Best Buy Dates

Well, how about that. A single Best Buy store's Facebook page appears to confirm the news we broke a week ago -- the HTC Thunderbolt will be available Feb. 14. Also note that the Motorola Xoom Honeycomb tablet is supposedly available Feb. 24 -- another date that's certainly been making the rounds.

Let's be clear -- the Best Buy Grand Rapids South Facebook page isn't exactly the same as news coming from the steps of Best Buy HQ. But we take what we can get around here, we suppose. [Best Buy Grand Rapids South Facebook via Droid Life]

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paulmike3 says:

aaaannnnnnd the post is deleted.

Thanks for blanking out iphone

ninefall says:

I didn't think Best Buy was getting the iphone.

fludkilla says:

This is Android Central not iPhone central.

ninefall says:

The point I was trying to make, is why if they are not getting it is it on their page for sale on the 10th? Leads me to believe its a bogus post.

Well, they ARE supposed to get the Verizon iPhone, so the post is valid. And especially now that the post is deleted. MOTO's CEO said that the XOOM would release late Feb, or later in early March if the needed to push it back.

Personally, I'm not excited until I see new on the wifi-only version, with a Great price.

NDchem2014 says:

Go Grand Rapids! I think that's the Best Buy on 28th Street near the Woodland mall.

AndrewD2 says:

That'd be the one. It's amusing to see a local place on Android Central.

laurel25 says:


rtdakota39 says:

I just came from there before reading this... Small world

dandm4life says:

holy cow! Something interesting actually happened in this town!

JoeB4ever says:

What's sad is I work for the district office in Grand Rapids and I'm not sure what store it is. I would guess that it is the 28th street store though.

deparson says:

It just goes to show that information really does want to be free.

Chris88#AC says:

Can we get a price on the t-bolt w/o a contract...? I want it but I am not trying to spend like like 800 dollars on it lol.

ninefall says:

Its $599 retail

konman795 says:

The info is correct, I cannot say much more because I want to keep my job.

I work at Best Buy Mobile.

Donmeister85 says:


JoeB4ever says:

Which best buy mobile do you work at?

kinster02 says:

Man these tablet manufacturers really need to start following the Ipad lead and start launching a wifi version at the same time. I don't need or want to have another monthly bill.