Photon 4G

Have yourself a Motorola Photon 4G, all ready to root it, but haven't picked up the HD dock yet?  You're in luck!  A new method has been figured out, one that doesn't have a purchase of $100 worth of accessories as a prerequisite.  You will need to be able to use the Android SDK and follow well written instructions, but the method actually looks pretty simple for the end user.  AC member sandtiger has a nicely written tutorial all laid out in the Photon forums, so grab a chair and a beverage, and have a look.

Source: XDA; via Android Central forums. Thanks, sandtiger!

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jbuggydroid says:

Yay woot woot woot !!!!!!!

aggiechase37 says:

What the hell??? This thing is out for 15 minutes and it's already rooted? The D3 has been out a month!!! What is going on devs?? Hackers?? Come on!! We need you to unlock that OMAP4430 goodness!!!!

blaqbird says:

Well if you think about it, the Photon is really nothing more than the CDMA version of the atrix with a couple of upgraded goodies. It was bound to get a quick root. Blowing a fuse over something like that is kind of childish. Gotta give the devs time that are working on the D3.

19mitch79 says:

That pentile screen is gorgeous.

I know, you can see every single pixel.

rayln says:

I really am actually laughing out loud.
What a zinger!

themuffinman says:


Now this is funny as hell.

wcdove24 says:

It was either this or the next Nexus (or maybe even the Samsung Galaxy S II) and this hasn't made the decision any easier. I remember when the EVO 4G came out. There was no other option! Man oh Man what am I to do.

bingeMAFIA says:

The root came out before the finished review. Hackers 1 Phil 0.

EVO 3D is what you should do..That is the number one device on sprint

Mike77 says:

Alot of "my phone is better then yours, your phone stinks waaaaa" people.

ZiggSeVO says:

And the bootloader has been unlocked. Its in testing right now but pictures are in the thread over at xda

d-backs1#AC says:

Maybe this will be good for those with a d3 and those who want to get the bionic if they can use a similar method on either of those.

hrrslmpk says:

The link to XDA and the info they gave was wayyyyy too vague for me smh and I consider myself VERY tech savvy lol but here's a few links that will make the process EXTREMELY simple/ easy even for the android newbies

Written Tutorial:

How-To Video:

:)Hope this helps someone as much as it helped me

eoterm says:

Hey when you root the motorola photon what are the disadvantages? I heard you lose the ability to receive updates :( I really want free tethering but not at the cost of updates