Win a free Sprint phone for the new year! What better way to start a brand new year than with a brand new phone? We can't think of anything better, so we've gotten in cahoots with Sprint to give not one, not two, but SEVEN lucky readers a shiny new device.

Up for grabs we have:

Since these are Sprint devices, you'll need to be in the US to win, and the contest is for the device only which means you're on your own for service, accessories, and anything else your heart may desire. As with all of our contests, if you've won a device in the past year from us, you're not eligible to win one of these. Gotta share the goodies with your fellow Android family! Also, one entry per person please. If we catch you trying to be sneaky and entering more than once, you will be disqualified and put on the naughty list.

So, to enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling us which of these fine phones you would like and why. The contest will run until just after the new year, with the winners announced on the blogs as normal. Good luck everyone!

There are 1539 comments

jean15paul says:

Definitely the Optimus G. It would be a great upgrade from my Sprint Galaxy Nexus.

LG Optimus G!
i played with this phone at sprint while getting my E4GT fixed for a bad power button. it was smooth and had an awesome display! id love to have it!

jpeders10 says:

Optimus G. Merry Christmas everyone.

JaboSan says:

My wife desperately needs a new phone. Her LG Optimus S is pooping out on her. It would be nice to replace it with a LG Optimus G for a Christmas present!

wadhapal says:

LG Optimus G......Because everyone else does! ;)

psyclopps says:

Optimus G please
My Sony Ion is slow
This Haiku will win

Bsaatbman says:

OPTIMUS G.......Only because I like saying "OPTIMUS G!!!" in my Mr.Moviephone voice

satoribomb says:

LG Mach for me, please. It may not be the newest or bestiest phone out there, but I'm about getting stuff done. So, the replaceable battey, slider keyboard, and upgrade to LTE would suit my hiking and writing needs exactly!

arsenic53 says:

I would love to have the lg optimus G because I dropped my galaxy nexus an need a new high performance phone that is big. I wish I could say LIFE is GOOD!!

another one for the LG Optimus G! Talk about a phone with some bleeding edge technology! With the release of the Optimus G and the Nexus 4, I think LG is giving Samsung a run for their money! This is competition at its best... and the best part is the consumers WIN. :)

bartclan says:

I'd love to get my hands on the LG Optimus G to balance out the coverage I receive with my DInc2 on Verizon.

yogi4093 says:

Motorola photon q

I need to upgrade from the original photon until i cash in my real upgrade in august.

tmx31415 says:

I would like the Optimus G or the Photon Q for a dear friend of mine who is a single mom raising her kids and never seems to have a device that works. Either one of these with their capabilities would really make her day.

rediroc says:

I have always liked the idea of the Optimus line and would really like the OPTIMUS S. I would gladly take a free phone today and thank you tomorrow, if chosen. Thank you.

motny321 says:

I want the LG Optimus G because its everything that my phone is not. Being that I the Motorola Photon on Gingerbread. I am in dire need of a phone with a snapdragon processor, Quad Core, HD screen and most of all Ice Cream Sandwich.

shefsteve says:

I'd love to win the Optimus G for my girlfriend, who's stuck with an Optimus S until after the holidays. Even if that'd leave me stuck with my Evo 3D until July. I love her that much!

taino375 says:

LG Optimus G, because my son is looking for an upgrade and he would like to have my current phone now.

JoeShmoe says:

I'll take the Optimus G to go, with a side of fries please...

Thanx in advance!

timmy00005 says:

I have been wanting the lg optimus g since it came out. It looks to me to be the best sprint phone out right now.

yacoby54 says:

I am debating on leaving Sprint since my contract is coming to an end but winning the LG Optimus G would keep me onboard. I am still rocking the Epic 4G which has turned into a piece of crap and deserves to be retired.

wagonis says:

Motorola Photon Q, because I love the keyboard on it :D

Msilber613 says:

LG Optimus G. For my wife, so she can communicate with her mother.

draconos says:

LG Optimus G, simply because I miss Sprint :)

blu8503 says:

I would love to get my hangs on that Optimus G, still got a nexus s 4g and need an upgrade

pFunk says:

Would take any of these phones, but have to say i am most curious about how that Optimus G would stack up against a Gnex or Epic Touch 4G.

CasaMofo says:

LG Optimus G for me please... Closest thing to Nexus device for Sprint.

PHER1234 says:

I'd love to have any of them, but if I had to choose, I'd like the LG Optimus G so I can give to a friend who is currently involved in an iCult. This would advance my personal mission of full Android conversion!

joelisenat says:

Optimus G for dat camera!

Or the Photon Q for the keyboard. Looks great.

Really any of them because my Sprint phone is dying. Not going to make it to contract end. And it just restarted on it's own again. Thanks AC

gt7143c says:

Optimus G; the processor + RAM

myalover says:

Optimus G please. Mainly bc I'm just a phone whore.

kr09 says:

daddy spent all his xman money on wife and kids, which leaves none for him...but surprise, sprint and android central are hooking him up with a new phone! Thanks guys you are the best...i would like to thank my father and mother, for not them, i would not exist. I would like to thank phil, for with out him, android central and this amazing contest would not happen. I would like to thank my neighbor, shirtless john, for letting me borrow all his tools when i needed them. i would like to thank dan hesse for with out him, i wouldn't have unlimited data!!! and last but not least...i would like to thank the all mighty god himeself, with out him there would not be this awesome contest. thank you everyone for the new phone, i love you all, good night!

