Our good friend Rene desperately needs our help! Having left his iPhone for the T-Mobile G1 it seems like he's hitting snags around every corner! That's where we come in folks and offer our advice, tips & tricks, and all around Android expertise. We can't let him walk away thinking that his precious iPhone is that much better than Android now can we? That's what I thought!

Head on over to Rene's Forum Thread at the Android Central Forums.

In any case, lending a helping hand over in the forums will enter you into our Round Robin Contest where you'll get a chance to win the T-Mobile G1! So Good Samaritan or not, you can't honestly pass up a chance to win a free T-Mobile G1 now could ya?

And, oh what the heck, let's make this post another opportunity to win!

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Round Robin: Help Rene with his G1 in the Android Central Forums!


Unlike Bla1ze I don't have a bold or any of these nice phones so...hopefully I can make this G1 mine. I am already on t-mobile but with data as high as it is I can't afford to be buying a new phone.

I would assume using a G1 would be like using a desktop computer (with a touch screen). QWERTY keyboard to the front and a mouse (track ball) to the right side. The device itself seems familiar and the OS can't be that difficult.

Matt I agree. It IS like using a desktop computer. To be honest I was going to go into the forum and help. But what I saw was a bunch of BS questions posted in 10 minute intervals. Its all a joke. He doesn't appear to be trying to learn anything...just asking questions without actually attempting the task for himself. It will all basically amount in one big bash the G1 post at the end of the week.

I personally found the phone to be just like a desktop and very intuitive. In fact I would not be surprised to see some of its features start to show up in Linux desktops if it doesn't become one itself. I particularly find the questions about search and typing in urls to be stupid. All you have to do is start typing and the phone does what makes the most sense in context to whats on the screen. If its a browser it either searches or recognizes a url. If its on the home screen it searches your contacts etc.

Seeing as I don't have a G1, I'm not sure how much help I'd be. But hey, if I win the thing, I could always retroactively answer any questions a month from now.

The contest is set up so people win the device for the forum they post on but you want to encourage people to help that already have the device.

Anyway, if I win the G1 I'll go back in time and help.

Well worst case scenario, if ya win a phone you don't want you can trade it, lol..I have a Bold...so I don't need to win the CB one, if I was to win any other the other devices, I'd trade up with someone for a device I did want..anything for a VZW/Vodafone Storm..

Besides, long as you have Google...you can STILL help people even if you don't have or never even seen the said device.