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To say it's been an interesting year for Research in Motion and BlackBerry would certainly be an understatement. It was about 10 months ago that we first learned that RIM's tablet would be capable of running full-fledged Android applications, and suddenly we had to start caring about what was coming out of Waterloo.

This week RIM has undergone probably its most important change since realizing SurePress wasn't a sure thing -- co-founders Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie stepped down as co-CEOs, and chief operating officer Thorsten Heins has taken their place in the head office. There have been calls for RIM to adopt Android. There have been calls fro RIM to adopt Windows Phone. Really, everybody seems to know what's best for RIM.

Our pals at CrackBerry got some one-on-one time with Heins this week, and we're learning a little more about his position on Android -- mainly that he's unimpressed with the hardware on which it's running. "They are all the same," he says.

Here's what Heins told CrackBerry's Kevin Michaluk:

Kevin: I keep reading these articles that BlackBerry should build on Android, but I just don't understand them.
Thorsten: Just take a look where the Android OEMs are. I leave this to you. Take a look at their recent announcements and what you will immediately see is there is just no room for differentiation because they are all the same.

We've seen a lot of Android devices over the past year. Some good, some not. A lot of black slabs, to be sure. But also a dual-screen phone. Two phones with 3D screens. BlackBerry-esque phones with tiny screens and quint little keyboards. Thinner, lighter, faster, with web browsers that actually work and games you're not ashamed to play in public. Android hardware manufacturers might be guilty of too many models, but you certainly can't say they haven't experimented, even if it led to failure.

Before Heins bemoans the "sameness" of Android hardware, perhaps another look at RIM's own stable is in order.  

Check out Kevin's entire interview with Thorensten Heins at!



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RIM's new CEO on Android hardware: 'they are all the same'


At this point, I really think Thorston should be asking what he can do to resurrect a company in a death spiral.

Look at RIM's recent entries into the market - out of date hardware, a "new" operating system that is just like the old operating system, and a business model that needs a major overhaul.

Yeah, it's big talk for a guy running a mobile hardware company that produces a tablet with no email functionality out of the box.

Yeah, it's big talk for a guy running a mobile hardware company that produces a tablet with no email functionality out of the box.

Everybody else screaming FRAGMENTATION and this guy says the are all the same.

You can't have it BOTH ways, and BOTH things can't be BAD.

The only way all the android phones are all the same is that they are all better than what Rim is shoveling out the door.

Good to know the Android phone I have now is the same as what's on the market 2 years later. I guess I don't have to upgrade. :3

Maybe RIM should make their phones all look the same and then they would sell better.....oh wait they already do yet nobody buys them.

Everyone knows the BB used to be a big thing with business types, I don't know if that is still the case at the moment or not but it's quite big with kids who want to BBM each other. If Jenny and Judy are bbm'ing all the time you can bet Jill and Julie want to get in on the action too.

No kid in their right mind wants to use BBM anymore. It's all about the iPhone and iMessage. I'll stick with my Android.

No parent in their right mind gives their kid a iPhone, they give them a BB cos it's half the price. I don't know which country you're in but here in the UK BBM is still big, it's why there was so much whining when it went down last year and why they jumped to blame the London rights on BBM as an organisational tool.

It isn't the BB they want so much as BBM because all their friends have it. Plus once they get used to that damn keyboard they can type a message 5 times faster than a touchscreen. Nothing annoys me more than the click click click of the blackberry keyboard.

Ping chat (now Touch) is a lot like BBM... but you can load it onto BB, Android or the iPhone and message any of the devices and as many people as you can stand without the cost of text messages.

I can honestly say I have not seen a kid in the US in the past 2 years carrying a Blackberry. For the most part, it's still used by people whose workplace allows on Blackberry to integrate with their email service. You have a few holdovers who just don't want to learn something new, but as the marketshare shows, it's an iOS/Android world now. I see RIM dying the same death as Palm in the not-too-distant future. But youngins asking their parents for a Blackberry in 2012? Not happening.

Apps like iMessage and WhatsApp (which you can use to IM friends on most any platform) make BBM look old and creaky.

RIM phones were really neat ... about 5 years ago. Now they look quaint compared to today's superphones.

