Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Flip Wallet.


Our journey through the labyrinth that is Samsung's hall at the IFA conference in Berlin continues — we're getting there, I promise — with the Flip Wallet case for the Galaxy Note 3. We've already taken a look at the S View case, which sports the transparent window so you can still get information and interact with the phone while the case is closed — now here's a more traditional folio version.

The Flip Wallet is done up in the same sort of leatherette as the Note 3 itself (maybe even a little nicer — the feel of the Note 3 changes a little depending on which color you're handling), with the same stitching as well. There's a slot on the inside to hold business cards or a credit card if you want, and little plus and minus signs on the spine point you to the volume rocker, so you don't have to open the case to turn the music up. (Who turns music down, anyway?)

The Flip Wallet for the Galaxy Note 3 comes in a variety of colors — including, yes, pink. We've got more after the break.


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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Flip Wallet


This is truly an outstanding phone, but I am not sure about using the case. The case looks great too, but I think it would just get in my way. Looks like a feeble attempt to add color to their phone. The phone is fine on its own merits.

The s view case adds a ton of functionality, this one on the other hand, does nothing really. It actually takes away from the phone

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The faux leather is just horrible. I hope someone like Noerve or Vaja makes some nice real leather cases for the Note 3.

Why don't you like it? Just from looks? Have you felt it? Just want to know more peoples opinions

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who isn't but that is no reason to put the standard backing down until you have at least held it.

We'll see. I've had two Samsung Flip cases for my Note 2 (with the NFC plate) and they started fraying within two weeks. Maybe these cases will hold up and I'm sure they'll sell well. I personally just don't like the look myself. I'd rather get real leather again. But that's me.

I have had them for my s3 and the one is showing some where but it is plastic over more plastic. I am anxious to see what it is like in the hand, and beside that, you can get an new one if it frays. Most phones you are stuck with whatever happens. At least you have the option with this one

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Why has no one designed a flip case that flips over the top like the old pocket notebooks I used as a kid?
Please read this designers, I'm guessing there might be a market for them. I would buy a few!

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Too easy to cause an issue putting it in your pocket. A side fold is hard to jam up than a top fold

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Like it, makes one hell of a nice package. My new phone and case. Probably going to get this case and the one with the window, change them up. Like the idea of protecting that beautiful screen. First thing is a real good screen protector and then who knows. This phone will have more accessories and after market stuff to go with it. Another great reason to jump on this beast. Like the white but that black one is pretty nice as well. My only wish is the US market gets the access to the 64gb version. That would push this thing over the top. If any phone is future proof this is it, these specs along with the increase in the internal storage makes this phone one hell of a beast. I think this is the best phone of 2013-2014. Just My Opinion.

I really don't like flip cases in general. Its too awkward to take photos with it and having to remove it for that would be inconvenient.

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I noticed on Korean dramas that they can talk through the covers when closed. This eliminates the "greasy face effect." Nobody ever mentions this ability in reviews of flip cases. Is it fiction?

I talk on my Galaxy S4 with the S View cover closed. I also can talk on the Galaxy S III with the Samsung flip cover closed on it. As long as it has the cutout for the earpiece, you can talk on the phone with the cover closed.

I dont understand these flip cases. I had one for my Note 2 and returned it. How in the heck do you quickly take photos? So you let the case dangle below you. You look like you are taking a picture with an iPAD! Not to mention you have to hold it awkwardly to take the picture. Maybe this would work if the designer put a slideable window in the case so that then you fold the case over you have a spot open for the camera. My phone is my camera and if I dont want to miss taking a video of my kid breaking out an impromptu dance to elevator music I need something with that feature, otherwise, Ill just stick with a wraparound case and then the faux leather back is a moot point. Also why is there a business card holder? I mean isnt the whole point of the Note to use this as a business tool, to quickly right down numbers to save to your contacts. I loathe business cards and look forward to the day that I just tap phones (yes I know you can do this now to a certain extent but not all phones have this capability).

I saw an article stating that you could take pictures with the S Window case closed. Admittedly I hated trying to take pictures with my Note 2 flip case, but, with this functionality I'm getting the S Window case. ;)