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The Smartphone Round Robin is in Week 4 and this will be the last week we spend on another smartphone platform! Obviously, I'm eager to jump back onto the G1 but before we do that we have to give a fair and honest review to the Palm Treo Pro!

The Palm Treo Pro is a bit of a joint effort from a lot of important companies. The hardware was designed by HTC, the software runs Windows Mobile, but in the end its branded a Palm Treo Pro. Interesting. Either way, this is the Treo that combines everything you'd want spec-wise--3G, WiFi, GPS--in a smartphone. Is it too little too late? Or not nearly enough?

To give you a preview of my first impressions: I'm a HUGE fan of the form factor. It's not too wide, not too thin, and really feels easy to hold in the hand. And with Windows Mobile? I'm already instantly more comfortable using it than I was with the AT&T Fuze. Check out the video for the rest of Android Central's first impressions of the Palm Treo Pro!

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ErnestoT says:

I enjoyed the review.

Dr. Tyrell says:

I prefer a matte finish to glossy. The Treo Pro is a nice unit, though. I had to look up Skyfire which I had never heard of. Turns out it is a Swedish death metal band! It's also a beta web browser for Windows Mobile and Symbian. It renders web pages so well because it goes through a server using Gecko before sending the output to your mobile browser. Kind of like having a full Firefox browser in your smartphone, I guess.

now. please.

mhm says:

i like the palm os better then winmo fo sho

RHI says:

Haven't played with one of these yet. Used the Fuze for a little bit and it reminded me of the Mogul. I also have a hard time typing on the Centro. So, I'm guessing I'll have a hard time on this one as well. Too bad...looks promising.

pinguino1 says:

It seems this time most comments are about the form factor. But the form factor has two points of view: the comfortability and the functional. The first one most people may agree easily. But the functional part of the form factor is based on preferences and very subjective. That's where I believe the Treos and the BB's are falling behind the times. Because with this form factor they always will have tiny screens, not very suitable for touch and cramped keyboards. The trend is toward big touch screen and/or full keyboards. So, where they will go from here?



i love the g1

eagle63 says:

Great looking device, I think the Palm logo on back looks classy too. If HTC made an Android device on this hardware, I'd be all over it. Nice review.

I am currently a Treo Pro owner and have thought extensively about changing to the T Mobile G1. I'm already a T mobile customer. Therefore, I am very interested in your review of the Treo Pro. It will be a great comparison between the two I am sure. Thanks.

maverick262 says:

The Treo Pro doesn't look like a bad device, I just can't stand Windows Mobile.

Devonair says:

I've used every Sprint-compatible Treo ever made (even WinMo), and am addicted to the form-factor or a front-facing hardware keyboard with a touch screen. But the one weird thing about the Treo Pro to me is the placement of the stylus housing. Is it held in magnetically (like the Fuze/Touch Pro) or just by pressure? I would worry that after time it would eventually fall out since its now aimed down instead of up. My current stylus is always loosely hanging halfway out of my Treo... and I don't even use it all that much!

Charlotte says:

htc never fails to design great looking devices.. the treo pro truly demonstrates this

Nick says:

I think skyfire was awesome. Other than that, I still think that the Treo's form factor with Android OS would be killer!

James says:

I don't understand how this is considered a Palm device if it runs Windows Mobile. Wouldn't it just be in the same category as the AT&T Fuze, with the hardware made by Treo and the os by Windows?

Minsc says:

@James Even though HTC makes the hardware, I believe it was designed by Palm. (at least that's how Palm's other WM Treo's have worked)

Typically Palm also writes a fair amount of the software and tweaks the stock Windows Mobile build to suit the hardware and improve usability. (the entire ROM image on any WM device is probably only 80% Microsoft - the rest is additional usability layers and drivers written by the vendor, carrier, or both) They're also responsible for selling and marketing the thing.

ilikephones says:

probably gonna swap my 800w for the this sexy thing as soon as it hits my sprint store. its just gorgeous.

SomeAudioGuy says:

I don't think it's enough to pull me off my Touch Pro, but the Treo Pro is a really sweet front face keyboard phone.

FINALLY SOMEONE BRINGS UP SKYFIRE! THANK YOU! This is a huge advantage for the platform, and no one ever tries it. It's not as pretty as Safari, but so far no iPhone user has been able to counter it, LOL.

inportb says:

Hm... Palms are not generally known for lots of hardware buttons, but the resistive touchscreen is a well-known Palm feature.

And whoa, embedded Flash is nice. How well does Trident/IE perform compared to Gecko/Fennec?

Ryan says:

Form factor is definitely very attractive, and when you hold it up next to the G1 like that...man, let's just say it ain't even a competition. Skyfire looks amazing, I need to check that out some time.

Tim says:

great review. wow at skyfire. never even heard of it until now and gotta say it looks pretty damn nice. and i gotta htc did a good job in designing this device.

Unkle Grouch says:

I have to admit I do like the way the Treo looks and it seems to offer everything in a nice package.

inportb says:

Well, Palm always comes with great hardware.

Great review. Was nice to see the different 3rd party browsers.

Jeff says:

Nice review I especially liked the part of the video showing skyfire mobile browswer That was really great. Now if ATT would go on and pick it up and knock the price down to a more reasonable level. Or maybe I will win the G1 That might be cool too even though I am not a slider fan right now.

PMJ says:


Bla1ze says:

Call it a Palm if ya want, it's no Palm to me...it's and HTC device running Windows Mobile with a Palm keyboard that is entirely too crammped, what a bastard child!

Bla1ze says:

Ahh, c'mon with the ******'s, what I said is in the dictionary ;)

Bluelinemo says:

Great review

palmcrash says:

ok, so why was a palm os device not included in the round robin? sad question, sigh...

Pamina says:

I love the form factor too! That's the Palm "crack"...

Nice review

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