BB10 has shown its pretty face, and we'll be damned if there's not a lot there to love. There should be, as Research in Motion has certainly borrowed more than a bit in the UI department from Android, as well as a little from Windows Phone 7.  We're not knocking them for it (OK, maybe just a little), because RIM has needed a serious refresh to their image among consumers for a while now, and using what people (and pundits) have been praising makes perfect sense. We'll let you look the whole thing over at CrackBerry, where you can see B10's homescreen widgets in action, but we have to call out a few things here.

Just as it is with Android, the application tray looks like it's done well, with 16 icons per page, well spaced and high resolution. We're not sure, but there are probably more than 16 apps for BlackBerry, so you'll have a multi-page design, and you have full time access to the buttons that RIM deems important across the bottom.  Speaking of which, notice the widgets on the homescreen.  We can't decide just who should be flattered the most here, because they look like a healthy mash-up of an Android phone with WP7's Metro interface thrown in.  It's pretty, and functional. It's also going to makes those BlackBerries look all the same, or would if more phones were getting it. We fully expect to see BlackBerry fragmentation rants across the 'tubes any second now.  

All kidding aside here folks -- we want RIM to succeed in a big way in their quest to keep things afloat. If all the competition dies off, the winner(s) have no reason to keep trying to make things better. We all want things that are better. We're happy to see RIM pulling what works from other mobile operating systems, and changing it up to fit better with theirs. If BB10 turns out to be the best thing since sliced bread, Google will have to rethink how to slice bread and give us more with the next version. We all win here, and winning is a very good thing indeed.  

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RIM's BB10 OS looks a tad familiar [the competition]


I dont understand where you guys see widgets or wp7. That screenshot looks more like ios than anything to me. Just a grid of icons....

The screenshot on Crackberry looks like multitasking panes (ie: minimized, running applications), not "live tiles" like in WP7. Just my opinion.. Keep in mind, it was Kevin from Crackberry that made the assumption that they're widgets, there's no official word on that matter.

I want that hardware, the 9850/60's look amazing, that software.. not so much
EDIT: Since when does BB have cut the rope?

The BB Playbook has Cut the Rope. BB10 and the Playbook OS are basically the same thing, so any app that runs on the Playbook should run on BB10

"We're not sure, but there are probably more than 16 apps for BlackBerry, so you'll have a multi-page design".

I lol'd so hard at that part. Ha ha ha!

Get ready for the lawsuits to start before RIM even launches the device! Those homepage tiles look way too much like WP7 and the icons like IOS and Samsung Sense.

I hate those frivolous law suits. They are way too vague. There are not too many ways to design an intuitive Operating System. You have to borrow small ideas and concepts for competitipn, I HATE APPLE for starting this whole huge law suit war over stupid patents. They can no longer innovate so they have to take out the competition through the courts. I cannot wait for the day all of the WP7, Android and Blackaberry OEMs to attack Apple with lawsuit after lawsuit and put Apples sorry ass out of business. Or at the very least hurt them so much that they will have much trouble recouperating from it

Thank you! Btw apple stole the RIM UI from the blackberry charm series and apple stole pretty much every other platform idea.

I had a Blackberry... and so did a ton of my friends. BBM was great!

That was 2 years ago.

I hear BBM is still all the rage for teens... is it really a big deal for enterprise customers?

I can't imagine BBM being the big reason to use a Blackberry.

I never understood the big draw to BBM. I use google talk platform on my android, and it seems to do everything BBM did and more. It's also cross platform, and I can use it from my computer to pick up where the convo left off.

I used to have a BB for quite a few years, and did use bbm, but I just don't see what the big draw is (not knocking it, just asking what others like about it compared to gtalk)


There are so many other ways of doing free texting or group texting... BBM just doesn't seem as big a deal as it used to be.

If someone is using a Blackberry... it's probably more for enterprise email and less for BBM.

Well to be honest... the gTalk app doesn't support pics or file transfers. Group chat is cumbersome. gTalk doesn't do more, but will match BBM feature for feature (sans delivery and read receipts) only if you use a 3rd party chat app that supports the features. gTalk service works great, but the Android app sucks rocks.

You're right. Gtalk just does full-on video chat.

The only reason that BBM was cool was because it was baked into the OS, so you didn't have to run a special app to get messages. That's it.

