Samsung Behold II no eclair for you

The Samsung Behold II is finally getting updated from cupcake (Android 1.5), but it's not exactly what you'd expect.  It's a big drawn out mess of pulled youtube videos, supposed broken promises, random forum posts, and even threat of some sort of legal action. Thankfully the good folks over at Phone Scoop reached out for the official word from Samsung and Kim Titus, the Director of PR for Samsung Telecommunications America, let them know that the Behold II will indeed be updated, but only to Donut (Android 1.6).

According to Samsung, the Behold II is not upgradable beyond Android 1.6.  To sweeten the blow a little bit, Samsung says they will also offer the Swype keyboard, an improved media player, improved bluetooth capabilities, and the Android core apps (the apps like Gmail, Maps, or Talk) would be getting an upgrade.  We don't like it any more than you do, but this is how legacies are built.  [Phone Scoop]

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shhon75 says:

Lol thats sad. A T-Mobile sales Rep tried to sell this phone to me. He told me in december that it was going to get an upgrqde to 2.x, I wasn't having it. After I went through 5 moto Cliqs! That's another garbage phone. I'm so glad I sold my cliq on Craigslist and bought an N1.

Spork1673 says:

1.6 hahaha

c3PreO says:

It's no surprise to me hearing this about Samsung.

They're notorious about not keeping their products updated.

Warning: Sammy owners will suffer from update envy.

So sad....

Daniel0418 says:

Yeah... I made sure my sister did NOT get this for Christmas for this exact reason. She will be getting a MyTouch Slide June 2nd

Blueriver says:

Wow, I thought people would be disappointed of Samsung not updating their product in an year or so, but now it's a lot faster than I thought!

Samsung doesn't have dedicated software development team, so they think it's better just make a new model rather than using people for developing the update.

If you need to buy some old cheap flip phone, Samsung makes a good phone with good hardware quality.

But if it comes to smartphone, stay away from Samsung. They still don't know the importance of software.

JayCudi says:

I feel bad for Behold customers
Considering they were promised that it could upgrade to 2.1 eventually

Now they have to settle for 1.6 (along with the G1 and the mytouch 3G)

Looks like the Mytouch 3G Slide will be the only 2.1 device on T-Mobile since the Garminefone and Motorola Cliq/XT have 1.6 and 1.5 respectively.

ganns1980#AC says:

Actually, the Cliq/XT are both slated for 2.1, as is the MyTouch.

On another note, I'm so glad I got rid of my Behold 2. Buying a MyTouch after having that thing was an upgrade.

Nirvana328 says:

...or you know, that phone from Google, um what was it called again? Nexus something...