I recently handed down my MyTouch 4G to my 12-year old daughter as a Christmas present. She loved it but lost it at school. To punish her, I'm getting a new sim card and putting it in a spare Blackberry Curve 5520 I have laying around. That's what it has come to: Blackberry in lieu of real smartphone as punishment.

In UK public transport and streets every day I see a lot of kids/teens with BlackBerries, and very few with iphones.
That a lot and few is like 85% BB/15%-iphone.
Where I see iphones is people over 25.
I guess you cannot beat physical keyboard on BBs for lightning fast texting.

BB phones are cheap, they have good battery life, good signal reception, and are ideal for messaging.

However, I do not like the technology that makes it work, as I have had to delve through the many weird and wonderful blackberry configuration settings trying to solve problems, and found their terminology very confusing.

I have an android phone (HTC Vision aka Desire Z aka G2), and there is no Blackberry device like it. Nor iPhone either. There are other android phones either a little bit like it or almost the same.

So, BB saying all android phones are the same is pretty bizarre!

Yes but your in America, I'm in England, two different countries, after all you are the home of 'Toddlers and Tiaras'.

I sure hope that wasn't you mocking America. I'll just assume that was directed towards that show, because we all know England/UK has such awesome programming like Heil Honey I'm Home! So let's not be a "wanker" and pretend you tv is any better. I actually had to look up shows played in England where as you actually heard of shows we have on tv.

My point was about the social difference between the two countries when dealing with children, in a recent 'girls gone gadgets' podcast they talked about american teens who were complaining about not getting a car AND an iphone for christmas. Here over the pond I don't know any kids who got iPhones for christmas but two who got blackberries.

As for TV programming you've never seen doctor who? sherlock? shameless? you get plenty of our quality viewing over there :P

Alright I'll give you "top gear" that is a good show from you guys that I have heard of. Thanks to guy above me for reminding me it exist. The others I've never heard of but than again I watch Cartoon Network primarily :-) But be careful knocking on USA in any way because it could've gotten heated.

Not half the price here... 3gs is dirt-cheap here.... as are older Android & BB models. In other words, they pretty much all cost the same.

BB isn't so big in the business world anymore. The reason that they were big to begin with is that they were the first company to really push the smartphone paradigm into businesses. They made their money selling phones, but also the BES software that allowed your corporate email system to push email to BB handsets. That was a second revenue stream, which allowed them to push deeper into corporate markets. But as time has gone on corporate email platforms have integrated many of the features that BES provided into their out of the box products, and now BB doesn't sell BES so much anymore. For many smaller installations, it's absolutely free.

In the meantime there has been a surge of highly capable smartphones using iOS, Android, and Windows phone that offers an experience more compelling to the end users. This drives the final nail I nto the BB coffin, which is the consumerization of IT. End users want to buy whatever device they want and get corporate email and applications on it. Today that is increasingly possible with non-BB products. Corporations can save money by letting employees use their own devices, employees get a better experence, and BB falls by the wayside. If BB wants to compete in the corporate space going forward, they will have to start winning in the consumer space. They have shown no signs of doing so, and at this point it's probably too late. They would be a 4th major smartphone platform in an already crowded consumer market.

Yep, you nailed it. When my company recently went from supplying employees with Blackberrys to issuing stipends for employees to get their own phones and using Good Enterprise on them, the only employees that stuck with Blackberrys are the ones who were too cheap to buy something new. NOBODY purchased a new Blackberry that I know of. I think that says it all. And we are a government contractor with very stringent security regulations.

I sure don't miss my Bold. It's too bad North American companies just don't seem to learn from history. First Palm, then RIM, and now even mighty Apple is showing the same tendency of sitting on a success for way too long while the competition passes them by.

With trash talk like that he should be working for either the WWE or Activision/EA. In much the same way that itunes and the apple music store etc keep people tied into iOS BBM and that keyboard are the only things keeping people tied into Blackberry, the keyboard Android or rather the OEM's can copy, BBM it can't, at the moment.

I was about to say the same about Blackberry. At least 10 of those Blackberry phones in that picture look like the same device.

