Moto X

Both black and white Moto X models will be available on Rogers starting in August for $189.99 on a two-year contract.

Canadians looking over all of this Moto X goodness today will only have one spot they can get it initially: Rogers. Of course, we all know how these exclusives usually only last a few months, so we can probably expect the same situation here. The Rogers Moto X takes advantage of LTE on the 2600 MHz band, though I'm dubious that it makes an appreciable difference. Both black and white models will be available, while the pricetag will sit at $189.99 on a two-year contract. Yay for two-year contracts. Expect to see it on shelves in August. 

Anyone interested can hit up the Rogers notification page for more info, or take a look at our hands-on video to get the full tour. 

Source: Rogers RedBoard


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Rogers snags Moto X exclusive in Canada


I'm very disappointed to see this as a Rogers exclusive. Doubly disappointed that we won't have any of the cool customization options available.

Guess who's not buying a Moto X?

Jokes, I can wait for a new phone. I'm usually a buyer that buys it out completely. It seems that all new released phones, at least where I live, cannot be sold off contract for the first month or 3 months depending on the carrier. I don't know why they have that? I thought you wanted my money.