BenjaSands says:

Photon Q! Because my original Photon has been automatically restarting of late and I mean I want a taste of ICS!!!

Nilla says:

Photon Q! Because keyboards are underrated.

priteshp108 says:

LG Optimus G - great phone; believe first with quad-core processor in the US. Need a great gift to gift my wife.

LG Optimus! Bit the S2 a month before the S3 came out....blooowwwwnnn! Need this phone!

allo_87 says:

Optimus G. My thunderbolt has been abandoned by HTC and Verizon. I have to switch providers to keep unlimited data and still afford phone service and Sprint is where we've chosen to go. one phone would really help us keep costs down during the transition!

geoffzilla says:

Honestly, I'd take any of these, as my nexus s is getting a little long in the tooth. My first choice would be the moto though, seems like a cool phone, and I've never had a phone with a keyboard. Happy holidays!

jozjonlin says:

LG Optimus, Pweeeze...

Would love an LG Mach to see what LG can offer! I would also like to see and experience LG's UI! Thanks!!

jas2743 says:

Lg optimus g! I played with this phone in the store and its just amazing! The screen, camera, feel, design...its all good! Thanks for the chance to win and happy holidays!

Jay2pt0 says:

The LG Optimus G (or any of these honestly)
because for the last 6 months I've been stuck with a Motorola Admiral that restarts, cuts off, and screen stops working I've had replaced 5 times and the only thing Sprint is "authorized" to replace it with is a Kyrocera Dura brand phone (See every yellow nextel phone ever)

OH! And my Birthday is Dec 31st so this would make an AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME gift. So you know, Please pick me!

guyseltzer says:

Motorola PHOTON Q - Need a keyboard, and don't like LG.

beanman80 says:

LG optimus G for me, kinda disappointed with the G2x but hopefully LG has learned their lesson. Cant wait to see what kind of pics that 13 MP camera takes. Thanks AC

LG Optimus G Probably the closest thing us sprint customers will get to the nexus 4 plus on if the best phones on sprint

jacobrdavis says:

I just lost my Photon 4G and could use something new....

wsteske says:

I need a Photon Q. My wife and I have GS3s. I've finally got my dad off his Blackberry on an original Epic. My sister and brother-in-law(both iphone users) bought a nexus 7 for christmas. That leaves my mom to convert from an old blackberry. HELP!!!

CruiSin says:

Pick me, puhleaze! Optimus G, please!

Chuckl says:

Motorola PHOTON Q

My wife phone is a turd..

lvpre says:

All my smartphones have had physical keyboards...I started with the Palm Pre in June '09 and we all know how that went. Switched to the Evo Shift in March '11 and it is beginning to show its age with a few minor defects. And thanks to HTC, it is already EOL, so no official ICS or JB. I'm a physical keyboard man, so the Photon or LG Mach would be perfect. The keyboard phone is a dying breed and I don't want to carry a mini-mini tablet around with me that is a phone.

philby says:

I've been beyond impressed with my HTC Evo 4G (OG, not LTE) and it is still quite functional as an everyday device, especially considering the ROMs available, but its been 2 years now and I am ready for an upgrade!

The two main things I'm looking for are bigger, higher rez screen and a quad-core processor, so I would LOVE to win the LG Optimus G and spend the money I've got saved for that on something else. Like paying off credit card debt....probably from a prior cell phone purchase!!

dcross9818 says:

Optimus G or the photon Q please! Both look like fantastic devices.

hgd718 says:

LG Optimus G, NFC, quad cpu, LTE, 4.1, 32gb, too many other features to list

dalebert54 says:

Optimus G. No more Moto...I have a Photon 4G and don't relish the idea of having another phone with the specs to be relatively future proof, being promised an upgrade to ICS, then get left out. Perhaps LG can do better? I would love to find out!


I would love an Optimus G. My wife dropped her phone and I gave her my phone and I am living with the messed up screen.

NxTech3 says:

Moto Photon Q, need to get back to a physical keyboard!!!

tuckprodigy says:

An LG Optimus G would be lovely!

NDchem2014 says:

Optimus G for it's HD screen and 32GB of storage. I would sure love one! :)

melan26 says:

Like everyone, the Optimus G for the size and capacity and shape of it.

tayswg20 says:

Would love to try the Optimus G, just because it's the closest I'll probably get to the N4 being on a CDMA carrier....and I've never had an LG phone so now would be a great time to jump on the LG ship since they seem to have really gotten it right with the OG. Thanks for the chance AC/Sprint!

spoocobra says:

By Golly i'd love a new LG Optimus G. Why? So I can show up my wife's dumb new iphoney piece of junk.

meglovescars says:

I would LOVE a photon q! My boyfriend still has an lg rumor, and having a slider android phone would be the perfect way to get him into the wonderful world of android!

PsychoDad says:

The Samsung Galaxy Victory would work for me. Thanks...

dw3bb10 says:

Definitely the Optimus G. I could use a new, updated, POWERFUL update to my OG Evo 4G.

zhecht says:

LG Mach. My girlfriend's been looking to upgrade her Optimus S and liked the Mach's keyboard.

poopshesaid says:

Optimum G please!

adcmfrank says:

I would love one of the Motorola PHOTON Q's. I could give you some BS answer for pity but lets try honesty, I like free stuff, who doesn't?

Thanks and Have a Happy New Year!

bkwaisner says:

LG Optimus G, cause I still have an EVO 4g, can't upgrade until april and the damn phone is trying its best to DIE!

khufu2k says:

An Optimus would be prime.

unglued94ta says:

Optimous G a nexus 4 with an lg ui overlay. Why wouldn't i pick that one?

