Win a free Sprint phone for the new year! What better way to start a brand new year than with a brand new phone? We can't think of anything better, so we've gotten in cahoots with Sprint to give not one, not two, but SEVEN lucky readers a shiny new device.

Up for grabs we have:

Since these are Sprint devices, you'll need to be in the US to win, and the contest is for the device only which means you're on your own for service, accessories, and anything else your heart may desire. As with all of our contests, if you've won a device in the past year from us, you're not eligible to win one of these. Gotta share the goodies with your fellow Android family! Also, one entry per person please. If we catch you trying to be sneaky and entering more than once, you will be disqualified and put on the naughty list.

So, to enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling us which of these fine phones you would like and why. The contest will run until just after the new year, with the winners announced on the blogs as normal. Good luck everyone!


Reader comments

Ring in 2013 with a new device from Sprint and Android Central!



Would love to have the Motorola Photon because never had a Motorola phone before. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

I would love the LG Mach!! I really want to give my Mom an awesome late Christmas present. She has had her LG EnV2 for almost 4 years, and I think she needs an upgrade! Thanks guys keep it up!

My gf has a craptastic Evo 4G Shift. I'm sure and Optimus G would not only please her but improve my odds of me being *ahem* pleased as well.

Thanks AC and Happy Holidays everyone!

The Optimus G has the best spec's of course. But, seeing as how this would be a gift, I would be grateful to receive any of the phones. Thank you.

Optimus G of course. The nexus 4 has a lot hype but this is the nexus 4 older brother. Whats the point of having a kickass phone and only 8gb of internal memory. its like buying a v10 Ferrari that you can only drive around the block before your out of gas. Not to mention the lte, that makes the optimus G a v12 Ferrari you can take anywhere.

In the Christmas spirit id have to gift this to my roommate .. Just so happens we both have sprint too. It bothers me to watch him struggle with his Sammy transform so if I win it's getting wrapped with his name on it.. Any of those phones are leaps and bounds better than what he has!

LG Optimus G, please! My phone recently crapped out, and my service with Verizon is crappy to boot! Would love to switch.

I had the Galaxy Nexus and my youngest son threw it in my coffee.and my smart self didn't buy insurance. I would love to win any of these phones but especially the Optimus G. been using the wife's old hero and gosh its horrible.

The Mach would be great for my wife. She has a Photon 4G and without ICS she's slowly getting left behind.

My wife has an old Sprint phone and would love to have the slide out keyboard of the Photon Q. She could use a smart phone.

I'll be a little different, let me get the moto photon q. Lte and a world phone wont hurt as a back up phone. Thanks guys!

I'd love an Optimus G. It has the best processor and the best display on the market, an impossible combination to beat!

I'd like the Photon Q for my wife. She just had her original Photon replaced for the second time due to audio issues. The Photon is the only device she can use on Sprint because she travels overseas and needs the dual-band device. She switches out her Sprint SIM card for a GSM one when traveling.

LG MACH!! I gotta have a slider with a reasonably sized screen.Dont need 2 gigs of ram and a quad core to send texts and emails. But i do need a keyboard.

Ill take any one. My wife is still rockin her evo shift and could care less about upgrading. She is even using her upgrade on our daughters phone so she can get an iphone this weekend.

I just want my wife to have an up to date android phone....

Optimus G please, reason is the Motorola photon q reminds me that i hate Motorola for the att atrix ICS debacle and the galaxy victory is more of a Galaxy failure IMO...lastly, the lg Mach is mock worthy.

I would love to give the LG Optimus G to my daughter as a gift because it is one of the highest speced phones on the market.Beautiful display.

Lg optimus g or lg mach because i want to try something else other than samsung and i heard the new lg phones are really good.
Lg optimus g have a very nice design and hardware going for it and the lg mach has a very nice qwerty keyboard and great user interface.

Happy apocalypse day..I would love the Optimus G to help escape the end of the world using google maps...tried using my iPhone and ended up somewhere in Australia :)

Galaxy Victory, son! Already have a Note 2 and an S3 - gotta round out the Galaxy Family of phones in this house!

