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Limited time offer on Samsung's first smartwatch

Samsung's original smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, will soon be replaced and as such we're starting to see some deals appear. The latest is from O2 UK, where for this weekend only you can snag one in store for £124.99. That's a pretty hefty discount on the original RRP of the Galaxy Gear, and it's pretty enticing at that price.

Sure, you need a Samsung Galaxy smartphone to pair it with, but if you've got the right phone, there might not be a better time to pick one up. Hit the source link below to see the full list of O2 stores you can get one.

Source: O2

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eszklar says:

125 Pounds Sterling works out to about $230 CDN. Pacific Mall was selling the Gear for $240 two weeks ago and TELUS was selling the Black Gear (no other colours available) for some $200. Still waiting for another price drop. Want to install/test NullROM on the OG Gear.

mhmmdy123 says:

Best Buy here in the state had it cheaper $149.99. O2 price $173.

£125 includes 20% sales tax. Which is added to all retail purchases and included in the price. We don't add tax at the checkout like the U.S. So add 20% to that $150 and it would actually be $8 more. Unless that Best Buy price includes sales tax (I really don't understand how the U.S. does stuff.)

The point is; you can't convert £ to $ and come up with the answer. It's never accurate.

Ian Hanson says:

In my state (MN) the sales tax is 8% so that 20% calculation would be excessive.

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tbocfo says:

My state 6.85%, I thougt that was high. Wow 20% is theft.

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kalo88 says:

Welcome to the UK...everything is more expensive and yet our salaries aren't any higher.

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enigmax says:

24% percent here, generally
14% percent for food
10% for books, meds, tickets

But healthcare is free, schools are free.... Salaries are low, but you cant get everything though - it would be called utopia then...

But I still keep my Sony SW2 - looks, works and feels better than Gear.

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jlczl says:

It's not free, you're paying with your taxes.

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ken512 says:

I bought one for 150 best buy . rooted it and its worthless. Can wait for Google watch to come out.

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KoukiFC3S says:

I like the Gear. Its speakerphone is really useful when I got my hands full.

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DroidOn says:

Samsung, if you are listening, bring this thing down to $100 or less, and make it work with my HTC One, and I'm sold. I would buy it today. A smartphone accessory like this should not cost more than the smartphone itself. I got my HTC One -- new, with contract nenewal for $100.

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roninksb says:

You know you are not paying $100 for your HTC One, right? That $100 was the upfront cost, the considerably larger remaining sum, you are paying over time.

Before I renewed my contract I was paying 80.00 unlimited everything a month then I renewed still 80.00 everything and I got my note 3 for 200.00 so I am not paying anything besides the 200.00 so maybe he is doing the same.

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DroidOn says:

You are correct.

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jlczl says:


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777X says:

Galaxy gear smartwatch pays for my Starbucks:

Harshuvinod says:

When is this offer commin to UAE

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Billy3010 says:

Already got mine with my phone upgrade - Samsung Note 3 (white) with Galaxy Gear (Black) and View Case (white). All free for £30 line rental for 24 months. Think it is an amazing deal and i'm very happy with the phone and watch

TonyHoyle says:

What I want is a smartwatch with NFC.. No need to even get my wallet out then just wave my wrists over the terminal, Jedi style,

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Saw them in Best Buy yesterday. Don't really tickle my fancy.

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soljah12 says:

Bell (Canada) has the Galaxy Gear (original) on sale for $99CDN + tax = $113CDN total in white, black, and orange. I just ordered one today just to check it out and see how it will go with my Note 3. Can return it if I don't like it.

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