Kellushvnbnd says:

I would love an Optimus G because it appears destined to be the "OG" phone of all phones in the near future. Quad core and 13 MP camera are optimal options in my opinion.

pdqauto01 says:

lg optimus g because i need to get away from evil verizon

bhoedl says:

LG Optimus G, my Evo 3D is showing it's age and we actually have LTE in my city. I need the power to keep my morning commutes enjoyable!

squintyboy says:

LG Optimus G awesome phone

hypersnail says:

Optimus G please. While I really have been leaning toward the Note II for my next upgrade, the LGOG looks like a heckuva phone too.

bassmanxu says:

Optimus G - closest thing to a Nexus available on Sprint, since Sprint is getting no love from Google. Thanks, AC!

emg75189 says:

I would really like the LG Optimus G, I need a phone with a good camera.

mxcoope says:

I would be perfectly happy with any of the phones, but of course the Optimus G is the best phone Sprint currently has, so why not want a Nexus 4 like device. I want to feel the "glass like" back on it.

Simplified says:

LG Optimus G pls kthxbai

I'm a txt machine and a gamer... so the Photon Q are the phone that I would like! :D

jmyers1911 says:

That LG Optimus G looks like it would be a winner for my girlfriend!

mmark27 says:

I would like to win the LG Optimus G, why? Because I couldn't afford a gift for my wife this year, and I'd really like to surprise her with this and ditch her old phone. PLEASE! :)

ronmac120 says:

The Mrs. is due for a new phone!

Glenuendo says:

I'm here to post. Gimmie my phone.

OKeefer says:

LG Optimus G for the wife. She is still rocking the OG EVO.

mschmeis says:

LG Optimus G
I'd give it to my father-in-law who has an old Optimus One and is in need of a new phone. The Optimus G has a fantastic HD screen and I think he'd love it for Christmas!

Glenuendo says:

I'm here to post. Gimmie my phone. Motorola Photon Q

bnamba says:

I would be happy with any of those phones - (fingers crossed)

I will have to choose the LG OPTIMUS G because it has a 1.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro AP Chipset, a 13MP Digital Camera, a 4.7" HD IPS Plus Display, 2GB of RAM, and finally it has 32GB Internal Memory. Thank you for the contest.

nikekev341 says:

Any one of them would do for me to replace my wife's lg voyager

ajw123 says:

Photon Q: I have a very old Sprint phone, and it would be nice to upgrade. I like a physical keyboard as it helps with maintaining eye contact while texting, drunk texting, and I like to wear gloves.

Bryan87 says:

Would love a Optimus G because I havent had a almost near stock experience in awhile!

siczek.p says:

I would like the LG Optimus G.

I had two Nexus S' which BOTH crapped out on me so at the next replacement I opted for the Motorola Photon and have been happy overall, but I am so tired of Gingerbread and a terrible camera that an upgrade like that would be great.

scottidog says:

Galaxy Victory for me - Have an Epic Touch, but LTE has come to town, and it's going to be awhile before I can buy an LTE phone on contract... This would be great.

Honestly any of these phones would be awesome. I would like to win one for my Fiance, she has a Motorola Phone 4G and ANY of these phones would be an upgrade. Photon 4G never received ICS and she has been struggling with it lately. I guess if I had to narrow it down to 1 though it would be the LG Optimus G because it is high end and she keeps buying mid range devices and they don't work out. 2nd choice the Photon Q because she is familiar with Motorola UI.

JstewsMole says:

LG Optimus G obviously..because it is a totally kick butt phone....

Dustingillis says:

Photon Q. Had the OG and would like to try out Sprint on a decent slider phone.

glserr says:

LG Optimus G for my daughter because she has had a rough year and she is the best daughter I could ever ask for and she would really enjoy it. Thank you.

MiceJR says:

I would love to have an Optimus G. Simply put, I havent wanted an LG phone this badly since I had my LG Fusic flip phone on Sprint as a Freshman In High School. Thats Throwback. I would take a Photon Q also. So my 32GB Micro Sd will still have a home. Either way, my OG Photon is past its twilight.

epps720 says:

I'll take any one of these phones but if I had to choose one it would have to be the Optimus G. The Specs speak for themselves, I really love the additional software that LG but into this beast. Love where LG is going w/their phones!

kjhalstead says:

Optimus G....duh.

kbboykin says:

I would love to have the Optimus G because it is a slick phone. I think it can even hang with the Galaxy S3 - looked at both in the Sprint Store.

jcochran1977 says:

I LOVE anything Motorola Makes! I have a close friend that lost her Photon Q and they can't afford the insurance replacement cost to get a new one so she is currently without a phone! I would love to win this for her and give it to her! Please pick me :-)

nyonya says:

Gimme that Optimus G so I can get rid of my almost 3-year-old phone!

The Optimus G would be awesome to have. It seems awesome plus it has a lot of storage

RazorDroid says:

LG Optimus G. Great HD screen, 32GB and Snapdragon S4 Pro. Plus I would like to give an LG smartphone a try, not really heard much good or bad about their smartphones.

romma says:

I would like that LG Optimus G for the Q Slide feature. That + the fact that LG has come a long way with Android!!

