Ending the 2nd Week of the Smartphone Round Robin, Crackberry Kevin delivers his final thoughts on the T-Mobile G1! In his initial Video Review, Crackberry Kevin sounded very excited to be using the G1. And though some of that excitement subsided, he still sees A LOT of potential in Android and is hopeful for a G2, G3, or G4 to be a real game changer.

To give a quick summary: he was initially unsure of Android's market penetration strategy, not the biggest fan of the hardware but loves the home screen experience and Android Market! I'm surprised he didn't mention the notifications system on the G1--but we at Android Central know thats the best in all of smartphones already. Go give Crackberry Kevin a piece of your mind!

Head over to Crackberry to see his Final Thoughts!


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Round Robin: Crackberry Kevin's Final Thoughts on the T-Mobile G1


In a perfect world this would be my weekend phone, and my Curve is my weekday driver.

I think the G1 fits its market well. It's not designed to be a BlackBerry replacement (no Exchange capabilities), but it will definitely be an iPhone challenger. 3rd party apps and a solid OS will take it far.

I'm excited to see how the g1 will develop over the next couple versions. The OS is very well designed, so hopefully the hardware will match up with it very soon.

Seems like a balanced review at first glance. I'll know more when I get a chance to read it carefully. I read somewhere that the screen is a composite laminate with glass on the top layer although it feels a little more like plastic than some other devices.

i can only see the android os only getting better. but damn, the phone itself is pretty odd looking.

The OS is what I really like - I just hope it keeps getting refined as it still has some rough edges.

Android in itself has tremendous potential, and like the iphone as we get down the road of updates and progression, that will become much more apparent. As for the hardware, It leaves a lot to desired...

I think the G1 would be a nice Blackberry contender. What's to keep it from picking up all the functionality that would be useful to a Blackberry user?