As a former crackberry-head, I just have to laugh at this one. Android phones are all the same? Really? Does anyone else even make a blackberry except RIM? No. They make them all.... and every one that has tried to deviate from the standard BB formula has been a flop. I was one of those that hung on waiting for the first Torch to appear. It was such a failure that I declined a new contract with AT&T and jumped to Verizon for Android (AT&T really had almost zero Androids at the time). Sorry RIM, but ALL of your decent phones are nearly EXACTLY the same. Here's an idea for you. Get out of the OS game, and focus on hardware. You guys have always made good qwerty phone hardware. Adopt Android as your OS, and make the best qwerty Android phones on the market. You really have VERY little competition right now when it comes to business grade, qwerty slab Android phones. Do it.. or sink.

I completely agree. Back when the first Torch came out on AT&T, my dad and I were both looking for phones. I knew I wanted Android, so I went with the Captivate because it was the only decent one they had. It was good, but it became much better with CM7. My Dad always had a blackberry in the past, went to an iPhone 3GS, hated the battery life and decided to go with a Torch. He loves the form factor, but he can't do much else but get his email on it. Not that he uses it for much more, but several times at lunch he'll want to look something up and just trying to do a simple Google search and load up web pages is a tedious task. He usually asks me to do the web searching. He likes my Android, but doesn't like the slab and typing on a touch screen. I kind of like the form factor of his Torch, but if it had Android, it would be pretty sweet. That model in particular would need some hardware upgrades, like the Torch 2 perhaps, and it would do just fine. I think there is a market for those Blackberry style phones. They just need a better ecosystem and I believe android would be the answer. I know I'd be interested in checking out one especially like the Torch with the vertical sliding keyboard.

They may be the same, but boy I wish any if my past 4 BBs looked or was in the same gene pool as my galaxy S2!!!

Did any one jump over to Crackberry and read the interview. Apparently at one point he said... "We don't think significant change was needed." WOW!!!!

Hehe... and then one day you find them scrapping their entire line and going with Windows Mobile... which is what other dying companies did...

Yeah I was a major Nokia supporter, jumped to Android before they announce the whole WM7 thing. Nokia make some of the best handsets in the world and their WM7 offering are very very nice, but for some reason they underspec them when you compare them to other phones in the marketplace.

I went from a Blackberry Bold 9000 to a Galaxy SII Skyrocket, if RIM ever get's it act together (And I seriously doubt that it will) I will go back to a Bold type phone in a heartbeat.

Not much hope of that, given their current direction. I wish the stock would bounce a little so I can dump it.

My humble advice to RIM's CEO, call Steve Balmer and ask Microsoft to buy RIM before it's too late. Microsoft has vested interest in the corporate clients RIM captures and there's neck-to-neck competition between BB Enterprise Server and Exchange. Windows phone can have an excellent Segway into corporate clients by porting BlackBerry software as a first class feature in MS Phone, the enterprise will love that, first class Outlook, Office support and seamless upgrades from RIM's expensive but necessary infrastructure.
lissage brésilien

I'm sure those Blackberry series and models all look radically different. Unique! Whatever 9800 9900 1478 7817 9246.
LOL I don't dislike Blackberries at all but now...

All BlackBerrys look the same. All Windows Phones look the same. All iPhones look the same. And yes, the vast majority of Androids look the same. I was extremely unimpressed with what Android OEM's showed at CES this year. Same ole, same ole. :-(

i always knew canadians were not that bright but this German isn't much better.

Heins is a hand-picked internal stooge for LazyMike and BallSilly. he was put in place to be their puppet and keep things as status quo. and he will play along because he is being bribed with a fat paycheck and cushy CEO position. this was the deal he made. agree to play along and you will be CEO.

this is the same guy that just said that RIM's products were great and innovative and all that they need to do was get the word out and do better marketing. he's either a liar or an idiot.

RIM was a glorified pager company that ran the table on being the first to get email to a pager. but that is not enough anymore. they have neither the talent nor the leadership to win or even survive long term.

the trend is clear. RIM is screwed.

And now we have resorted to xenophobia... Doesn't surprise me though as both the author and the posters here have missed the point completely.