Juanus says:

My daughter has the Motorola Photon 4G. It looks like it will be stuck on Gingerbread for the life of it. I would at least like to upgrade her to Ice Cream Sandwich so she can stop looking at all the cool things my GS3 can do and she will stop crying about it. So the Photon Q would be nice for her.

noonzie says:

LG Optimus G

REASON: To save the world from the Mayan Apocalypse

DETAILS: I can give many, but in order to keep us from destruction in the past and allow this future to exist, I have to have this specific phone. I can't be just any LG Optimus G, it has to be this one. And I am not permitted to tell you why.

Just know that this contest will not even exist unless I get this phone and save the past, which allows us this future.

So if I don't win, no one wins.

End transmission.....

NYCHitman1 says:

Either the LG Optimus G or the Motorola Photon Q would be ideal. Looking for a device to spread development on, so I would prefer one that would have a solid user base. Pick me :)

ggt says:

LG Optimus G for me. I have the IPhone 4s and have been wanting to explore the Android world for quite some time, my upgrade is due in April. This would certainly speed the process along.

1 - LG Optimus G I love it big screen hi res awesone

bryanw504 says:

I'll take the Optimus G because its a nice phone that I can have and who doesn't love free stuff anyway.

Rob Montague says:

I'd love an Optimus please!

dud680 says:

I would like to have the LG Optimus G, because I've been using HTC phones for about 7 years, and it's time to try something new.

bfrmphx says:

For me it would have to be the Optimus G slider.

cleon062 says:

The Optimus G is one of a few quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro phones to hit the United States. Besides it's HD screen and 32GB of storage the build quality is second to none. This phone should be a must have for Android developers, geeks and power users alike. Get yours from Sprint NOW! and due to Sprint's great strategic partnerships and acquisitions, CEO Daniel R. Hesse has positioned Sprint to be the mobile powerhouse to beat for years to come.

Based on the above, the Optimus G will be a classic smartphone for years to come.

And that a lot of years to come. Smile

AppleEnemy53 says:

I'm going Motorola Photon Q. It has a pretty sleek look to it. I loved my Epic 4g dearly and have been searching for an android device with a quality physical keyboard. The classy look and the physical keyboard make it the perfect combo

I need that LG optimus G

SDurel71 says:

I would love to wrap my hands around the LG Optimus G. I have never been able to afford a top of the line phone and that the Optimus G is. I am currently rocking a single core 768mb RAM HTC EVO Design and just could not imagine what 1.5 GHz quad core 2GB RAM experience would feel like!

mfpmax says:

Motorola Photon Q, because I have a friend that is on Sprint that needs a physical keyboard on his phone and he's still using his Samsung Epic 4G. It overheats, or just flat out fails to function at times.

Lokibalboa1 says:

LG mach please. I'm probably one of the few to ask for it so I must have a pretty good shot. I would give it to my daughter. Thanks.

skafri#WN says:

Optimus G for sure. I'd give it to my sister who is still on Sprint.

k-wayne says:

I'd like the Optimus G because it would give me Nexus-like performance and internals, which is great b/c I can't get a Nexus on Sprint right now. Also being that I've never owned an LG device I would enjoy trying their take on android - I've used everything from Sense to Touchwiz so I need to try the next flavor!

Optimus g for me. I would give that one or my phone to my buddie. He had a real tough couple of years loosing his father and job. He hasn't been able to afford a cell phone so maybe this would help him out.

mkashen says:

The O.G. simply because I am an O.G. :-D

Ravage790 says:

i want the galaxy victory. ive only everused motodroid and im kinda curious how the other half lives.

AllGood says:

How about the Photon. I haven't had a moto phone since the OG Droid

FjT says:

Optimistic G baby! Because it is a monster of a phone!

My wife needs a new phone desperately.She is a wonderful, selfless mom and wife and while she would never do something like this, I'll do it for her. All the best for a great 2013 to everyone.

Milli5410 says:

Any of them but I would like the optimus that thing is awesme

damobster54 says:

LG Optimus G FTW!!!! But at the price of free, who can be picky?!

puma50000 says:

LG Optimus G. So much power in one phone. The possibilities.

bthomas225 says:

Motorola Photon Q! I need to replace this iPhone 4 after my Galaxy Nexus met an untimely death. I'm severely lacking google in my life.

sracercelica says:

Pick me :D I would love a LQ Optimus G to replace my now truly ancient Palm Pre...I love webOS but it's time for an upgrade.

LG optimus G. I like the Specs a lot and am curious about their Sense UI.

fivegear says:

Yes please! I would love to have a Motorola Photon Q! My father sure would love to have a slide out keyboard again, I would be giving it to him :-)

hollerwt says:

optimus g looks nice.

dstick653 says:

Optimus G for the wife. Her Evo Design 4G is getting tired

the Motorola PHOTON Q, because my mom doesnt know if it high end or not... she will just enjoy it because it new.
every time I get a new phone, I hand her my previous one. maybe this time, she would get a new one haha

cajunaggie87 says:

I'll go with Motorola PHOTON Q

jkfsr says:

Optimus G, my wife needs a new phone.

zarian2 says:

My wife LOVES keyboards...Photon Q.

lafountain says:

LG Mach, my wife is a Blackberry user and a free device might be what is needed to convince her of switching to Android. Her biggest thing has been the lack of options on hardware keyboard Android Devices.

RonD says:

I'd settle for any one, but really dig the Optimus Q.

idiotguy says:

optimus g! love that screen

98tiburonfx says:

Optimus G for me!

dmedesha says:

I've got to admit I'm a Samsung fan. Even though my TVs and refrigerator are LG, the Galaxy Victory would be the one for me.

Motorola phones are nice, but having seen a few sliders, I would have to pass this time.

