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Manifest updated for Koush's Superuser app, adds new permissions and owner change options

It's always good to see one of the most tried-and-true root friendly apps get updates for our ever-changing Android environment. In version 3.1, Root Explorer adds an entry to its manifest to make it Superuser-friendly. By adding ACCESS_SUPERUSER, users of Koush's Superuser app will no longer be warned that Root Explorer has not declared this permission, and those that use the "Declared Permission only" setting no longer have to worry about Root Explorer not being granted root privledges.

Also gained is the ability to change the permissions and owner of multiple files at the same time. Simply select each file using the checkboxes Root Explorer added a few updates ago, and use the action overflow/menu button to carry out the task. This is definitely a potential time saver, allowing users to avoid doing it one file at a time or connecting to ADB and doing it that way.

As always, the Play Store button up top is there to take you directly to the app page — or simply update Root Explorer directly through your device.


Reader comments

Root Explorer updated with Superuser compatibility, new multi-file handling


Even though I have solid explorer installed I use it exclusively for ftp. I still keep root explorer installed, and it's still the only file explorer I use after 3 years of using it. It had lots of new problems arise in 4.3 with root permissions besides what was mentioned, and I hope they are fixed soon, if not this release.

This has been my go to file manager since I first made the move to Android from BB. For me it's easy to use and gets the job done. Must have for any rooted phone.

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