The Twitter account for Rovio has been rather busy the past few days. OK, that's not true. They're actually busy every day, but even more so now that they've made mention of just how many Android users have downloaded Angry Birds (More than 7 million, in case you were wondering) but today's news is even more awesome.

Rovio has confirmed after some images appeared online that they are indeed planning on a Christmas edition of Angry Birds for release. When asked about Android getting stuff for Christmas and they advised that Android would indeed get in on some of the action as well. Angry Birds day is on Dec. 11, and a new release would fit in nicely for that day don't you all think – or maybe sooner?  [Ylex via @Roviomobile]

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briankurtz79 says:

And maybe move the ads to the bottom or take them out! Ill pay. $7,000,000 x $1 is... alot!

jelly roll says:

Trust me they get more than that in ads

Smokexz says:

Phil: YES!

kuest37 says:

Sweet. Can't wait. Sucks we didn't get the Halloween edition.

JSKershaw says:

Nothing gets you more into the Christmas spirit than Angry Birds: XMAS edition! HAHA

I do agree they need to move the banner advertisements back to the bottom of the screen.

edr1983 says:

If your rooted you can always remove the ads by downloading ad-free from the market.

level32 says:

worked for me. ;)

Xbbfan73 says: get in the way. I might have three stars on all levels by now. Ha ha. Can't wait for Xmas edition. Love Angry Birds.

Smitty_82 says:

This rocks! I love angry birds! My wife is also hopelessly addicted now too.

moosc says:

I've never seen any adds

Then you either have a hacked ROM that is blocking it, a screwed up phone, or an app that is blocking it that you don't know about. There ARE ads in Angry birds. It why its free.

davidnc says:

Put phone in : PLANE MODE and you wont see any ads either. But your phone wont work(receiving phone calls or data) in plane mode but no ads to get in the way while playing angry birds either. :)

Kill the pigs ! Even the Christmas Pigs ! No truce LoL

vbwake19 says:

I never understood the complaint about ads. Guess using ad free rooted was taking care of that. Niceee

msmhensley says:

hopefully they can fix the lag problem with this game for my Samsung Intercept. as of right now the lag makes it super frustrating to play. i give up trying till a better update comes out :(

TheBronze says:

How about a real Chirstmas treat? Like letting us buy the app? It just keeps getting worse and worse. Or is that worser and worser? Was playing yesterday and the ad just stayed on top, covering the score and screen for the duration. Another anoyance was mid game, I tried to control the menus and restart a level only to be locked out of my phone completely until that damned movie ad came up! Enough is enough Rovio!

ericwilsonn says:

Wow!! this is the best gift for me on this Christmas. Moreover this has added a charm to my Christmas party this year.
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