Thanks Michelle.

I have two little sisters on my family plan so I would like to win 1 of the galaxy victories because I used 1 of my sisters upgrade to get a galaxy note 2 just recently at Best Buy to price match Amazon's 199.99 and there's 1 more upgrade on the account that way I can use the last 1 to get another Galaxy victory. Then they will be happy

I would love an Optimus G. The Nexus 4 is so awesome, but I am a Sprint customers, so I could only use his brother.

Count me in for an optimus G. I love the Quad Core processor and the 32gb space for apps!

gknit says:

I'd love to try any of these so I could learn about rooting on a phone other than the one I use all the time :-)

edzhtc3vo says:

Optimus G please, I'd like to do my own comparison to my Note 2.

Dub J says:

Optimus G. Gotta love that Snapdragon!

brentj says:

I would love to give my niece the Optimus G with its big screen. She's using a Palm Pre, has no internet or computer at home, and does all of her web surfing on the Pre's now oh-so-tiny 3.1 inch screen. I'm sure SHE would love ANY of these phones!

salr88 says:

Optimus g please, lg has really stepped its game up. Nexus 4 is amazing so why not get its brother.... Lol

bbroecker says:

moto photon Q, cause I'm missing the physical keyboard.

Poobr says:

I usually prefer Samsung phones, so the Galaxy Victory would be nice.
Then again, I like the slider phones, but I'm not to crazy about LG, so the Motorola PHOTON Q would be nice too. I've been eligible for a new phone for over a year now, but everytime I finally decide on a phone, it's discontinued. So, winning a phone would at least make up my mind for me!

FreudSlipped says:

Photon Q. My wife and I are coming up for contract renewal soon. She needs a phone with a keyboard and the Photon has a great keyboard.

TeePoppa says:

I would like that LG Optimus G simply because it has all the specs I would like to have in a smartphone. Come on AC pick me!!

jshaffer75 says:

Been looking to switch to sprint from Verizon to keep unlimited data. Optimus G is what I'm looking at. Nice looking phone

nooColorUser says:

If I had a LG Optimus G, I would stay with Sprint, and would keep my sanity as compared to trying for several months to get a Nexus 4....ARGH!

mak916 says:

I would like to get the Motorola Photon Q for my wife. She really likes qwerty keyboard phones and needs a new phone bad. I'm happy with my GS3, so this would be for her.

Nj763 says:

Galaxy Victory because the Galaxy line offers the best android experience!

crowrb29 says:

Optimus g would be awesome. It has so much power under the hood, is really snappy, and quite possibly as future proof as a phone can be on sprint right now. I really wanted a nexus 4 when I hear about it and since I have sprint indefinitely this would be the next best thing.

ogbetua says:

The Optimus G or Photon Q for my daughter. Her Epic 4G has seen better days and I know she would love one those.

Divegeek says:

Photon Q, slide out keyboard baby.

micbur54 says:

anyone of them would be great the g wo
uld be the best

TemporalBeef says:

I'd really like that Photon Q. I've been dying for a phone with a keyboard for a while now. I'd love you all forever if I won.

cerebasan says:

Moto photon pls! Replaces my epic 4g.

adamcwingert says:

I am a long time reader of your stories and a repeat looser of contests. Still love this website.

Hatshepsut says:

LG Optimus G please. I would love to win this phone for my daughter.

TGEVDO says:

I would like the Optimus G for quick memo

newgnr01 says:

It's my birthday and I want a Photon Q, o yea!

kofte says:

The Optimus G because I'm a G!

And a G can only mingle with a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and a 4.7 inch true HD screen.


seanworks925 says:

I need to get my mother a new phone with a keyboard, win one of these phones would make my New Year and hers so please pick me for either the Motorola or the LG i'm not picky but she like phone with keyboard. She like keyboard to txt since I introduce her to a Smartphone 2 years ago. Her current phone is the Samsung Intercept so you can see she needs a upgrade.

Thank you and Happy Holiday Android Central

Co1e says:

Optimus G, because I still haven't been able to get my hands on a nexus 4.

djorourke says:

Optimus g!

Klotera says:

Photon Q, because high end phones with slide-out keyboards are becoming a rare breed.

the gator says:



OPtimus G over here Please! Our evo shift is looking like Phils Thunderbolt ;)

moelsen says:

Optimus G, because it's a beast!

etnpnys says:

My contract is up for renewal in 3 days!

Shoooooooooooow meeeeeeeeeeee the moneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey

dougwesson says:

Optimus G! Powerful, huge screen, and an awesome camera. What's not to love?

dorelse says:

LG Optimus G please! I'm stuck on the orphaned Photon 4G and it'd be nice to upgrade b/c I still have 14 mos. left on contract!!!! HELP!!!

grimrx8 says:

Optimus g, best one there is

bgpoppa92 says:

Ive got to say I would love to get my hands on one of those Photon Q's. I would like a keyboard plus the ability of international travel to allow me to go pimpin all over the world (completely joking) but I would love it for international travel.

Grey_girl says:

My first choice would be the Optimus G. I like my Nexus S 4G, but comparing it to phones like the Optimus G and the S3, I'm no longer in love with it. Part of me wishes I'd held out for one of those, but alas, I needed a new phone when I got the NS4G and now I have another year before I can upgrade.

I wouldn't mind a Photon though. I was a LONG time Palm owner (Treo, Pre, etc.) so I kinda miss a real keyboard. I strongly considered the Photon when replacing my Pre.

