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If you use Rom Manager to manage your flashing habit and curate all your CWM backups, you're going to want to take a look at the latest update. Beside the theme fixes for older devices, there is a new feature that plenty of folks are going to find useful -- a backup server built right into the app.

It's not just any backup server though. There are plenty of options out there to browse the files on your phone or tablet via Wifi. What Rom Manager is doing provides an extra handy service -- it transforms the backup files into a flashable zip file that you can flash back to your device (or any device) from ClockWorkMod Recovery.

Granted, it's always been possible to pull and share CWM backups, but the new Rom Manager update takes the confusion away and makes it easy for everyone to pull a backup file that's ready to flash, without worrying about the right folder structure or location. As Koush says, this is the first version so there may be a few quirks in it. Be sure to report any of these you may run into back to him. I just tried it, and what I'm seeing works exceptionally well. Give it a go yourself with today's update. 

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Rom Manager updated, now you can download flashable zip backups to your computer


Same question. I've also emailed the developer how this works, but haven't got a reply yet. I'm gonna ask in the forums...

Yes BUT there is still no explanation as to how it works... You can tap on it to turn on and off BUT it does nothing. I plugged the phone via USB to see if I could get options and nothing....

Rom manager have never really helped me, just creates issues from time to time.
Your better off just booting into custom recovery and handling everything there.

You have to be logged in to your Wi-Fi network to get a server IP to do the transfer. It works really well, it's fast and it's easy.