Galaxy Note teardown

Usually we have to wait for some brave individual to take screwdrivers, spudgers and the like to a device before we get to see what's lurking inside. This time, however, Samsung's saved you the trouble of voiding your warranty and being left with a heap of broken circuitry, with an official teardown of the Galaxy Note, its unique phone/tablet hybrid.

If you've never looked inside one of these things before, it's always amazing how so much "stuff" is packed within a (relatively) small device. In the case of the Galaxy Note, the S-Pen stylus integration requires a special digitizer to detect the pen's presence and the amount of pressure, as well as a WACOM chip to process pen input.

Hit the source link for a more detailed breakdown of what's inside the Galaxy Note, or check out our full review for more on the device itself.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow


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Samsung cracks open Galaxy Note, reveals tabletphone components within


Yeah, when is someone going to get that enabled? I haven't been following at XDA to see if anyone is seriously working on it yet, but assume the blogs will cover when it happens. Would be great if it did work. I would like to try Tmo again but if they don't get this done on GNote, I am stuck waiting for the GNex price to drop more.

My understanding is that someone would need to rewrite the modem on the device with would be a lot of work. There is a bounty on XDA of around $1000, but it's not enough to get anyone interested in even trying.

"'Company name' 'verb to imply taking something apart' 'product name', reveals 'obvious product family' components within."

Seriously. This formula for a headline was really cute the first time I saw it, but I don't think there's been an iFixit blog post without this formula in a very long time. It's old.


Nice! I am glad to see the WACOM tech in the Note. This leads me to believe the rumor over on Tech Crunch that Samsung's next gen tablets will have S-Pen capability. The Note was the testing device.

Brilliant device. I think there is huge pent up demand from frustrated Palm Pilot junkies that haven't had a serious fix in years. When I first saw the Note, I thought this was the device Palm should have made years ago. I hope this comes to Sprint soon. Better yet, I hope the S-Pen comes to more Samsung smartphones. I hope Steve Jobs is rolling over in his grave over the return of the "stylus."

iPhone4s users often wax lyrical about Apple build quality; but I think Samsung are as good or better. They don't give you two vulnerable glass faces to smash, so a Samsung GS2 often bounces when an iPhone4 would smash.

The fact that they can produce the Note consistently with this much inside it and still keep them so slim is impressive.