Mike-Mike says:

Motorola PHOTON Q or the LG Mach for sure.. get that physical keyboard love

bgbagz says:

Optimus G I could use this Add Me

Tjanka says:

The Optimus G would be a welcome site for these sore eyes. My Motorola Photon is not gonna get any jelly bean love....Happy holidays

CMarkOne says:

While I want to put my entry in for the Optimus G, I have 2 chances to win a Photon Q. So Photon Q it is.

robamacaf says:

I am not much of a "keyboard" guy any more so I'd want either the Galaxy Victory or the LG Optimus G. I know the LG Optimus G is the "latest and greatest" while the Victory is now "older" (if you can call a 6 month old phone older) but the Victory is made by Samsung and I am really liking them and what they put out.

I'd probably put the LG Optimus G first and the Galaxy Victory second.

This would be an amazing birthday present (I just turned 31 on Christmas! Blah!)

CheddarBo says:

I'd personally like the Optimus, but I think if I'd won I'd take the Galaxy Victory and give it to my parents. They could really use a new phone.

fage88 says:

Galaxy Victory would be a great stop gap because ive pretty much bricked my Photon 4g

I would take any, but the Optimus G is my preference because it is the closest to the Nexus 4

bsannes says:

I would like to gt the LG optimus . I here good things and would love to see them bring it bigtime to the android world.

jimmycinla says:

Optimus G , because yesterday Sprint finally started updating the tower above my head that I've sat under for 10yrs at my office on the top floor. I think a new phone is the least Sprint could do for all the radiation I've endured, lol.

commonplace says:

LG Optimus G, because... I mean, is this a trick question? Of COURSE the Optimus G! Specs, specs, specs.

enzie5454 says:

I would love to get the LG Optimus G for my daughter. The Palm Pre I handed down to her is one its last leg!

wudaokou says:

The Motorola Photon Q. I like the QWERTY keyboard and the 1.5 GHz dual core processor.

RaSpewTin says:

Optimus G, closest thing to a Nexus 4 that Sprint is going to get.

JStamp627 says:

LG Optimus G... Because it is one of the most Bad Ass phones on the market!!!

Photon Q, for my girlfriend. Why? Because I loved the Photon that I had for a few months before it was smashed by a minivan loaded with someone's belongings at a rest area on I-95.

She loves having a keyboard on her phone, and her current phone is a Nexus S that isn't working quite right these days. Plus the screen is cracked diagonally corner to corner and from the center of the crack to the side of the phone.

Make my holiday brighter by giving me a gift to give my girlfriend.

tjdalton says: Evo 3D is starting to anger me so I could get on board with winning one of these! That Optimus G or Photon Q are looking mighty nice about now. If I say please will it help my chances any? how about PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP? or even better...PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE WITH JELLYBEAN ON TOP!?!?!

josecanyousi says:

The Optimus G, 32 GB and snapdragon 4 and an awesome screen!!!!

garfnodie says:

I'll take one Optimus G thank you.

zipgunjny says:

LG Optimus G. The hardware specs :)

Optimus G. Since my Evo 3d stopped working. I've been using a purple optimus s... I turn 30 on Jan 7th. Grown man and purple phone, Not a great look!!!!

nickf126 says:

It would be very nice to win the Moto Photon Q. Love that screen.

Dancingrock says:

Optimus G is a really nice flagship device by LG. Now only if sprint can get their LTE network coverage up to par with the other carriers.

QMaverick says:

I've got an Optimus G, and I love it. I'd have to vote for the Photon Q here as a result. I miss my sliding keyboard, and would like to have the option. It'd become my dev phone! :-)

bearmacerick says:

Optimus G because it's the best!

khughes6 says:

Ahh is this my 2nd chance to get one!?

skinneejay says:

I would love the Optimus G for myself, but this time I will be entering
the contest for my wife. She needs a new phone badly. She is on the epic 4g and loves the keyboard. With that said I would love for her to have the
Motorola Photon Q. Thank you and good luck to everyone!
Thank you Android Central!

I'm just going to leave this right here :)

samilliken says:

I would love either the Photon Q or the LG Optimus G so that I can finally get my wife off of her Epic 4G! She won't give up her physical keyboard for anything.

mxmarcus says:

I am not sure if I commentted already but I will take that nice LG Optimus G to replace my dying Motorola Photon 4G

Raztyre says:

Any would be nice. But a Photon Q would be sweet. Woot!

Dave Ellis says:

Any 4G device would be great for me, but please, not the slider! Thanks!

benurd says:

I'll gladly accept the Motorola Photon Q. After having an HTC Amaze 4G on T-Mobile, I seriously think it's time to head back to my home company (Sprint) and get back to the beauty and ease of use that a full qwerty keyboard provides. I want a physical keyboard!

Cheetah23 says:

I would like the Optimus G (although any of them would be nice to win) if selected. My father is still on Sprint so an upgraded phone for him would be great.

Scooba says:

I would love to have any new phone, but in particular the LG Optimus G would be amazing. Anything though is better than the old used and abused Samsung Epic 4G that I have been sporting since its release. There is just no extra money in the budget to get a new phone right now.

jeephacker says:

The Galaxy Victory would be a great replacement for the OG EVO that my daughter is using now.

tyguy829 says:

Optimus G because of dat sparkly booty

wraith404 says:

The LG Optimus G, I need a hardware upgrade.. Could care less about the software because I'll be downloading CM10 for it 3 seconds after it's in my hand.