Photon Q.

Great stuff coming out of Motorola lately, and with my work taking me out of the country a bit more, the world-phone aspect makes this a winner, hands-down.


I would love to win the LG optimus G because my wife is on Sprint and her old kyocera echo is broken but we can't afford a new phone and her upgrade eligibility isn't until July. It would mean allot to me to be able to give her such a great Christmas present since she just gave me my first child a daughter named Gabriella. Thanks good luck to everyone and happy holidays.

LG Optimus G because my first smartphone (and the one I currently have) was/is an LG phone and I am already accustomed to that brand.

Optimus G is where its at...Awesome Quad core processor, 13 megapixel camera, ect. Its the next best thing to getting a Nexus 4....Then I can give me galaxy nexus to my mother.

I would like to try that really big screen on the Optimus G - That big screen might help my old poor eyesight.

Galaxy Victory please! My sister wants to try the Android waters after having feature phones for the past 4 years and this would be a good phone for her to get her feet wet. Great contest. Thanks.

Photon Q - Because I'm tired of hearing about how much the Epic sucks and she has to have a physical keyboard. Help me.

Motorola Photon Q or LG Mach because as the owner of a Samsung Epic 4G, i need a new Sprint phone with a hardware keyboard!

Motorola Photon Q.. Mainly because I used to have a Motorola Droid 2 when I was with Verizon and that thing was a beast and handled everything I threw at it! Loved that phone!

The "G" would be nice, might get me out the dog house with the wife after selling the wife's Challenger... might.

Any of these phones would be great for my wife. She is rocking the OG EVO and is really due for something new and fun. LG Optimus G would be my choice but any would be great!

After a long scroll down, I would like the Samsung. Despite criticism I love Samsung phones. My husband's phone was just stolen and with Xmas around the corner replacement would be not wise. Come on! Luck on my side.

I would like the Galaxy Victory for my wife. We have a nice system where every year when I upgrade she gets my old phone. She is not tech savvy at all and really doesn't take care of her phones. I got the Evo 4G LTE on launch day (well purchased on launch day but got when they finally shipped) and love it. But my employees just bought me the Note 2 and I'm trying it out. My wife has the Evo 3d,but she's not ready for the 4g LTE. And I'm not 100% ready to give it up yet. So for totally selfish reasons I would like to win a new phone for her so I can hold on to my Evo.

Motorola Photon Q. I have trouble with on-screen keyboards and like having a physical one to type on. I currently have an Evo Shift and could certainly use an upgrade.

Thank you!

If I had to pick one it would be the lg mach, I don't like Motorola devices and i miss my epic 4g hard keyboard, I think lg has made the UI a lot better then it used to be, and I don't want the on screen buttons of the photon q. The mach's design is good and I don't think I'd actually need the optimus g because I already have a tablet that I use to do my powerhouse things.

Motorola Photon Q.

Id love the Motorola Photon to give my wife a new phone. I really like the Motorola user interface. And I don't hand an upgrade for a while yet. I used to get an upgrade every year because I had been with sprint for more then 10 years but now I have to wait like everyone else. I really miss that perk. This would be a great gift to give my wife.

I would really enjoy the Motorola Photon Q, because it had a keyboard, my productivity would be so much better. I enjoy the specs, and I love Android Central!

While any of these phones would be an upgrade over my poor, aging Nexus S 4G...I'm going to have to go with the crowd and say the Optimus G would be my first choice. Not only is it a great phone with pretty fantastic specs, but it'll allow this burgeoning software engineer to really tear into the ol' Nexus S and learn hands on without fear of being phone-less if I really screw up!

I would love the Optimus for son. He needs to get of his Palm Pre soon but betters can't be choosy and I would glady accept any of these devices and the extra $10 premium data charge from Sprint. Thanks in advance.

