iOS users in Australia, New Zealand and Canada have an early look before wider launch in late Spring

The Angry Birds franchise just keeps getting bigger, and the latest release is a full-blown RPG called Angry Birds Epic. Rovio claims this new free-to-play game will be a complete and extensive RPG title with an extensive campaign, turn-based gameplay, end game content, item crafting and more, all set on the fantasy world of "Piggy Island." Being free-to-play we can expect some in-app purchases to make an appearance, but details aren't known just yet.

Rovio is smartly doing a soft launch of sorts, making the game available to folks in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, as well as only making it available for iOS users at this point. No solid date on a wider launch is being given right now other than "later this Spring," and not a single mention of Android accompanies this announcement either. We have to expect that Android details will be shared as we get closer to a full launch, but in the meantime we at least have a look at a nice trailer for the game.

Source: Rovio


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Rovio launching new RPG called Angry Birds Epic, doesn't give timeline for Android release


Got no interest in this game but annoyed by the ios only for now.. Definitely some payment by Apple for limited exclusivity just like with pvz2.. It sure isn't about resource or lack of money..

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IOS favoritism needs to end. Idfag about sales or whatever bs excuse. Just launch on both platforms day one.

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Would you like to attack enemy A? That'll cost you a .99¢ in app purchase.

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Wish they had called it Angry Birds Saga just so we could see an, erm, epic war between Rovio and King over that word. It would certainly seem to apply more to this game than a gaming about matching colored candies.

Should've called it "Saga" they're the only ones with the $ to fight King. Rovio is the grandfather of game apps, would be cool to watch.
Rovio: "Oh, you want to buy something made before us? Try."
King: "Gorillas in Q Basic!"
Judge: "No touch interface in Q Basic, Rovio isn't infringing, they get the patent."
Then I woke up.