HTC Knight Image from XDA Developers.

Like we previously reported, the Knight is a unannounced HTC slider Android handset heading to Sprint.  While the version of Android it will ship with is still up in the air (as is the launch date).  An undisclosed source has tipped a bit of extra information about this mythical unicorn of a device to Engadget.

HTC recently applied to Trademark the name "EVO Shift 4G," and according to Engadget, this will be the official name for the HTC Knight once it launched.  The device will supposedly have a 3.7 inch screen instead of the previously rumored 4.3 inch Evo-style display. The device also apparently lacks a front-facing camera. 

The screen size could be forgivable considering the addition of a keyboard, but it doesn't seem like Sprint would launch this device without a camera when the Epic, Evo, and Transform all offer this.  Let's hope video calling makes it back onto the device before launch.  Via [Engadget] and [XDA-Developers]

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[Rumor] HTC Knight to be called the EVO Shift 4g, lacks video calling?


Actually, the name they applied for the trademark is HTC EVO Shift 4G. The Engadget article states that Sprint is developing an EVO line of phones.

Hmm i do love a keyboard, but i was looking forward to a bigger size screen and video calling. Any word on specs? Any guesses on what os it will release with? My up grade is in 2 weeks, and i was set on the epic, but now i dont know if i should just try and tough it out for this one

Your upgrade is in 2 weeks and you're thinking about getting the epic or his? When nothing but higher end phones will be out in January?.... don't play yourself

gotttt dam. I'm tired of being bent over and nailed hard in the as by these phone companies. I just got my evo 3 weeks ago( wanted the white HTC evo but they discontinued them) but what you know this week they are now on sale.(nailed #1) and now sprint is coming out with a new Evo phone(makes this phone feels like a old washed up poop sniffer, nailed#2) Well I dont mind the new phones really it's just these guys need to let us know in atlease 2/3 months advance because don't we all hate when you get a phone and 2 weeks later Version 2 is announced, I could of waited lol............I'm ok. wait no I'm not I can't believe they are doing this to the mighty original Evo awwwwwwwww faosdifasdmflasdfjaosfjasofjasodfjasfja dfjasfjadofsdjfoisoasfosdfjosdoiasd

Dude, this phone will not make the EVO washed up. It will have a smaller screen, no ffc (not that I use mine), will be thicker because of the keyboard. It may also only have an 800MH processor, like it's cousin Desire Z. They say it runs well, but it is still less than the EVO. So, chill out, the OG EVO will still be the better phone. You shouldn't rush to judgement before all of the specs are released.

I work for a Cellphone repair company called Cell-pair and we kind of get the scoop on some of the rumors so yeah I pretty much know this, well ofcourse this one want outdo the next Evo. It's thee fact they are using the original evo. But I would of preferred what samsung did with the epic-transform...but yeah I think the Original Evo will still have the spotlight on Sprint for a full year.

It will be interesting if the bit about Sprint having an EVO line is true. Could be a great marketing play for them. Verizon has Droids, Sprint may have their EVOs. At least we'd have an identity of some sorts.

So lemme get this straight.....Verizon is getting an EVO, a.k.a. "Mecha", and Sprint is getting a Dinc with a keyboard. Is that correct so far?

I thought the useless names were supposed to be for blackberrys.

You know that htc usually spreads the love around. If the Evo Shift looks like that pic, it will look a lot better than the Dinc. But, they say that it will be a version of the Desire Z, more like the G2 and Merge, not really the Dinc. Verizon was bound to get an EVO-like phone. Actually, the EVO was the 3rd HTC phone with a 4.3"er. (2nd running Android) There are very few phones with cool names. It is starting to get out of hand. Maybe they need to go back to the numbering scheme.

I think it is a horrible mistake to put the "Evo" name on something that is *smaller* than an Evo and with no front camera.

The "Evo" name has developed a lot of respect because it means one of the highest-end Android phones. Placing the name on anything with specs less than the Evo will dilute that.

It sounds like they want to leverage the EVO name for an entire line, similar to the Droid name. Having a Droid X / Droid 2 / Droid Pro / doesn't hurt the original Droid, it simply gives consumers choices.

Your EVO isn't less of a phone because another one comes out.

I don't care what they call it, I'm just pissed that Sprint can't seem to add any good HTC hardware to their lineup without sticking 4G into it, as I'll probably never get 4G in my area. I'd love to have something like the Incredible or even the canceled Sprint Nexus 1 as a good option to upgrade from my Hero, but instead my only option is looking to be the Transform.

Hell, I'd be willing to jump on the Samsung bandwagon for a Sprint 3G version of a 3G Galaxy S phone like the Fascinate or Continuum, but Sprint seems determined to so bargain basement with all their 3G Android options.

I'm with you on this. Sprint's 4G is a battery killer and even though it's available where I travel to, I don't plan on using it as it is. I want a Top End Android, like Verizon offers, but without the 4G. My contract is up next month, so I'm seriously thinking about switching to Big Red!!

get rid of that old hero and get the LG OPTIMUS S from sprint....

ACs admins LOVE it and says its faster then the x, inc and evo in opening menus and such.

dont forget about it.

It looks like this is the Android version of the HTC Touch Pro 2 (which was the sweetest WM phone I ever used, and I had three). I replaced my ATT TP2 it with an Evo (first-day), and sometimes miss the physical keyboard. It will be interesting seeing what my options are next June ...


Version 2 is not always better. The original EVO will hold its own for awhile. They are still running a ton of TV ads for it so you know its still the flagship. A keyboard like the knight has would be nice but what I want is a game pad. I want games to get serious on android and we can't play well with our thumbs covering what's happening on screen. If they are going to make a line of EVO phones then make a gaming one. That's the only other EVO i would trade mine in for.

HTC Knight/Speedy/4G Shift DOES COME WITH FRONT FACING CAMERA n Gingerbread (sorry I posted the link above or below here...I AM NEW HERE)-