BlackBerry are a brand on there own and have become reknown for their keyboards and as such the devices look similar same goes for the iPhone. What this Heins fellow is talking about is various OEM's handsets, keyword is various, looking the same from Samsung to LG to HTC to Motorola. There is very little differentiation in what the devices look like and to top it all they all run the same platform skinned a little differently. Does Samsung devices running Android have a slider, a traditional candybar, a Pearl and slab or do they all look iPhone esque?

I am not going to get into a debate over which platform is better and what not but some of you should really read before you post this kind of rubbish.

PS. I'm a Berry and S 2 user btw and commend the Android fraternity for pushing the envelope as far as hardware is concerned.

"Does Samsung devices running Android have a slider, a traditional candybar, a Pearl and slab or do they all look iPhone esque?"

Actually, Samsung does produces Android sliders, along with Blackberry-type keyboarded Android phones. Motorola does too. HTC produces Android sliders as well. It's not all slabs, and I'd say that almost none of them resembles an iPhone (unless your definition of "resembling an iPhone" is that it is rectangular, black, and has a touchscreen).

I don't think that many of these new Android phones look the same at all. Are you telling me that a Sony Xperia looks like a HTC Evo 3D? Or that the Samsung Galaxy S2 looks like a Motorola Droid RAZR?

All the slabs look alike apart from the Experia's, which look hideous, as far as I'm concerned. The Nexus shape does interest me though and I will be getting one when/if they are released in South Africa but other than that it is same old same old for me.

I'm not a fan of the BlackBerry London as well big forehead and big chin... They will not attract consumers with a device that looks like that period.

They're all the same? Ugh!

Mr. Thorston, can I call you Kettle? I'd like you to meet Pot. You two should talk. You seem to have so much in common.

Really.. and all blackberries are not the same.. let alone their OS? I mean seriously as a former BB user for many years every time you wanted a new OS you HAD to upgrade to a newer unit. W/ Android OS u get a slight software update and you're good to go. Im STILL on my OG Droid.. im holding out on a upgrade for this year.

Dear New Rim CEO,

Wake up and smell the blackberry

I had hopes for Rim but after that I feel they are still headed in the same path, down. This guy is obviously a puppet for the previous knuckleheads. As far as Android phones all looking the same, Is this guy for real, take a look at the history of Blackberry devices, they are identical to each other, that is why they are where they are today, not to mention their specs just suck. Rim needs to bring n some NEW minds, not just another apple off the same damn tree. All as I can see is that same White haired, round faced CEO spitting out his same old crap year after year. His speeches were the same every time he spoke. Bring in some NEW talent or Rim is headed out.
As far as Crackberry Kevin goes, he asks questions to suck up to this knucklehead and sounds like he believes in the direction Rim is going, I think he is just trying to protect his job and maybe praying for new job with Rim. Anyone that has knowledge in the mobile phone business has to see that Rim is headed down stream fast. Don't agree with someone just to kiss ass, be real and tell him what he needs to hear or won't be around for very long. Just My Opinion.

haha this site is a joke when it comes to their competition, starting with you Phil. I have no respect for you because you are ridiculously biased and think Android is the best thing ever and everything else is the devil. It's a phone dude, get over it. Who cares what the RIM CEO says? You act like he just called your kid ugly. And yes, all android phones do look incredibly similar. Who cares? Get over it. All of RIM's phones may look similar because just that, they are all RIM's devices. Android phones are not made by the same company, yet they still look the same. Get your head out of your ass Phil, you're a joke.

I agree on the points that Phil is a true Android defender and the writing on this site lacks a certain quality. Phil is always defending Android no matter what. That's the problem with fan sites, it's run by fans, not impartial editors. And it's not just android, it's google, it's fragmentation, it's verizon, it's CIQ, it's everything.

Phil mentions on the Mobile Nations and Android Central the faults of the Android platform, which to just quote him, is mainly dilution. The thing that keeps android below Apple in terms of brand recognition is that most people have no idea what android is. Most people don't know the difference between the Droid line and android. Verizon and CIQ are not an android problem, they are carrier problems. I'd like to hear what's horribly wrong with Google and fragmentation. And yes, here at Android Central, we like android.

blah blah blah obviously you care since you took the time to post pure stupidity.Maybe you should take your head out of your ass.Seriously if you think this site is a joke why bother posting so please go jump off a cliff or better yet go drown yourself in the ocean.

