Galaxy S5 Prime

Chalk this one under rumors that just won't die. Earlier this year, Samsung was heavily rumored to launch a high-end Galaxy device constructed out of metal, allegedly dubbed the Galaxy S5 Prime. The device in question failed to materialize, but the internet rumormill is back with fresh hints of a Samsung phone with a metallic chassis.

The news comes out of South Korea's ETNews, which claims that Samsung is set to launch a new high-end smartphone, which is tentatively called the Galaxy Alpha. There is no information as to the specs the handset will feature, with the publication only stating that Samsung intends to launch the handset sometime next month, and that the Galaxy Alpha will be Samsung's answer to the upcoming iPhone 6. Also, the handset is claimed to offer better performance than the Galaxy S5.

Citing the proverbial sources in the know, ETNews mentions that the launch of the Galaxy Alpha will likely disrupt Samsung's traditional launch cycle, which sees a new Galaxy S device in the first half of the year, followed by a Galaxy Note launch in the latter half. At this stage, there is no evidence to suggest that Samsung is looking to change its device strategy, so we suggest you take the news with a grain of salt.

Source: ETNews; Via: SamMobile


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Rumors of a metal-clad Galaxy Alpha surface, alleged launch in August


Note 4 with stock android and none of the touch Wiz crap and I'll buy it in a heartbeat. I hope there will be a Google edition Note 4 this time.

Get a Nexus..
A Note without TW/S-Pen software isn't a Note.
And please don't equate your love of featureless stock Android as something that everyone wants. You have tons of Nexus devices, and there is only a single "Note" device. Leave that alone, why can't you be happy with Nexus/GE devices you have already? No need for every device to have same software. You enjoy your Nexus, let me enjoy my Note.

It puts additional load on OEMs for just a tiny minority of tech geeks. no wonder why S5 GPE version is missing so far. very less incentives for OEMs to release GPE devices. Like I said, you already have tons of Nexus/GPE devices.

I don't agree with you. HTC does it and Moto has. Its still the same device with just stock Android. But if Samsung wants to skip out on that side of the market then let em. Either way the Note is a great device but it has TW so no thanks from me anyways. If you support it then I support you in your choice either way! Its what makes Android go round. :)

It just sucks that a GPE device only works on 2 carriers. Verizon has 100+ million users and they are always isolated from every decent phone that is stock android except for the original Droid and Galaxy Nexus, sort of.

Just once if Samsung made a GPE or Stock Vanilla device for every carrier at once, once a year, it would probably be a huge hit.

Also samsung could save a ton of money using stock android, and just make all the TW extras into apps for samsung devices to use, and if they become popular sell them in the app stores for additional money. Also using Vanilla android would save them tons of money on upgrades to they system by letting google just do it for them.

There is a reason they don't care for Verizon. It has had nexus devices and it sucked. If it didnt work before its not going to start on fire now. Besides TW is what sells the devices even if you are google fanboi. Remember money talks so who cares about a gpe edition that won't sell because all the cool features don't work.

Verizon hasn't been isolated, they isolated themselves. They want control of every phone on their network. It's their fault.

The release of a GPE Note wouldn't affect your experience with the standard Note at all.

But I completely agree that a GPE Note wouldn't make any sense, unless stylus support were baked into Android L, which will never happen. A stock Google Note would just be a phone with a big screen that's a little thicker than it needs to be to accommodate a stylus, which is now next to useless.

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^^THIS^^ all day long! Not sure why people want a GPE Note when that designation effectively strips the device of its main differentiator: the S-pen and it's multitasking capabilities.

N3 via AC App

+1 rd_nest. Why bother? The spen is what makes a note a note, which works with touch wiz. Stock and it's just a stylus....which you could be doing on any other phone.

There is NO REASON for SAMSUNG to even allow any silly stock android Note product.

If people want silly no frills products the purchase those Nexus, Motorola products those will always exist they don't mean much to people.

The Galaxy Note products are the GOLD standard of technology today the hallmark of android that's why they sell better than any silly Nexus or GPE or Motorola handset.

At the end of the day people who purchase Note products know exactly what they are getting year after year and they know why they want it.

Nothing in 2014 will be better than the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 and truthfully it's pretty plain and simple nothing else matters period.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

I mean aren't they already in a sense? Generally everyone's first thing that comes to mind when the word smartphone is brought up is an iPhone. Even to most of us diehard Android fans.

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Whats the use of a note 4 without touchwiz.. At that point its just a big phone and there are already plenty of those.. Stock Android does not multitask like a note does at all..

Metal construction is overrated and over fetish-sized... Samsung could vastly improve in hand feel and even aesthetics while still using plastic, but why would they fix what isn't broken? They're still selling phones hand over fist. I've never owned a Galaxy btw (3 HTC Android devices, 2 ASUS, 1 LG, gifted one Moto and one ASUS in addition to those).

You're right. iPhones are pretty, but annoying to hold. The firsr person i gave my iPhone 5 to promptly dropped it and smashed it into a plate, denting it. My HTC One M8 is like a slippery eel. Metal phones require cases so they don't scratch. I'd rather have a well built plastic phone with a removable back plate that can be replaced over time after it gets beat up.