Brainerd says:

LG Optimus G. I have an Epic 4G Touch, so the Optimus G would be the only one that would be a true upgrade for me. Heck, I could even close my eyes and dream that it was an N4. :-)

mark06067 says:

Please toss me one of those LG Optimus G 's. My Evo 3d is so slow now and no matter how many apps I uninstall, I always get an error that I have no more room on my internal storage

Please, please, please.

deadpool tcf says:

Lg Optimus G all the way... Sounds like an awesome late Christmas /early birthday present to me. I thought I wanted to fire sprint but this phone would keep me there a little bit longer

chrisfurman says:

The Optimus G, please. Be interested in trying the slider, plus I need to get rid of my Thunderbolt!

marioc says:

I would be happy to that Optimus G off your hands. Your welcome.

doomstang says:

Optimus G!

persim says:

LG Optimus G - Most up to date hardware and I don't like thickness of physical keyboard phones

juststart says:

Optimus G, please!

edisepic says:

I would like to win the LG Optimus G, It would be for my little brother he's been really good and with the hard times I don't feel as if he received the gratitude that he deserves. thank you in advance

DavidCoy#AC says:

Throwing in with the Optimus G crowd, but with my wife still "enjoying" her Evo3D, I'll pass on any new phone to her.

msr197 says:

LG Optimus G Please. I have read all about that phone and fell in love with it.

slayerpsp says:

Optimus G so i can give to the wife she still has the Evo 3d

driver5614 says:

Photon with that keyboard would be nice to try out
Thanks for the chance

woodsdmd says:

Galaxy victory. My son cracked the screen on his Samsung Epic

iamlucid says:

Optimus G. That thing is a beast!

phrostbyte says:

Optimus G cuz it's clearly the most badass of the four!

bjs1481 says:

Optimus G, Being a Verizon customer, likely the closest I'll get to the Nexus 4.

dgj says:

I sure could use that lg Optimus G. My evo 3d had seen its better days.
The speaker don't work. The head phone jack works 1/4 of the time with only allowing for one ear phone to work and frequently automatically dialing the phone or doing voice search. As well as cosmetically best into submission. So starting the new year with a shiny new phone would be clutch. Happy new year all!

mthomps7 says:

Optimus G, pretty slick phone.

radgatt says:

I want the photon q because Motorola has the best radios in their phones.

joonyboy says:

Definitely the Optimus G. Great hardware spec but the design is just too slick. LG redefines design once again, previously with the LG Prada, then LG Chocolate and Shine, and now the Optimus G! :)

broncop3t3 says:

The Optimus G has some sweet specs!

koeylondon says:

OptiG, because it's boss.

It sounds like the Optimus G is a popular phone...which is why I WANT it! I've never owned an Lg phone so I would love to see what flavor they've put on top of Android!

Slayers says:

Optimus G for me would like to try out LG

Eight_O_Six says:

The Photon Q, large enough screen and physical keyboard. What's not to like?

yankees2323 says:

I would go for the LG Optimus G...Quad core with a great screen and a keyboard. I miss having a keyboard a lot. Thanks AC and Happy New Year!!!

sirtronics says:

MOTO for sure baby want a keyboard.

bradclaw says:

Samsung Galaxy Victory... My wife has the Samsung Nexus S 4G and it's cracked... This would make a nice up-grade for her since we have to wait until her next upgrade comes up.

shcole says:

Optimus G is the obvious choice for me....but I would be happy with any of them....Happy New Year!

ehupp01 says:

Optimus G for sure

Motorola Photon Q for sure!

Caldera says:

Optimus G for the x4 Snapdragon.

Splash84 says:

Optimus G would be preferred but anything would be accepted

sstea says:

Optimus G would make my son's year, but any of the phones would be tremendously appreciated. He has a beaten up, hand-me-down Epic with a display that is starting to fail.

ratsttam says:

I would love to get the Photon Q. I really miss the slid out keyboard from my Epic 4g. With Kids the splashproof is a HUGE plus.

shuura says:

Galaxy Victory, because Moto and LG have burned me in the past...

Pwoxland says:

LG Optimus G would be great!

RyanYaddow says:

Optimus G would make my 2012 a little better.

CoolBeit says:

I'd love to have that LG Mach. I like what LG is doing these days and phones with physical keyboards are few and far between.

big007hed says:

The LG Optimus Would Be A Great Phone To Upgrade To. LG is The Brand TV I Have AnD I LovE it.

afranci703 says:

Optimus G FTW. Great storage, greater screen. High end phone!

The LG Optimus looks pretty sweet. Any device would be nice but it couldn't hurt to have that beast.

sdrem0 says:

optimus G please

Hypeo says:

I would love to win any one of them for my daughter, she deserves it

Optimus g is the flagship phone for sprint right now. It's super nice.

sypark280 says:

The Moto Photon Q for me. Moto devices always seem to be rock solid with one of the best keyboards around. Also being closest to vanilla Android then the rest is just icing on the cake!!

tommy_2 says:

lg fo me please. My galaxy s 3 just crapped out on me.

bigzinewicz says:

My wife's Sprint phone is an Kyocera Echo and is junk. She is a great Mother and deserves an LG Optimus G as a late Christmas present this year so I hope I win so I can give it to her.

sly says:

Optimus G! I really don't like sliding keyboard (had the Touch Pro2 for a year and never used the keyboard). The Victory is a bit underwhelming and WVGA's time has passed.

Aric Hansen says:

Optimus G, fo' sho. Beast specs.

