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The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is already available internationally, and we've also started to see variants like the Galaxy Express on AT&T and Galaxy Axiom on US Cellular. So it's natural that we might see other versions of Samsung's diminutive handset on rival carriers, and today brings the first evidence that such a device could be headed to T-Mobile USA.

The image above, obtained by UnwiredView through notorious Twitter leaker @evleaks claims to show T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy Exhibit. If the name sounds familiar, it's because T-Mo launched the Galaxy Exhibit 4G a couple of years back. According to @evleaks, the new Galaxy Exhibit (SGH-T599) looks set to offer a dual-core CPU, a WVGA display and 5MP camera, with release due before the end of the quarter. The specs aren't earth-shattering, and there's no information on cost yet, but it should make a solid addition to T-Mo's line-up if it's priced appropriately.

Source: UnwiredView


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Samsung Galaxy Exhibit leaked - T-Mobile gets a Galaxy S3 Mini


I think, priced right, this will sell tons.
Yes, as Pre-paid because T-Mo is exiting the Post-paid business.

Are there any reasons for this device not being able to be branded as a Galaxy S 3 Mini? I'm sure that more people would be willing to buy this phone simply if they saw the "Galaxy S 3" moniker on this device.

Samsung and/or T-Mobile might fear that calling it the Galaxy S III Mini may take away sales from the Galaxy S III.

I just got the SGH T599-N from METRO PCS.They told me it's the Galaxy mini S3.It looks like the S3 it's white and a little smaller then the S3 otherwise you can't tell a difference.

Yup, it is, but it is perfect for my daughter who likes my Samsungn Galaxy S3 but hates its behemoth size.

I'like that phone the new totally redesign Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 3 that's a newest phone that I'see it here from T-Mobile I'm gonna try to move by March 27, 2013 I'm so glad to purchase my new phone on T-Mobile I'like that so much because I'am a T-Mobile existing customer it has Android 4.1 Jelly Bean,Adobe Flash Player is no longer available it has a 5MP Camera with LED Flash and 1.3 Front Facing Camera, 4" Touchscreen, 1GHz dual core proccessor, Wi-Fi,Wi-Fi Hotspot, 4G LTE, Pop Up Screen, S Voice Commander over 500,000 Google Play apps and much more...