Kindle Fire HD rooted

It looks as if Amazon did not patch the standard method to root ICS devices discovered by SparkyM over at XDA, and the Kindle Fire HD can be rooted in mere minutes. In fact, the most difficult part is getting the device driver if you're running Windows. Also note that rooting does not mean the same thing as a custom ROM, and that this has nothing to do with the bootloader which is unsurprisingly pretty securely locked up.

You'll need to have the Android SDK installed, and follow the instructions in the forums. You'll also need to know that you could really break things while rooting or running apps as root. Informed decisions are the best decisions. Good luck!

Source: Android PoliceRoot the Kindle Fire HD


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Once again AC staff takes something i wrote, and repubs without proper sourcing.

Nice job jerry, hope you get paid well to do that.

Just thought I'd add my own 2cents on this one...
But seriously that's what reporting is buddy, you take something and then report it for others to benefit from or discuss. Sorry if you're bitter you didn't get a name drop somewhere in there but unless you made the initial post regarding how to do it then your name needs not be mentioned. As far as I can tell proper sourcing was mentioned, the users name is SparkyM not you, so where do you fit in on this one?
No where, go report that to your mom and cry about it while she gets you some milk and cookies for your lonely night in the basement again.


Thanks, I made the initial post, that is what this is about. Your comment is invalid.

I credited Sparky with finding the original vulnerability on the Transformer prime.. It's his work. I took the time to verify it in this device, during a firmware audit.

Reporters tip their hat to where they get stories, that is journalism. Jerry didnt tip to me, nor G+. That's copying.

I reported it to your mom, she told you to sit down.

Sorry about that, guess i didn't do proper sourcing myself.
Again my apologies.
Thanks for being an awesome dev and getting things unlocked like they should be!

Is rooting enough to be able to install the google play store? Or does it take a custom recovery? Or does it require bootloader unlock?

wtf why does this say how to and then doesnt tell u how to do shit, is this how cowboys write articles, well you ust say how the other people do it and refer them there , dont actually say how to freekin do it. sorry but its a major waste of time people like you trying to help themselves, look mommy i wrote an article. actually im not sorry welcome to the internet and btw the kindle doesnt go beep, unlesss you broke it good job. hey jerry follow the instructions in the forums, theres no answers here. beep