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Higher manufacturing cost than plastic and also feels great in the hand. Makes phones feel 'solid' with a nice weight. If you hold a metal phone, you'll notice the difference to a plastic or glass-back phone.

It might look better new, tho that's pretty subjective, it'll wear a lot worse... And feel is completely subjective, one man's solid feel is another's slippery, cold pointless.

Agree with Vianey17 - metal weighs more - dents more - scratches more easily - and would also probably hinder battery removal. I would prefer something as light as possible with a removal battery that doesn't dent. Oh well, that's just me.

Idea of metal :)
Perfect feel (shape and grip) and durability (dents and scratches) would definitely be faux leather - wrapped around bezels too. My complain for for note 3 is that "metal" finish frame. Doesn't look or feel like metal yet super prone for chips and dents. I found 2 dents on the actual lip going over the glass line before I even dropped it.
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Anyone here used a Samsung Wave 8500 (the first bada phone)? That was a premium feeling metal unibody phone, probably the last metal bodied phone built by them. If they want a reference to build an android metal bodied phone, they need not look further than 8500. It was a solid body with a removable battery. In many ways it makes you question why HTC and Sony say unibody phones cannot have battery doors.

If I want stock android I just download Nova launcher. It's fully customizable Android.

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I don't think I will buy another Samsung phone. 5 months after you buy it they release another one.
No wonder they are the slowest to updates.
At least if I buy an HTC one, lg, nexus or iPhone, I know that will be my phone until next year.
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So basically you're envious others might buy a better phone .... a new release of a phone doesn't make the phone you might have bought, worse?

Sony releases a new flagship every 6 months, should they wait and just release once a year?

That's YOUR problem, not Samsung's. Are you really that insecure that you are only satisfied if you own "the best" phone out there? Just because Samsung releases another phone, it doesn't mean your current phone suddenly doesn't work. Get over yourself!

Slowest to updates? Are you kidding me? They do just as well as HTC, LG is the worst, and the iPhone and Nexus do not belong on the list.

They do support their phones the longest (so far) and you shoudl take that into consideration.

Everyone knows Samsung has been much slower releasing updates than HTC.

Yet that's OK. No biggie!

The previous version doesn't degrade just because one has to wait another 6 to 10 weeks or so.

Now we just wait for Richard Yarrell. "Plain and simple Samsung is the best insert fanboyism"

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Metal clad? No. Samsung is too cheap to do something like this...and why should they? All it will do is increase costs and sell worse than their plastic Galaxy empire.

Why would they make a phone out of metal when plastic is lighter, i mean they already have touchwiz weighing it down...amirite

Posted from the Avengers: Age of Droid Ultra

Yay slippery phone. I dunno, I'm too paranoid and enough of a klutz that I can't get away from the security of using a case. My N5 is easy to grip, but I look at the screen going right to the edge and think 'it only takes once'. Sammy plastic hasn't ever been my gripe, it's been Touchwiz (largely fixed) and the physical home button. Sammy covers all the bases though so this was inevitable.... Not a bad thing.

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The S5 and the Note 4 would be prime candidates. The S5 is in need of a bump up in the internal storage. 16mb is just pathetic for their newest top of the line device. I will never buy a phone with only 16mb of internal storage. A minimum of 32gb with sd-card support is a must. No sd-card support then a minimum of 64gb is a must have.

Samsung will never make a premium device. No the Galaxy line isn't premium, it's a product of good marketing hence it's popularity which doesn't equal premium. Oh, and there's the worst OS skin, TouchWiz.

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In the last year or more specific Korean market only designs have been launched. Could this be one of them?
For me plastics are fine, just choose quality materials, make it feel right. These things have multiple complex antennas, RF comes first IMHO.

Awesome AC.

Samsung Galaxy S phones are beautiful. And so are the Note series phones. When one sees a photo of a group of phones the sammys stand out like a gorgeous 10 standing with a bunch of 2s. Touchwiz is my fav ui. And high impact plastic just makes sense for cell phones. Can u imagine a Note with a metal body? That bad boy would be a bicep builder. Seriously what is with all the hatin on the home button? It's a time honored feature.

Some of us just don't like the physical home button. For me, it gets in the way and is unnecessary. I preferred the layout of the original US Galaxy Note with the capacitive buttons at the bottom. The menu and the back buttons aren't physical buttons, so why does the home button need to be a physical button?

I also liked the fact that it was one more difference between a Samsung phone and an iPhone. I didn't care for the home button on the iPhone when I used it and it was a pleasant change when I switched to the older Samsung devices with the capacitive buttons.

I don't know if two years (on Samsung devices) makes it time-honored. If you count the international devices, I guess it goes back about three years.

Only reason I haven't left Samsung yet is the physical home button. I just abhor onscreen buttons

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Wish Samsung would make a galaxy out of a better quality plastic. I'm sure they could make it feel much better.
And (with the flagships) two models. With and without hardware buttons.

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The gs5 feels good to me it's not slimy like the S4 or S3 and I think it's an big improvement over the s4 and I'd they turned to metal that wouldn't help people who want wireless charging and ip67 certification

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 running Android L or Samsung galaxy S5