299.

Sprint's Galaxy Note 3 can be yours for $249.99 on-contract, which includes a $100 discount for opening a new line; the regular price is $699.99. Sprint's online store doesn't seem to be listing the Galaxy Gear just yet, but it too should also be available today for $299.

T-Mobile got the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear on Wednesday, and Verizon is set to launch the devices next Thursday, Oct. 10.

If you're picking up a Note 3 or Gear today, let us know how you're getting on with your new toys. Still on the fence? We've got reviews linked below.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 + Gear now available on AT&T and Sprint


They want me to upgrade my 1500min family plan $50-$100 more a month unlimited plan on top of $27 a month for phone to be eligible for one up.. I got their one up "finger" right here.

yea in order to get the one up program you have to have the unlimited my way plan...its ideal for someone who is new to sprint, or only has one line...I had the same plan as you but i took just one of my lines and went to an individual line and instead of 80 its 65 plus the phone which is 31 so 96 total which is 56 over what i was paying before but well worth it because i've got my note 3.

I was speaking with a Sprint guy today and he said that I could do the One Up program and keep my old Sprint plan (grandfathered in) and that I didn't need to switch plans. I'll have to call again.

Same here!! I will picking mine up today.

My son is my tech gadget buddy, and as soon as school lets out for him the two of us are going to head over to Sprint and grab a Jet Black GN3, and a shiny new Galaxy Gear!!

I wasn't going to use the One Up Program (OUP), but after considering the options it just makes sense. The OUP is the most cost effective way to get a new phone without the heavy up front cost.

I currently have a white GN2, but like you, just ready for something different. I do have a third party black leather battery cover on my phone which looks and feels nice, but I've carried this white model long enough.

Ordered my boat about an hour ago...yes...Boat the only appropriate name for something this big.

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Ordered my boat about an hour ago...yes...Boat the only appropriate name for something this big.

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No I'm not picking it up today...because Verizon is late to the party as usual. I wonder if Verizon has their end of year office party in January.

I'll wait until someone gets root. I use too many things that need root to give it up (AdAway, Root Explorer, sideloading, etc.)
My Note 2 will be fine for a little bit longer.

Yeah, I guess I should have been more specific. I'm waiting for root/Knox issues to be resolved. People that have rooted are having problems with some root-enabled apps. I can live with my Note 2 until I'm sure everything is kosher. And Note 3 Gelaskins won't be available for another 2-3 weeks anyway.

I'm a little slow this week but was it confirmed single band LTE and can I place a European Sim and not lock it. After activating it here in the US. Speaking of sprint model

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How many sales of the GN3, in your opinion, will it take before you realize that it's not "dead on arrival?"

It's not about sales to the masses it's about technological relevancy. I'm sure it will be a massive success sales wise. For those who are in the tri band Sprint market, this is not a particularly good choice.

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LTE is amazing in my area, wish it was tri band but it doesn't affect my choice in buying it because I'm not that much of a heavy data user

Well, most people will never know so it's not DOA. But I did call sprint and they say it is 1900 & 800Mhz. It probably says on the back of the box too.

This is true most people are just as clueless as apple fan girls.. (see how I was neutral and insulted apple at the same time... go me!)I however travel a lot and want to prefer a tri-band phone. But im sure the GN3 will do what I need it to do. I live in an are that LTE blows donkey nuts so I don't think I would miss it much.. As far as the box I called sprint my self and maybe the uninformed person working there, judging from the "uhhhhhh, umm I don't know, comments he said it was single he thought.

You'll love the phone. Got my T-Mobile edition on Wednesday and the only time it's not in my hand is when I'm sleep. Coming from the Note 2, this is a very nice upgrade.

Better in my opinion, I work near a skiff and never have signal, now I have full bars.

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Yet again Sprint gives existing customers the shaft, just like it did with the GS4. New people can get it for 249.99, while existing people who want to upgrade without OUP, it's 349.99. FU too Sprint!

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Are you not eligible for a two year upgrade? I can see the extra $100 if you still have 1 year left on contract. Still better than full retail like most in contract upgtades.

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Why does everyone go to Sprint to buy their phone?

Go to Sams/Costco or even online I got my GS4 for $175 when everyone was paying $250 @ Sprint oh for got the best part I didn't get charged an activation fee @ Sams

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Exactly, even radio shack give u better discounts. If you buy your phone at the sprint store you should take it back.

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Most third-party retailers can't work with business accounts.

Posted from my Motorola MicroTac via the Android Central App

+9000 bought my wife's GS4 for $100 at Sams and they paid activation. I goto sprint to bitch about stuff to get free more stuff.

Just copped the Note3 at the Sprint Store. Setting it up now. Very light, and the size is not that big of a deal that everyone makes it out to be.

Can you please tell me if the Sprint version is Triband??? Or at least if it will work on the 800 mhz?

I noticed that the un-subsidized version is only $699 on sprint! That seems like a way better deal than the subsidized version

Just tried to buy the Note 3 at my local Sprint Store using their One Up Program and was told their system has NOT been updated to allow the Note 3 to be sold on this new PROGRAM yet. Have to go back later today, but not sure if I even want to stick with Sprint after so many years of bad customer care and service. Disappointed in Sprint again for failing to keep up. You know you're releasing a phone today, update your damn system for Pete's sake!