I would be thankful for any of these devices but I would love the lg optimus G, even though I have bought a few things for my wonderful girlfriend for christmas this would make a wonderful gift for her since her evo shift is on its last leg.

Any phone with Android on it is completely fine with me. i can make use of any of the fine phones and I'm not picky at all. I'd just like to get one.

Optimus G all the way! I'm choosing this because I NEED the latest tech at all times! + My Galaxy S3 sometimes has a hard time keeping up with my multitasking habits... ;-)

The Optimus G would be great with the the quad core. Of course my wife would want the Photon Q since she is a keyboard fan.

I would very much like the optimus G for my wife as i have the n4 and would be sweet to have her his brother. But she like qwerty so either the photon q or the lg mach she would be more than happy.

optimus g, because it is the closest I can get to a nexus while being on a sprint family plan! and I think LG deserves a shot in life. and my brother could use a new phone (blackberry...)

optimus g, because it is the closest I can get to a nexus while being on a sprint family plan! and I think LG deserves a shot in life. and my brother could use a new phone (blackberry...)

I'd be thrilled with any of them with lte but the optimistic g would be my favorite I think.

Just got lte in Harrisburg and would love it.

The Optimus G has great specs but I do love a physical keyboard and I think the one on the Photon Q is nicer so I would have to ask for the Photon.

The Motorola Photon Q. I want to win this for my soon to be wife. She loves a grand Android phone with a keyboard.

I'd love to win an LG Opitmus G since I decided to check out an iPhone and decided it was the wrong choice. Hook it up Android Central, let me back onto the Android side of things.

LG Mach! My wife loves LG, needs a new phone and we can't afford one right now. She's still stuck on the EVO Shift! She'd live this phone. Great idea for the competition, thanks for giving me the opportunity to win!

Optimus, for sure! It's named after one of my favorite fictional heroes, and it totally upstages the EVO LTE and maybe the GS3. I want efftons of memory and RAM, and 13 MP camera!

Optimus g! I'd like to see that screen next to my sg3,but really I'd like any of the phones because I've got an idea that I'd like to flesh out and I need real hardware to tear apart and fiddle with!

Id love to win the LG Optimus G. first of all because I really need a new phone, 2nd, because I've never won anything before in my life. this would be a great way to ruin that streak :)


I would take any of them because they are all awesome phones (especially the optimus g) and my Evo 4G has served me well but it is time to retire it.

LG Optimus G. I have never owned an LG phone and would like to try one. This phone seems like a very good one to start with.

Like everyone the LG Optimus G :) I want the huge screen. Being visual impaired that would be kind of nice. But the geek in my want it for the powerhouse it is. But truly I'd be happy with any of them if I happen to won something.

Edit: Photon Q for my Dad, he wants an android phone but needs a physical keyboard and with this one's specs it's a perfect fit!

Of course Optimus G....
5 year sprint customer that put up with the terrible wimax 4none service...updated to sgs3 that broke within a week of getting glass fixed...needsome new hardware that is more rock solid.

Optimus G no doubt!!
- It has a great 4.7in HD display
- Quad S4 Pro
- 13MP Camera
- 32GB of Storage

Whats not to like?!

Photon Q for me.
I've never had a phone with a physical keyboard but always had the feeling it'd be best for me. I don't text much or do much typing but the ability to crank out full emails on my phone or type out longer comments on my phone would be greta. I can only do so much on this virtual keyboard.

I would love the Optimus G or the Photon, but especially the Optimus G for the great camera, amazing screen and Snapdragon S4 pro. Thanks AC and sprint!

LG Optimus G would definitely be my preferred pick! I just got both my parents Samsung Galaxy S3s (from the Black Friday deals) and now I'm the one with the "older" HTC EVO 3D in the family and won't be up for an upgrade until June 2013.

That's of course unacceptable for someone like me who's the tech aficionado and tech support guy for all my family and friends!!! LOL

Anddddd.... I'd like to give LG the chance to earn my loyalty. Gotta spread the love to all Android manufacturers this Christmas season, right? :)

I would want the Optimus G because it is the closest thing to the Nexus 4 that you can have on Sprint. It is the only phone that would make me give up my GNexus on Sprint!