Scorpion747 says:

Lg Optimus G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13MP camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 pro processor, beautiful display, beautiful phone and new layout form LG.
Who what more???

fitzpar says:

I would love to win the optimus G. My dream phone would be a nexus 4, however being on sprint this is as close as I can get. It will be rooted within hours with cm10 thrown on it. This would be the perfect after Christmas gift! Thanks for the chance to win a dream phone.

evilSuRGe says:

I would love the LG Mach. It would increase my productivity for work on the road vs the Motorola Admiral I'm using now.


LG Optimus G, to replace my aging Nexus S 4G.

I wonder how many of the entries were posted by people that have bashed Sprint?

Happy New Years, everyone?

tommy_2 says:

would be nice. but I lov my s3.

bigdav1178 says:

Photon Q - I'm one of the few out there that still refuses to go to a touchscreen-only device, and I prefer the Motorola's higher res screen and camera over the LGs. I'm currently a Verizon customer (off-contract), but this would allow me to explore the Sprint world without dropping a huge amount of money on a new phone.

Jorgis says:

Optimus G would be nice. I'd like to test an LG phone. Can't wait to root it and load up some custom ROMS and Kernels on that quad core processor. Maybe even get started on my own custom kernels that I've been holding off. Optimus G would be a great phone to develop for. Plus I can't get a nexus 4 since my wife made me renew our contract so she could get her Iphone 5. :(

boiker says:

My 13 year old is dying for a phone that isn't a dumbphone. While, he'd love any of them, I'd like him to have the Galaxy Victory. Thanks for the this great contest for Sprint users. It seems we're the forgotten users in giveaways.

byrds8 says:

Optimus G for sure. Beautiful screen and great specs to go with it. Not to mention its better than the wifes old phone and she needs a new one lol.

rapproduca says:

I would love to have the LG Optimus G. Reason being that I have a younger sister who is pregnant and currently without a phone but is still on Sprint contract. And SHE NEEDS A PHONE! I gave her my broken Evo 3D and also tried to fix it. FAILED miserably and now she needs a phone but doesnt have the funds. She's pregnant and only 17. You'd be a great help to my family with a prize such as this one. The only reason I say LG Optimus G is because why not aim for the best. But no matter what phone it is we'll be happy. Hoping for the best. :-)

johnjuan says:

Optimus G never had an LG phone.

hashtaghell says:

Optimus G would be the first choice. If not, I would be happy with the Motorola Photon.

djharby says:

the photon q would be awesome

Jcossack88 says:

The Galaxy may seem like a phone with not much to offer, but I think otherwise.

For starters, the Galaxy Victory is running Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and seeing how most Android devices are stuck on gingerbread, that means this is already better than most devices. Let's not rule out TouchWiz. The NatureUX has been one of my favorite things that Samsung has created in a while...and I think it looks and acts great.

No need to complain about the Qualcomm CPU, because we all know how great Qualcomm is and we don't need another rant explaining such.

But above all...NFC. Probably the most under rated feature packed into today's smart phones. People really do not know the capacity of this feature. Luckily, Sprint has Google Wallet capabilities, so paying with a smartphone won't make me look weird when I am holding a wallet in my hand because I have no pockets in my gym attire. Then there are the programmable tags...put one by my door to toggle brightness and WiFi so I'll never have to change those settings again. Put one by the toilet to launch my favorite reading app, and begin playing my favorite music track. Place some on boxes in the garage that list out everything inside (no more opening the box to see if the item I desire is inside). Place a few in the laundry room to set timers for the washing more guessing if my clothes are done, now I'll know!

This would be a great addition to my life, and will just make things easy. Some may shriek at the fact I said Galaxy Victory....but its awesome!

shjtster says:

LG optimus g because it is a gorgeous beast of a phone!

mao mao says:

LG Optimus G for me! I like the build quality and the specs. Though I have been burned on an LG phone before...*cough G2X cough*

Ce1sius says:

I'd take the Optimus G because its a sure nuff upgrade from my Evo 3D :P...oh the possibilities with that phone...

ksjmh13 says:

I would like to enter the contest on behalf of my mother. My mother currently has a Samsung Replenish on the Sprint network. I think i dont need to go into detail because the phone she has explains it all. She is a hard working woman who deserves the best. But my mother is one not to ask for anything and rarely takes things when offered. I think she would be thrilled to received a gift such as the LG Optimus G.

DodgerDroid says:

The Motorola Photon Q would be a nice present for my mom since she is stuck with a blackberry. She needs a real smartphone :-)

TomRubin says:

I would have to go with the LG Optimus G! I could then give my fiancee my Galaxy Nexus since she's stuck on contract. Android Central rocks!

kdvditters says:

Optimus G would be a big step up from my evo 3d!

Kathy Sue says:

I would prefer the Photon Q because I always did like a keyboard (physical) but they tend to "ugly-up" or bulk up the phones. The Photon seems pretty light and attractive so I would love to give it a whirl and possibly reevaluate my opinion of Motorola hardware. Also the specs are quite decent and I believe that the quality will surpass that of the other 3 choices. Good luck to all who enter! Thanks guys for the contest and everyone have a wonderful new year to come!

meethere says:

LG Optimus G, becoz i love LG

web0rama says:

Optimus G looks pretty amazing as an alternative to the Nexus 4 so that'd definitely be my first choice but I'm also very interested in trying out the Motorola Photon Q because I've never had the pleasure of using a Motorola Android device & now that they're owned by Google I could only imagine it's going to receive great support.

Thanks AC, you guys rock!