Lets take a look at how "the same" all the other platforms are:

iOS/Apple: 1 device, 1 OS flavor
Windows: 2-3 devices, 1 OS flavor
Blackberry: 3 devices?, 1 OS flavor

And then we have Android where everything is the same!:

Android: 70+ devices, 5+ OS flavors of ICS (OEM, MotoBlur, Sense, etc.) Infinite OS flavors if you MOD.

Wow, Android is so boring compared to the other platforms!

"They're all the same"

Quick, tell me all the differences between the 8100/8120/8130 models.
What about the 8500/9300/9320?

How about the old curve 83xx models?

Remember the days when you had to carefully read the details of an app to see if your SPECIFIC model was included not just the family (curve, pearl, etc)

And Android is all the same? Really?

Android might be all the same. But its where I'm going with my next contract. Once its done I'll see if RIM is still alive. 3 years is a long long time in the tech world. I'm pretty sure in that time either they'll have been put out to pasture, or they'll be alive, kicking, and be back on the top of their game like they used to be. Time will tell, but at this point I don't see any point in locking into a contract with a device that might not have any form of support if RIM dies off

Ok I might get flamed for this, but you asked... so here is just a quicky, rather than spec by spec, or feature by feature...

8100 = First Pearl, GSM, no wifi, no gps.. (was replaced by the 8120)
8120 = GSM BB Pearl with Wifi
8130 = CDMA BB Pearl, no wifi, first with OS 4.3 and later upgraded to OS 4.5
I think there was an 8110 in there that was GSM, had GPS but no Wifi.

As for the "older 83xx" models... that would be...

8300 = First GSM Curve. No wifi, no GPS. (Was replaced by the 8310/8320)
8310 = GSM Curve with GPS, but no Wifi
8320 = GSM curve with Wifi, supports UMA (on T-mobile), and no GPS
8330 = CDMA Curve, no wifi, no gps.
The 83xx was not upgradeable past OS 4.5.

I don't recall a 8500, but 8520 = AKA Curve2, GSM, 320x240, 256meg memory, 2mp camera, wifi b & G, the "curve" size/shape, and OS5. It was a direct replacement for the 8320 curve.

I don't recall seeing a 9320, but 9300 = an 8500 where they added Wifi N, and OS6. 9330 was the CDMA variant.

You didn't mention, but the 9350/9360/9370 is the replacement for the 9300/9330. They have faster processor, more memory, higher rez screen and run OS7. The 9350 is CDMA/EVDO only, the 9360 is Quadband GSM and UMTS, and the 9370 is CDMA/EVDO/Quadband GSM

9800 = First BB Torch. Runs OS6.
9810 = Direct replacement for the BB Torch 9800 with more memory, faster processor and higher rez screen than the 9810. Runs OS7.

Now because some of the BB devices were direct replacements for their predecessor (8300 vs 8320, or 9800 vs 9810 for example), or are a GSM "only" vs "CDMA" variant (like 9300 vs 9330), they ARE going to look similar or have similar specs, just like the Moto Droid X2 looks similar to the Droid X, or the GSM Razr XT910 vs CDMA/LTE Razr XT875.

OMG, what an idiot this guy is. Let's take a quick look at Android options.

- Big, medium, small screens,
- Onscreen, landscape slideout, portrait slideout, physical non slideout, 3D, Dual Screens, std resolution, high resolution.
- Different skins from different mfgs.
- Lots and lots of customizations.
- Custom keyboards.
- Thick, ultra-thin models.
- physical buttons, onscreen buttons.

I really don't know how you could have any more choices and options.

E X A C T L Y!!

I posted a similar response on another site. He is probably someone who hasnt really seen what Android offers...I quick search woulda told him otherwise.

what the fuck is this guy smoking if anything all BBs look the same just look at the pix above there ALL very similar.

Android suffers from the same sort of fragmentation that Blackberry does and there is no point in denying it.

