Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is now available for pre-order in the UK, ahead of the smartphone's expected launch of September 10th. The Carphone Warehouse joins EE, Phones 4u and Clove by kicking off the ability to pre-order the new smartphone.

Check out where you can pre-order the 4G Samsung Galaxy Alpha below:

  • EE (available on plans starting from £30.99)
  • Carphone Warehouse (available on plans starting from £33, has blue variant exclusivity) with O2, Vodafone and EE
  • O2 (available on plans starting from £33)
  • Phones 4u (available on plans starting from £39) with Vodafone
  • Clove (available for £499.99 off-contract - includes VAT and isn't final price)

Samsung doesn't appear to have the device available directly through its own channels just yet. Interested in owning the Samsung Galaxy Alpha? Head on over to our new forums for the smartphone and discuss the mobile device with other potential owners!


Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy Alpha now available for pre-order in the UK!


Yep. Well, I'm happy with my S4, really the closest smartphone I might consider would be the G3, but I'm not on the market right this moment. Waiting for the Snapdragon 810 to reach the market.

Posted via the Android Central App

TouchWiz is a big reason for that. Also, the Alpha is an annoying device because it's crippled compared to the S5 and is squarely aimed at iPhone users (who are themselves annoying).

Posted via Android Central App

Just like it's always been the "cool" thing to hate on Apple? So it's ok to hate on Apple but not on Samsung?

The S4 is a very nice phone, I had one last year.

Posted via My (unlimited everything) T-Mobile Galaxy S5...

I've had two GS2's, a Note 2 and now a Note 3. I've liked all of these devices but they all had weak connection issues when I leave the city compared to HTC and LG phones on the same network. Adding metal to the case will most likely make the problem worse unless they use better hardware antennas which I doubt they will. And stop with bashing TouchWiz already. Use a custom launcher like Nova and set it up the way you like.

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With all of the comments about this being way too high on here, you picked mine to sh*t on. Well, its still to high. No thank you for your input.

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I picked up the Maxwest Android Gravity 5.5 (Kit Kat) from YIPPZ. This phone has a 5.5 inch screen, quad core, 13.0 mp camera and is Dual SIM. It's super fast! I love it, because I can choose any MVNO and I am not stuck in a contract!!

I am really excited to have it because, I am going to be traveling and I can take it with me and use it oversea's. All I have to do is pick up a sim card in the country I am visiting.