Samsung ChatON Mobile Messenger

Back when it was announced in August, Samsung had no official launch date for their ChatON messaging service so many were left to wonder what, exactly it would arrive. As it turns out, it's available now in the Android Market. For now, it's available for Android and Bada phones but iOS and BlackBerry support is coming, making it a complete cross-platform messaging service with plenty of features:

  • Group Chat
  • Image Sharing
  • Video Sharing
  • Music Sharing
  • Location Sharing

In order to use the service you'll need a device running Android 2.2 or higher, which shouldn't be a problem for most folks. You can find the download link past the break, however -- at the moment it seems as though a lot of people are jumping on to get activated and servers are a little bogged down.

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Jcrabapple says:

I can't get it to send me a verification code. Have tried several times.

Averix says:

The app may be available, but their backend registration system is missing in action. lol

BrianTufo says:

I doubt their servers are getting slammed lol. This shouldn't take this long to get a registration code.

frian79 says:

Verification code comes quite late than the usual 3mins they stated. I got mine after 10mins ^_^

Not available for Motorola ATRIX (not too surprising) or Samsung Galaxy Tab (7 inch WiFi) which is very surprising. Maybe it's limited to Samsung phones at this point? Not good, I'll stick with WhatsApp.

sensory says:

It works on non-Samsung phones.

But not the ATRIX. Shows up as incompatible.

icebike says:

Yet another messaging service with no inter-opp to other services.
Yesterday Apple, now Samsung.
When does it stop!??

Say what you will, at least Google talk is interoperable with the Jabber standard.

ChuckeeDroid says:

It looks like they pulled it from the market for now. I can't find. Maybe its because I'm in Canada..

AndroidCash says:

Same here. Don't look like it's available in Canada.

Ronindan says:

Yeah it is not available in Canada.

Hbomber110 says:

IMO messenger is on its way to support steam chat ! Xbox live ? PSN ? i doubt any other IM app could do it.

Until Google talk gets as popular as facebook chat, ill rely on sms and IMO

icebike says:

+1 for IMO.

I could give a rip about facebook, (refuse to join), but IMO inter-operability is great.

But don't over sell it. They are late to the facebook game.
Check out IM+ in the android market.

Jonneh says:

I think you meant to say "I couldn't give a rip about facebook". If you "could", then it would imply you quite fancy it (said in British accent).

wcramernc says:

waiting 4 hours now for a validation code.

Wesley1 says:

I got my code after 2 or 3 hours, but because I pushed resend a few times, only the last code will be requested will be valid. One more code to get from 4 attempts.

Should be awesome when I get it running.

frozencloud says:

If this could in addition to what they already have, link up all the IM clients like gtalk, AIM, MSN, Yahoo messenger, that would be cool. But to have another IM client in addition to all of that....i rather not bother.

DenverRalphy says:

The last thing the industry needs is yet another messaging platform. I really wish people would quit trying to reinvent the wheel and use one of the numerous messaging platforms that have been around for over a decade.

Jonneh says:

I am so tired of new messaging apps. lol

d_pang says:

another american thing? can't find the app in the android market for canada

BrianTufo says:

I'm at about 3ish hours and still no code. I am coming close to deleting the app and moving on with my life.

Not in uk market either

evobb100 says:

Is it formality or serious app???? I can't get any code
more than 5 hrs

Animus_3.0 says:

5 hours and counting. What a joke.

ckirkp79 says:

6 hrs waiting here. Using Droid Charge. I've been waiting for this app so I can get all my friends on it..then cancel my text package. I sure hope sometime tonight I get to test drive it.

Wesley1 says:

Well I redid the sign up and it only took a few minutes this time to get the verification code, so maybe they fixed their problems.

intheb0x says:

no go here, been waiting since 11AM!!!
hit resend code so many times.

nexus s 4g.

intheb0x says:

no go here, been waiting since 11AM!!!
hit resend code so many times.

nexus s 4g.

intheb0x says:

Finally got a activation code.

but a friend of mine says she cant find it in market.

she is in the same city, but on tmobile and has the galaxy s for tmobile.

when she clicks on the market link it says invalid link.

can anyone else confirm this is not available for tmobile?!?

Cyrilmak says:

Only thing I use is Trillian. Does it all. I don't care about a IM service for only mobile users. When I had my BB I never even used BBM. I'd rather talk with all people than just a few that use mobile only services.

jmangotweets says:

If this app is approved on the other storefronts, this will be a serious contender against BBM, iMessage and other instant messaging apps in the market. Samsung definitely has the power to pull this off. Now if it can also integrate magically with SMS the way iMessage does then we'll have a really strong contender!