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I had the same problem. I was the first person in line when the store opened at 10:00 am ET. The poor guy and his manager kept trying over and over again to get the one up to go through. Almost a half hour in it suddenly just worked and the one up added to my new plan like nothing ever happened. I felt bad for the poor guy. He was a new employee and he was really trying to make sure everything went right. I wound up being in the store for an entire hour and I was the first person waited on! I did however walk out with my shiny new toy and I am enjoying it fine! This is the Escalade of phones!

@robnelle, I'm jealous. I hope when I go back this evening it works.

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I tried to get this with the one up from Sprint and they told I was eligible for One up. What do you have to do to be eligible and he couldn't tell me.

They told me you must have your current phone for 12 months or more. That's it from what I've been told. No one seems to know anything for certain at Sprint in the stores or over the phone. They keep saying "it's a new program so we're all learning". Gotta train better if you expect to gain ground on Big Red and AT&T.

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I would double check that. send a text with the word "upgrade" to 1311. It said that I could wait to upgrade later, or if I used the One Up program I was eligible now.

my contract is till Jan 2015 and they told me I am eligible to upgrade, I suggest you go to another store and ask. In order to join the program, you have to turn in your current phone (which my rep said he will take my old LG Rumor) so I can keep my GS4 to sell for profit. Most reps are lazy, find one that actually does their job :)

Eligibility requirements are basically this:

1)You have to be in your current contract for more than one year.(if you are on contract)
2)You have to have good Sprint credit - not have a spending limit or anything like that.
3)You will need to give back the phone you currently have and the phone has to be in decent condition-no cracks, broken buttons, water damage. It doesn't matter if you have a custom rom on it or not, it will just go to refurbishment and get reflashed anyway. If you out of contract or ready for upgrade, you don't have to turn in your current phone.
4)You will need to switch to one of the new plans that just came out.

Got mine yesterday, so far loving my note 3. So much better then the note 2 was. My galaxy gear is coming on Monday so excited about it. Just need to find a s-view flip cover now.

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Picking mine up tomorrow. Very excited. I'm a Note virgin and I'm looking forward to the s-pen and that big screen.

I may or may not be compensating. Don't judge.

i have to say loved the note 2... got the best reception.. the s4 not so much, sold that on ebay... i am thinking bout N3 on att

Got mines the other day from TMO. Dumped Verizon for many reasons. Tired of them digging in my pockets all the time and being late with everything. Will I miss their coverage? I already do but I'm good. I love this phone coming from a GSIII. The only I'm not happy about is no S View cover yet. I'm walking around with this thing in my pocket with no protection. Scary.

Anyone can tell me what the model number on the Sprint variant is? Is it the Qualcomm or Octa-Core.

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SPH-N900, and the document I have at work for the phone says 2.3 ghz qualcomm snapdragon quad core.

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Got my tmo note 3 a few days ago, still no decent case, called everybody, nobody has otterbox or seidio...Painfull!!!

Seidio has a case for it already. They have the same case I used on my NII, which I loved. It adds very little bulk compared to the Otterbox on my wife's NII.

$725.00 + Tax @ 8.25%..
That buys me 2,400 Minutes / Unlimited Internet / Unlimited Txting until Feb 4, 2016..
And why stop there? If you can afford the Phone, why not the $300 watch as well? I mean.. they are a "Matching Set"..:)
Enjoy your Toy..:)

Got my Note 3 today on sprint as well. I got it at a best buy traded my s4 ended up playing only 50 bucks.I reallllly love this phone tho. It honestly a 2 year device.

I picked up both the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear today. Loving them so far. They Sprint store said the Gear that I bought was the only one they had gotten in...

Messed with it today at Sprint... Meh. Definitely going to wait for the supposed Nexus 5 before making a decision.

Posted via the Android Central App on my Note 2

Man bro I feel your pain. I meal I love my note but I play with the G2 and that phone kills everything else out there.

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I held my pre-order in my hands today. Computers were down at best buy. I cant believe I had to leave it at the store. I will be back at 10!!!

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Picked mine up on release day. I used the tip I found here to sell my Note II to Radio Shack for $175. I stopped by Sprint first, by they only offered $100 for it. The only down side was that none of the Radio Shack stores in my area had any of the black phones, which is what I really wanted. Still, I wasn't going to sell back my old phone for $75 less than what Radio Shack was offering just for a black NIII. So far, I'm pleased with the phone. Root was posted on the XDA forums already, so I'm waiting to see if everything is stable before I root. I'm pleased that I was able to walk out of the store with only $175 out of pocket. w00t!

AT&T is disappointing! The Note 3 bootloader is locked up tight. Ugh. So sad. Wasted $$$
All we can do is pray for a internal leak

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Just by reading these comment make me feel so good about T-mobile. went there Wednesday paid $0 down and they gave me $200 for my S3. No better deal out there

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