Phones are not upgradeable to the latest OS', different screen sizes and resolutions and as a poster mentioned some candybar qwerty's, some sliders.

They are all over the place but they are trying to make amends with ICS and other OS' going forward.

""Android suffers from the same sort of fragmentation that Blackberry does and there is no point in denying it.""

Not at all. That makes no sense. Can you root your Blackberry? Can you upgrade it on your own if you want to? No. The best you get is some awful hybrid crap. Android is flooded with Roms and developers for nearly all devices. Phones are upgradeable as long as you want if you want to be proactive on it. Blackberry doesn't even support that much. You're FORCED to buy a new model.

How do some people become CEO's of companies?? I could be a better CEO and know not to say dumb things that make no sense....gimmie the job RIM

My daughter actually switched from her HTC Thunderbolt to an old blackberry something. She said she actually likes it better than the Thunderbolt. But then again, her Thunderbolt had a cracked screen and she was pretty rough on it and didn't want to spend the $100 insurance fee to get a new one. She only uses it to Facebook and take it might be the best phone for her.

I never had a BB, was almost tempted with the BB Storm but resisted and waited for the Samsung Omnia which was great for a year until I got my Droid...and I haven't looked back sense....using a HTC Thunderbolt that is rooted and running INFECTED ETERNITY ROM

Wow, just followed the link, read the slightly larger snippit on crackberry, and then the comments.
It is amazing how different the comments are over there, they are almost all positive thinking this CEO will turn this around and that BB will be alright.
I wonder if we are all just to synical on BB to see anything good? Nah, I think those on crackberry are just living on hope. I lived on hope with palm until almost the end and can see how this can happen.

I can't really blame the guy for this response. I mean, what do you expect RIM CEO to say - "Android phones are fantastic. I wish ours were that sexy!"

The questions I've seen from Crackberry Keven were lame. Here's what I would have asked:

"Most experts agree the future of RIM relies on BB10. What will you do to ensure success? Can RIM afford to wait until end of 2012 to launch this OS?"

Yeah he is clearly biased and wasted an interview. Oh well BB future doesn't look good and hopefully someday they will cease to exist. Ugly outdated POS devices.

Oh I'm still burned from being a Storm owner years ago lol. What a BAD phone that was holy crap!

Yeah, I owned a Storm1 too. I hated that phone so much. It was so bad it made me swear off buying any Blackberry again.

It's funny reading the reaction over here vs the reaction @ crackberry. Reading their comments reminds how blinded people can be, oh and devoted. Palm also fits in there somewhere

I'm sorry reading this pisses me off because BB of all people should be saying anything about everything looking the same, all there devices look pretty much a replica of each other, same crappy OS as before. The only decent one in my mind is the original Bold but other then that nothing has been really aoealling to make me jump ship, especially seeing that I could cook a full course meal in the time it takes a BB to start up. There a crap load of Android devices out today but I would rather a variety versus the limited selection that Apple and Blackberry give you. I mean seriously dual cores, single core, expandable memory, slider, messenger, and the list goes on

Well I shouldn't be getting this worked up over this comment seeing thati would be surprised if BB makes it through 2012 let alone making it into 2012.

Everyone knows RIM's bleeding to death, the only question is how long they stick around. Their only hope is to adopt android into their devices if they want to stay alive. As an earlier comment pointed out, iphone, Blackberry, Android, most of the models LOOK the same. Functionality wise, vastly different. This new CEO looks like an idiot, and from his statements he just solidified it.

There's only so much you can do with a touchscreen phone (Oh, I forgot. BB doesn't have a touchscreen phone.) To me the BBs all look like the original Curve give or take a few millimeters.

Blackberry is being replaced by iOS in the workplace from what I can see. Android will never be the workplace solution I don't think. This guy is not going to bring Blackberry back from the grave in the US. They needed someone from the outside....someone from Google or Apple to jump ship.