Definitely Motorola PHOTON Q. My wife pretty much kicked my arse when I "broke" her OG Galaxy Epic 4G. I can be a Super Santa ;) ... I mean Lloyd can.

Optimus G. My wife is in the market for a new phone and has the Note II in mind but I think this would do nicely.

LG Optimus G would be my first choice, but the Photon would be fine, too.

As an owner of slider smartphones exclusively thus far, I want to remain that way... Especially after I bought a Nexus 7.

I just hate, hate, hate doing anything more than a few words on a touch keyboard!!! I'll take any of them, though, lol!!!

But my final answer is... OPTIMUS G!!!

LG optimus G!!!! great screen....13mp camera...quad core....who wouldnt want a beast of a Sprint changed business practices about upgrades and early im stuck w my GS2 till next summer...and ive been a Sprint customer for 13yrs...smh!!! pick me...

That Optimus G is seriously sexy, would love to get my hands on it. Thanks AC for the awesome giveaway, and Happy Holidays!

who has 2 thumbs and is awesome? Hi I'm the LG Optimus G have we met before? I think the only device that gives samsung gs3 a run for the money. 1080p all the way and UI beter than touchwiz

I would love to get an Optimus G to give to my wife as an upgrade - she's "stuck" on my old Nexus S when I upgraded to a GS3. She's not eligible for upgrade until next November.

I'd have to go with the Optimus G. Great specs and reviews so far. Plus I wouldn't mind giving LG another shot... and it's basically a Nexus 4.

Optimus G for sure, would love to have an upgraded phone, I still have the nexus s 4g on sprint. Since I'm pretty broke I won't be able to upgrade anytime soon. Plus its the closest I can get to the nexus 4 on sprint. Thanks! And Merry Christmas!

LG Optimus G please. LG was my first smart phone and which sold me on android. This looks to be their best.

Optimus G FTW!!! If i got my hands on one I would jump on my couch scream, rip off a patch of my hair(not literally). Because I would realize that my neighbors were watching me do all this as I was naked

I would like to try the Optimus G because I'd like to try something different than Samsung. Time to turn a new leaf.

Honestly, I'll take the Galaxy Victory. My sister desperately needs a phone and I would love to give her one. Especially this one.

Also, thanks so much for the contests.

I would to love to receive the lg mach for my gf this year we were tight on budget and would love to see her get a present she deserves shes my all and would love to see her smile on a possible late Christmas.

I would love the Motorola Photon Q, mostly for the physical keyboard. I think my desire for physical keyboards is an old hold over from my years as a Blackberry and then a Palm Pre user. Oh, also my birthday is December 22, and I can't think of a better birthday present than a new Photon Q. :)

Thanks for the chance AC!


Optimus G please! I think its one of the top smartphones on the market and it's certainly at the top of my wish list.

While the optimus is nice...the Photon is for me; I just can't get the hang of not having a physical keyboard!

The photon q would really make my new year. The high end specs and great keyboard would do everything I could possibly ask for for a long time.

Motorola Photon Q, Please.
My first smartphone was a Palm Pre. My wife and I each got one. We fell in love with the OS and the cute little keyboard.

Well, we all know what happened to Palm, and it was time for something new, and the obvious choice for a lot of us Pre users was the Samsung Epic 4g. We jumped into the Android world, and we also wanted to stick with Sprint.

My wife and I are still using Epic 4g, and it's a great little phone. It has a keyboard, removable battery, UDP storage when you plug in USB, and Wimax which is better than nothing if LTE isn't lit up in your area yet.

The Photon Q really looks like a worthy successor to the Epic 4g. It's been a couple of years now.. if I win this phone, I'll buy another for my wife. We'd like to stay with Sprint.

Did I mention that the Photon Q is GSM capable? This might be the deciding factor and tip the scales towards a european vacation. C'mon, help a brother out!

