ROM Manager

If you've ever put a custom ROM on your Android phone (or are looking to do so), chances are you've used ROM Manager. And it's getting spruced up in its latest version. Things are a little prettier, a little more friendly. And that sort of touch makes the easiest way to install custom ROMs even easier. Download links are after the break. And remember that you've gotta be rooted for any of this.


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New Android User: "Rooted?"

Back to me. I was thinking about downloading CM7. But i'm not ready yet... I need like a weekend to make sure after I flash that everything is back to normal.... So maybe this weeknd.

mjneid says:

Personally i like the older version better... oh well i never the app i always flash the recovery image via ADB.

Cubfan says:

I hope he didn't change the icon again. Last time, that caused a number of 1-star reviews in the market.

Maddball says:

Is there a specific reason the Rom manager does not support the Galaxy Tab for Sprint? #Fail

Go Android! says:

Clockwork sucks. Rom Manager is nice, but I'll use it when it supports Amon Ra.

mjneid says:

A_Ra doesn't support everyphone. infact most phones rely on Clockwork.

jerbear says:

That's fine but it's annoying to have to flash clockwork if I want to just download a ROM update but then I have to reflash AmonRa if I want to do lots of other things. Clockwork doesn't work for quite a few things and it sucks to have to go back and forth before ROM Manager will even let me check for updates.

mjneid says:

You can do anything you want without Clockwork ROM Manager. I've never own stock phones. I've never had Clockwork Recovery installed on my phone, but i have always used Koush's recovery images.

DirkBelig says:

I lost a whole night's sleep due to ClockworkMod 3.x.x.x sending my EVO into white HTC screen or CM7 bootloops. Only the CWM worked or Amon_Ra. ROM Manager doesn't even have the latest RA Recovery loaded - it's at 2.3 and ROM Mgr is 2.2.x. It would be so nice if ROM Manager worked as advertised, but for me it was hours of misery.