Ok... so everyone is outraged at this knucklehead's comments. Granted he needs to clean up his own backyard before discussing his neighbors. The fact is that most manufacturers of Android phones have taken up the candybar style as the core hardware platform for Android phones. Yes, their are some Android phones with physical keyboards (sliders or on the front)... but for the most part it is a pretty generic hardward platform. Guess what... that is what I like about Android! A clean, uncluttered look unlike 99% of all Blackberry phones that have small screens and are at least 45% physical keyboard. The Android hardware platform allows for larger screens and ease of use. It is a great platform that I hope continues on into the future.

As for Blackberry... well, what can you say. It is the Titanic of the cell phone world. It has already hit the ice and sinking fast. I don't think changing Captains in the middle of the cirsis on the Titanic would have changed the outcome... same for Blackberry. To late boys!!

My humble advice to RIM's CEO, call Steve Balmer and ask Microsoft to buy RIM before it's too late. Microsoft has vested interest in the corporate clients RIM captures and there's neck-to-neck competition between BB Enterprise Server and Exchange. Windows phone can have an excellent Segway into corporate clients by porting BlackBerry software as a first class feature in MS Phone, the enterprise will love that, first class Outlook, Office support and seamless upgrades from RIM's expensive but necessary infrastructure.

Ugh...Everyone here go read the actual interview. Phil is inflaming things a bit by taking out the Question and response that precedes what he quotes. Bad Phil. Read what the guys is saying in the full context.

Basically when asked if BB should break up it's company into Hardware OEM and other pieces like QNX and back end services he was saying its a bad idea. The OEM's struggle in a very competitive, cut-throat environment to get consumer $$$. This is exactly why Android OEM's have Sense and Touch Wiz and Phil Blur and the other stuff everyone bitches about on this site all the time. So that they can differ from other Android OEM's.

He is saying that to give the difference that BB has already with their integrated Hardware/Software/back end services platform and go into a market where everyone is trying to differentiate makes no sense....and he is right. Of course that doesn't excuse RIM's execution the past 2-3 years, but that's another matter.

The guy wasn't calling out android or comparing it to BB or anything. Read the 2 questions and their answers in full before you draw an opinion on the sound byte that Phil posted just to be inflammatory.

And I have to say, I am really disappointed in that. Usually don't see that sort of crap here.

You are correct, and so was Heins.

This story is very misleading. Either the author has reading comprehension problems or he is deliberately trolling.

There all the same? That like the pot calling the kettle black. Has he looked at RIM's line up of phones .... BB8520 .. BB9780 ... BB9300 .. BB8530 .. BB9360 .. BB9900 .. and so on and so on. The interview was a missed opportunity. Where were tough questions? Is BB ready to step its game really innovate because when you are a day late and dollar short you need to coming out of the gate strong. It seems like even with the change at helm it is still just status quo

And here I thought android was fragmented and diverse with all the different hardware and different manufacturers having their way with it. :-)

I miss my BB keyboard. That's all I miss. Switching to Gmail for push was a slight bump in the road, but now it's over.

I'd get a Bold today if they put Android on it.

I dunno, it sounds to me like sour grapes from a guy who was just put in charge of a sinking ship making hardware/software that stinks on ice and can't seem to find a buyer that might bring them back from the grave.

That is one of the most ignorant statements I've ever heard!! RIM, this is your new CEO? He must have picked the short straw and was elected the fall guy as the company crumbles around them. I don't think anyone in his position could be that disconnected. BTW does offering different hardware mean I might get to buy a Galaxy Nexus without a camera? That's what I'm holding out for lol!

WOW, talk about calling the kettle black. As much as I love Blackberry this guy is pretty clueless. Probably 90% of the Blackberries out there are all the same form factor (Bold/Curve) with a square screen and an amazing keyboard (yes I said it I still love the BB keyboard), and now we have a few all touch screen devices and horizontal sliders.

Android on the other hand has all shapes and sizes, including the ones RIM uses, with different screens, keyboards, and internals. The BB7 devices on toe other hand are almost exactly identical inside except the Bold camera. For someone who used to run the hardware side of the business he sure is clueless as to what his competition is doing.

Well its true look at a price point at a carrier and all the android phones in that price range will have the same specs and two years later the manufacturers no longer support those models. I like RIM and Apple less is more approach rather than just flooding cell phone carrier stores.

