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Samsung knows you like Galaxy S4 accessories, announces a few more

If there is one thing smart phone enthusiasts like more than a new phone, it's accessories to go along with it. Samsung knows this, too, and has announced a few of the official Galaxy S4 accessories this morning. While it's not the complete list of things we saw leaked last month, a couple of the favorites should be available soon -- hopefully along side the device itself.

First up is the Flip Cover we all know and love, but redesigned to fit the S4 perfectly. Available in seven colors (Black Mist, White Frost, Light Blue, Pink, Green, Orange and Yellow), the Flip Cover will retail for $39.99. A new take on the Flip Cover is the new S View design (pictured above) which has a clear cover so users can see information like SMS messages or the current time. It's available in Black Mist or White Frost for $59.99, and it looks like a new software mode will work in conjunction with the cover to put the information you need front and center of the window itself. Samsung will also offer what they're calling the Protective Cover+. It looks like a high quality protective case, and comes in White, Navy, Green, Blue and Pink. It will retail for $29.99.

Beside the cases and covers, Samsung announced a Spare Battery Charging System. Checking in at $49.99, it consists of charging stand, a wall charger, and a spare 2,600 mAh battery. This sounds like a very good price for the dock and the extra battery, and is sure to be a popular seller.

Of course, plenty of the existing Galaxy S accessories will work just fine with the S4. Besides the obvious like headphones and wireless media devices, the Smart Dock and Universal Multimedia Desktop Dock will work for various Galaxy S devices, including the S4. See the full fact sheet after the break.

Accessories Fact Sheet


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Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories: Flip Covers, protective case and spare battery 'system' announced


Yeah, $60 for a flip cover that doesn't even have wireless charging built in, what a rip off. Samsung clearly thinks they are on par with Apple who is the master for overcharging on accessories.

So where are the S-Health accessories, wrist band, heart rate monitor? Useful things.

The S-Band was covered in a different post, along with a lot of other stuff. Click on the link in the article.

And still no mention of the back cover that supports Qi charging, the same situation the S3 has. If Samsung would actually provide it standard, or even sell the back cover with Qi charging enabled for $20, they would be selling a LOT of them to anyone with a clue.

Isn't this the third phone they've put out where they've promised wireless charging? As far as I know, I still can't walk into a store and ask for a Samsung branded wireless charger for my Note II or my wife's S3.

In May of 2012 Samsung announced a wireless charging solution for the GS3.
As of now, they have yet to deliver it. GS4 owners would be wise to not hold their breaths and count on Samsung delivering a wireless charging solution anytime soon.

I got their TPU case with plastic band for my GS3, and it was pretty horrible. The plastic band was slick as hell, and that combined with how curved it is made it tricky to pickup and hold with out it shooting out of your hand.

The TPU covered the buttons were also horrible. The power button had no feed back and the volume button would sometimes activate both at the same time. Mine was also the revision that was apparently meant to fix those issues too.

it was also a PITA to take off if you needed to swap a battery or reset the phone.

HTC was (is) on the verge of bankruptcy, maybe the htc1 will save them. One funny thing is the HTC trolls on these sites that rant and rave about the greatness of HTC. I just don't see it. I looked at the htc1 and almost took a nap! Boring phone and not set up right. Anyone that thinks its better than the s4 is nuts! I'm an iPhone buyer normally, so it takes one hell of a phone to get me to switch.