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If you're not using Root Explorer on your rooted Android phone or tablet, you should be.  It's an easy way to work with the files on your device, using a graphical interface that so many of us are used to.  To make a good thing even better, while updating things to work with Gingerbread (thanks to the release of the SDK), Speed Software has added a couple changes to make things even better -- support for the upload dialog in the Dropbox app, and displaying the correct icon for installed applications instead of the generic icon it has used until now. With these changes, Root Explorer is now the only file browser I need on my rooted phones, and is the best $3.95 I've ever spent.  There are a couple more screenshots, and a download link after the break.

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Root Explorer updated, brings some welcome features


For the uninitiated, how is this better than something like Astro, which I've used to explore my system root before?

@drewmg: Root Explorer gives you access to the system folder, where system apps are stored. You can do things like delete bloatware, or back up apk's. Btw, you should save a copy of the apk of the bloat you delete. You would need to reinstall those before an OTA could be applied. If you aren't rooted, Astro is fine. But, this gives you access to your whole system, not just the SD.

FYI, I am rooted and use ES File Explorer to access my system folder all the time. Just click the button in the top left to switch between "/sdcard" and "/". Also, it shows app icons as well.

I don't see why you would encourage people to pay for an app that is evently matched by a free one.

It's the little things that I appreciate.

-Very fast and smooth
-Clean interface (no buttons at the top taking up screen real estate)
-Shows hidden files
-Displays file timestamps, permissions, and sizes
-Ability to remount any folder as r/w
-Ability to set permissions on files
-Easy folder and file creation
-Excellent multi-select and cut/copy/paste abilities
-Ability to zip and unzip files
-Ability to browse inside of and modify .apks
-Ability to edit any file that contains text
-Ability to exit the app (basic, but not all apps provide this)

Yes, ES has a lot of these features plus some other things like LAN and FTP access, but I've used both and still prefer Root Explorer for what I do. Maybe I just don't like the ES UI as much. It's pretty cluttered and not as quick if I remember correctly.

@thunderchicken: Does it allow you to modify,system apps or just view them?

Edit: It gives you access to system folder, but not the all important data folder. Root Explorer has more functionality.

Yes, it allows you to modify system files as well, even the files in the /system/data folder. You need to be rooted however, click "root options" in the menu. Works great on CM 6.1, and saved me $4.

This app ROCKS hand down. It is does more than Astro and is different than Titanium. It allows you to explore, modify/delete system files, delete bloatware, change permissions and so much more. It is definitely worth the 3.95 and I don't think there is a free app that compares. Especially now with the new features.

Titanium is good for freezing apps. Root Explorer is better for editing/moving/copying files. Titanium falsely leads you to believe that it can back apps up to your SD. It does not! It just saves app data, and a link to the market. I found this out the hard way.

ES File Explorer has root options, and even allows me to mount the file system as writable and rename files, move them, etc. (and yes, even the data directory).

Personally, I think 3.95 is a bit high compared to other programs that do more for much less.

@cubfan: When I clicked on the data directory, it says empty. I'm speaking of the data folder where market downloads are kept.

Wow already found apps that I thought I deleted. I've barely look at its worth the money. I've found that frozen app still run once in a while with titanium.

The only sorely missing feature from Root Explorer is the ability to change ownerships. Add that, and I'll never have to fire up the terminal to issue chown commands. I don't understand why it'll allow you to view this information, but not change it.

As a user, I wholeheartedly agree. As someone who fields questions from other users all day, I think chmod and chown commands need to be terminal only lol.

Check Refine Efficiency:

- cache cleaner (root and non root(individually)), no sd card cache support;
- market history cleaner;
- task killer;
- start up manager (root and non root(no guarantee));
- task scheduling.
Also browser history cleaner.