I hate hearing people fuss that there are too many handsets...Ilike being able to choose what suits ME best and guess what its not the same as everyone else :O shocker I know. Now we have this ignoramous fussing they all look alike? First off look at your product line, secondly what more can you possibly do to have a different form factor, there's a dual-touch screen for God's sake. And I'm sorry but them releasing updates more frequently does not make my phone outdated any more because guess what in a year your iPhone ore blackberry is going to be just as outdated (if not more *cough* blackberry) than mine, the only way around it is to fall behind the curve and release the same crap you did a year ago *cough* blackberry. I have a Droid Incredible 2 which is definitely not the most high-end device but its premium and I got it for free a couple months following it's release because there were some slightly updated models, but guess what I can still stream flash natively without external support :O oh yeah I went there. Yes flash is a power hog but guess what they're just now developing alternative solutions I'd rather have the option to rape my battery rather than have someone else's ideals forced on me. I liked my original know before Android existed but what do they do now that they didn't do then? Incorporate an annoying touch screen that you have to click just to get input, no thanks. And as far as typing on a screen being slow, I text faster than most people swype and as equally fast as a bbmer so I'll pass on the annoying clicking that seems to resonate ever so loudly when I'm posting at 2 in the morning. As for bbm, I have text. Emoticons check, bbm status, Facebook Twitter AND Google+. And if for some God forsaken reason I wanna IM there's snapped for that...actually there's more than I care to count. I think I feel better now :P

Supposed to say "there's an app for that" but hey there's probably one called snapped. And for all you touch screen haters yes that happened because I am using a touch screen phone but don't act like you never make typing errors even on a computer, heck even with that some still can't even form complete words but lets be honest "you" is just so hard to spell out and as much as I "smh" in actual conversations people think I'm having seizures ...NOT. Okay seriously this time I'll shut up

if you put phones by ALL the phone makers on the table next to each other, they will appear different enough. (otherwise we'd have apple not just suing Samsung for the look).

Put my Thunderbolt, Bionic, Incredible, X, Devour, and original Droid next to each other they all look different (except Bionic and X).

Rim is the only maker of Blackberry devices. So the phones they make are bound to look similar/the same. And if you consider some of these current models are meant to be a replacement of a preceding model, the "new" model is bound to look similar.

I do fault rim for "reusing" a similar name... i.e. For the BOLD there is the Bold/9000, Bold/9700, Bold/9780. Each have different features/specs, yet are all called BOLD, and its RARE to see the model number along with the "BOLD." that can be very confusing to consumers.

Now try comparing android phones from the same manufacturer....

Put a Moto Droid X, X2 and Bionic next to each other. Both physically and software/UI wise they look as similar is if I put 3 different blackberries on the table. Put the Razr and Razr Maxx next to each other, again the same/similar (other than thickness). Now look at the software/UI on each of those.. again the same or similar across ALL of them.

The Sense UI on the HTC incredible, incredible2, thunderbolt, and Rezound make them appear similar from a software stand point. Look at how physically similar the Incredible 2, Rezound and Rhyme look.

Look at the Samsung Illusion and Stratosphere. Again very similar/same.

and that only considers Android phones on Verizon. How close to the VZW HTC Thunderbolt does the ATT HTC Inspire look?

What is a "quint little keyboard"? Perhaps you meant quaint.

Actually all cell phones/smartphones are basically the same as are most hands and heads; the devices must fit the human body. With that said, I am disappointed, being a long time BB guy, but now on Android, in his comments as seeming quite the same old same old. RIM's security of transport and such is nice, but a move to to the QNX OS is slow and seemingly never going to arrive. And their delivery of new devices is as slow as AT&T adopting those same devices!

And really, so what if the Android devices all seem the same, Apple's iPhone remains a very popular device with nary a change in it's form-factor in a very long time.

I would love to see RIM knock out some cool stuff and keep the competition among smartphones strong.

I'm wondering if Mr. Heins was drinking a few questionable beverages before the big interview with Crackberry Kevin. Just to calm his nerves about RIM's present & future. We all have two types of vision:physical & mental. Maybe someone would actually pull him aside to check both so he's on the right track. They're all the same....interesting.