Would love to check out the Optimus G - it's a beast spec wise. Had an LG phone years ago (Windows Mobile) and it had a nice build quality. The Optimus G looks like it is pretty high quality.

I would love an lg optimus g but I'd take any phone you fine folks would give me. Thanks for everything you do and I'm looking forward to another great year of Android Central. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

That Motorola Photon Q speaks to me in ways the other phones here don't I've always had a soft spot for those real keyboards and Motorola's build quality is just so superb.

personally I would love to have the Optimus G. The reason I would like the Optimus G is because I am currently a sprint technician and I fix phones all day long and I've seen LG's Hardware in the least. I've had nothing but HTC's from the touch up to the Evo 4g lte. I jump ship from the Evo 4g Lte to the samsung galaxy s3 because my screen kept coming away from the bezel. currently my samsung galaxy s3 has wiped my 32 gigabyte SD card and horrible antenna connections and wifi hotspot give bad output.

honestly I've worked on a lot of phones but the hardware is awesome and it's only very rare instances in which there is a software glitch. Between the future proof specs and track record of Solid Hardware I would love to give the Optimus G whirl.

My teenage daughter would love the Photon Q 4G LTE for Christmas! She favors physical keyboard phone so this is the one she liked at the Sprint store the other day. Would make a nice upgrade from her current Samsung Replenish.

All of them would be nice, anything to replace my Droid X. Though the Optimus G is closest to the Nexus 4.

LG Optimus G. My girlfriend and I just had our first child recently this month, so funds were very tight. She is due for an upgrade and she still has a Samsung Tranformer with MAJOR hardware problems. It would mean a lot to put a smile on her face this X-mas with a new phone...

Galaxy victory for me. My wife's evo 4g won't last much longer. I would love to surprise her with an upgrade.

As a nursing student, the optimus g has everything I could need for school. Plus the design is beautiful. I've used LG devices before, they have never failed me. :)

LG please... has a great camera which is important to me since I love taking pictures on the fly and need the quad core speed and power the LG has for editing... and it has to be a great phone if Google has made it it's next Nexus phone... and cause I still believe in Santa... thanks.


LG please... has a great camera which is important to me since I love taking pictures on the fly and need the quad core speed and power the LG has for editing... and it has to be a great phone if Google has made it it's next Nexus phone... and cause I still believe in Santa... thanks.


i'll take any of them. my droid charge is so lageriffic its ridiculous, and i cant afford a new phone ATM. i would prefer not a victory if i were to win, because of its small size and 5 MP camera, but seriously, i'll take anything.

I'd like the Optimus G. Why you ask, because I've been on my Samsung Epic 4G forever, and I'm currently unemployed and with the fiscal cliff nearing my unemployment will be cancelled! Thank you Republicans and Dems!

LG Optimus G by far because my current LG device has lasted this long under my use it. This has to be said has to be said about the quality of their devices, that "They're Great!!!" Although their updates not so much yeah you LG. Why you no update!

Optimus g because its so close to the nexus 4 that the dev community should be working on it for a long time

I really want the Motorola Photon Quality because it is so easily rooted and hacked(although it looks like there's not very many rooms and cooking my own may be my only alternative). Also a physical keyboard is a plus!

Any of them would be great, but I'm definitely hoping for the Optimus G! I'd Love to spend some time with that beautiful screen! My wife has the photon q & it is a sweet device!

All of these phones are good but the LG Optimus G looks amazing. Plus its the next best things to having the Nexus 4. Merry Christmas Android Central!

Motorola Photon Q for the keyboard and slightly higher specs than the LG Mach. The original Photon was my first Android phone, and while I liked the styling and build quality, I hated the software. BUT, I'm chalking that poor experience up to Gingerbread. Duarte is doing a decent job so far.

Also, I won accessories from AC in the past year, so I'm assuming I'm still good for a device giveaway.

Optimus G would be awesome because of the great performance and overall killer specs but I definitely wouldn't mind a photon Q great performance and a slide keyboard makes it a great device for emulation not to mention gaming in general.

I would love to get the Optimus G since I've never had a different smartphone than a Samsung Galaxy or (RIP WebOS) Palm. If I win I will take it for long walks on a beach and contemplate how to end all violence, world hunger, and the hardest of all!..patent disputes.

Optimus G for sure. It is one of the best phones no one knows about. However, the Motorola photon q is also a nice phone. The physical keyboard is a plus :)

Well I would like to win the LG Optimus G. I would love to have a phone that is not Samsung for the first time since the first Motorola Razor (the old flip one everyone had). Also, I'm a gamer so 4 cores appeal to me. Lastly, I'm tired of my Manager using his new phones to talk people into buying new phones and I have this old slow Nexus S 4G and Epic 4G, me having this would wipe that "I make more than you so I have the best stuff" smirk off his face... yeeeeaaaaahhh.

First pick would be LG Optimus G, then Photon Q.
My two smart phones have been Samsung and I hope to explore other types of phones :)

I would love to have the Optimus G! That is a seriously sick device! Love all the features! I love taking pictures and the camera looks amazing! It would definitely help me out alot. Thanks guys you rock! Opyimus G on Sprint! Woo hoo!

LG Optimus G for me! Cracked screen on EVO4GLTE and saaw this at the Sprint store. I like the ui, speed, size, display so it would be my overall choice for a replacement.

Optimus G. Gorgeous 4.7" 720p display, powerful and graceful Snapdragon S4 Pro underneath the hood. There isn't much not to like

Optimus G - Currently have Moto Photon 4G, didn't go very the camera has a small mark on it that ruins so many photos.

Optimus G, 'cause I don't have a smart phone...or Photon Q because you gave away 'my' Optimus G already? :-)

Woa! I'd really like to get my hands on the Optimus G... Not for me, but my little brother to finally get his hands on an Android phone haha...

Motorola PHOTON Q for sure! But I'd be so happy to win anything here. Thankyou so much for being so generous!

The LG Optimus G, my son has my OG EVO as a hand me down and he would love something that didn't take 5 minutes to boot up. And the specs on it look good.

I have a photon that's kind of on its last leg and always having issues, so I'd say the photon q because it's more of the same but with a keyboard which I've missed since the Mogul.

I would say the Optimus because it seems like a nice phone but it's not really offering much that's different.

The other phones just seem like entry level smart phones.

LG Optimus G because I have been waiting for Sprint to offer a phone worth upgrading to from my Evo 4G and the Optimus G has great specs.

Optimus G: it's about time I got a phone that's not at the bottom of the food chain. Thanks!

The LG Optimus G, mainly because of dev support. Sure the specs are great, they are like any flagship out right now. But what keeps a device lasting is the dev support, it's whats keeping my aging MyTouch 4G Slide alive with Jellybean, and I'd expect the Optimus to stand the test of time with ports and future builds from devoted developers. Like the ones on XDA.

I would like the LG Optimus G, why? Because i want it. Also it would be a nice jump to the present day. I have the epic 4g still :-/

My wife is still on the Evo Shift 4G. I kid you not. She loves texting and writing on her phone, so I'd love to give her a shiny new Motorola Photon Q. The Evo Shift 4G only has 356MB of local storage. MB!!!

Optimus G. My girl needs an upgrade she has the GSII and sprint is holding her hostage until Dec 2013 to get a new phone.. I have to get her something that is somewhat on the level of my HTC EVO 4G LTE . The Godfather of phones lol

The Photon Q! My wife allowed me to use her upgrade to get my GNex, and I stuck her with my Epic. She loves a physical keyboard, and really likes the screen of my Photon. This would make a wonderful late Christmas present for her!

I'd love any of these devices, but really would like the Moto PHOTON Q. I used to be on Verizon and the original Moto Droid was my first Android device, followed by a few more Moto devices before I jumped to Sprint and went the HTC/Samsung route. I miss the Moto build quality and would love to get back to my "Android roots" with this solid device! Thanks for the great contest!

LG Optimus G please Santa. I've been extra nice, and my failing eyesight could really benefit from the larger screen and higher resolution. I'm an existing Sprint customer, and my trusty old EVO 4G has served me well for 4 years, but I'd like to retire it gently. :)

LG Optimus G - It's new and it would allow me to get away from Verizon and their lack of updates.

I'd gladly accept any, keeps me from having to buy one of three new phones this year for upgrades.

I would like the LG Optimus G, It's sweet. But if I were to win the Victory, I would be able to use it on the family plan.

My wife DESPERATELY needs an upgrade to her Epic 4G (original, with the slider). I can't seem to convince her that she can live without the slider. So, to meet her requests, this would be the perfect replacement: Slider plus scratch resistant glass and extended battery life are just what she needs.

So, to make wifey (and me :D) happy, I'd like to say 'May I please be entered for the Moto Photon 4G for my wife?".

Thanks AC!

LG Optimus G because of the hardware, running an AOSP rom on that phone is about as close as we Sprint customers will ever get to owning a Nexus 4...

I haven't had a cellphone, let alone a smartphone in 10 or more years. Crazy I know but true. Love a keyboard phone, like Motorola. Motorola Photon Q

LG Optimus G. Underrated quality phone, wanting an upgrade from my current Evo 3D. Broke students can't keep up with bi-annual upgrades!

I do like the specs of the Optimus G but I am up in Northern Michigan where Sprint's coverage isn't pristine. SO I would definitely need and want to get my hands on the Photon Q. That Moto antenna is just too good to pass up. Plus my family blessed me with hammer thumbs so the qwerty would be nice.

I'd like a Motorola Photon Q because my dad is stuck with the original photon and its really slowing down. I'd like him to have a new phone because he deserves it with all of the work he does.

I would like to try the galaxy victory. I would like to have a device for my kids to play with and my s3 is hands off for them. I don't want them to get to hooked on iOS and they already get to play with my wife's iPod touch. Let's get my kids hooked on Android not iOS.

Motorola Photon Q. The wife loves her EVO Shift, but it's on its last leg. The Photon Q would be an outstanding replacement for her.

I'd love the Motorola Photon Q. Only thing I miss about my Blackberry Bold 9650 is the Qwerty keyboard that I no longer have with HTC EVO.

I need an Optimus G in my stocking! Life is Good. Since I'm getting kicked of my roommates place, time to find a house. I love Christmas time. Ugh.

While I still much love for my EVO Shift 4G, it's time to upgrade, especially since LTE will be going live in my area soon.

My top choice is the LG Optimus G.

I'd bbe happy with any of them though!

optimus G. that thing is so legit and with the EVO LTE ive been using there have been some majorly weird bugs on Stock, and The G has one of the sickest screens above. QUite frankly i Wouldnt mind winning any phone

I would like an Optimus G. I really wanna see what LG has been up to and if they've improved over their previous offerings and have a phone with the latest specs. . Thanks *crosses fingers*

I could really use the LG Optimus G as I still have my original EVO 4G, and the screen has got to where it dont want to cooperate to my touch all the time now, and the LG Optimus G would be helpful in putting down my notes for when i go back to work, just got laid off right before Christmas and cant really afford anything else... I dont really expect to win, as no one from the little town of Mt Vernon IL wins anything from these type of contests, but its still fun to try! Rock on Android... Peace and Blessings!

I would love the Optimus G. Great phone with awesome specs, and the camera is flawless. LG finally has a more than exceptional phone that would be of great use. Merry early Christmas!!

For me it would be the Photon Q. I haven't had a physical keyboard since the G1 and I really miss it!

Give me that big G! I've been wanting to check it out but buying an LG with their bad rep has put me off.

LG Optimus G Hd screen,fast processor,32gb storage kick-ass design.Oh and last but not least 13 megapixel camera.

LG Optimus G- It would be cool to try a phone with something other than Sense & T. Touchwhiz. Backup- Motorola Photon Q.