Wait till they integrate it with Google plus messenger Google plus messenger allows me to post pics and files I would like that in g talk

I agree about hoping it ends up being successful. Less competition isnt good for any consumer. Idk if id ever consider BB again, but more options are always good.

the devil is in the details.

a competitive phone needs to be a lot more than just some screenshots of a cheap copy of unoriginal stolen mishmash of competitor UIs.

IMO RIMM has neither the talent nor the leadership to succeed.


Competition like it or not makes phones better (WP7 , iOS , BB OS makes android better)
If there's no competition Android will become the next symbian

that being said , Its looking good , but the only way I might get a BlackBerry is to have 4" + screen , expendable storage & WINDOWS PHONE

I can settle for the last option alone , but to me : No Windows Phone , No BlackBerry

Like it, hope the hardware is killer. Blackberry needs to put out one hell of a high specked phone with just knock out hardware and a smooth OS. The Mobile Phone business needs Blackberry. My first smart phone was a blackberry, They have taken their time so let's hope it is worth the wait.

Blackberry is ridiculous. The Playbook copies webOS and and Android, and now they do this?! This is preposterous. The people running Blackberry are idiots.

How on earth did the Playbook copy Android? I have 2 Android phones and a Playbook, and the Playbook OS doesn't resemble Android in any way whatsoever.

Are you talking about the ability for the Playbook to run Android apps? You realize Android is open source, right? Do you know what open source is? Do you even have any clue what makes Android so great? Android is SUPPOSED to run on different platforms, that's the whole point! So why do fanboys like you get butt hurt when Blackberry includes the Android runtime? Shouldn't you just be happy that more and more people are embracing Droid?

Wow! 95% of these comments are just as retarded as the author. Did Larry P. not have Jobs as a mentor? And stole pretty much all of iOS for their fly by night phones? I like Android but you idiots need to be whacked with a reality roundhouse.

apple did not invent of apps, blackberry had 'row of apps' far back to 2005 with their blackberry charm series and i remember nokia phones with it before 2007 so RIM should be the ones suing

If Android/google have to 'rethink how to slice bread', then Apple/iOS will claim they invented bread and how to slice it and sue everyone again!

The image posted in this article has some photo-chop blunders (ie.. the phone software button). And if you view the pics also posted on Crackberry, look at the top status bar and you will see they don't match. One of them is obviously an iPhone status-bar at the top.

RIM truly have not clue when it come to innovating. They have brought nothing new in the last 5 years, every phone looks the same. With the playbook they blatantly ripped off webOS and see where that is getting them. Now a new smartphone platform where they can't be bothered creating something totally different? Yeah, good luck RIM.

RIM created pretty much everything android, iphone, web os and wp7. our concepts where adapted by all the mobile nations.

I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Blackberry. But their market share is so small I doubt Apple will waste any time on them.

IMHO I think it's fair to say that each respected platform knows what we, the consumers, want. Each one is different in their own little way but they all are very similar. iOS and android are tops right now...the same way BlackBerry was just a few years ago. They all have to make devices that we want. Most devices are touchscreen now and they all do the same thing...touch the icon and it opens. I love all mobile tech...well except for Palm maybe, but I digress. It's a part of our everyday lives. There are things I love about iOS, android, windows....etc. It's just really about the personal preference of the individual consumer. It's just nice to see RIM scratching and fighting their way back. They all borrow from each other...if they don't borrow, tweak, improve then innovation stops and that's something that I don't ever want to see happen. Just my two cents...

I luv how all the fanboys get excited if they think anything looks like there beloved OS. Let's be honest, as an android & blackberry7 user I can honestly no longer differentiate the android devices. As much I enjoy using the android OS & its capabilities I am starting to get bored with android OEM are building exact same hardware with maybe a slight variation 4",4.3",4.5",4.65",5" etc.... Please understand that there is not a one size fits all OS out there, even though that's what you would like to believe.....

Blackberry wouldn't leak such poor quality photoshopped images. Even the one at the top of this page is crooked. Somebody's having fun.

Doesn't take much to pass as a journalist these days, does it?

BlackBerry is a product, not a company. The company is RIM. Companies release things. Their products do not. Next you're going to tell us that the iPod and iPad are made by iPhone.

If you're going to call out the skills of journalists on a website, I'd suggest in the future you not start the post by, in essence, announcing that you're an idiot.

To be fair, BlackBerry is a product line, not a single product, and RIM does not associate their company name much on that line like Apple does. But still you are correct so point taken. I sincerely apologize if my error made it impossible for you to understand my point and made you so irate you had to resort to name calling.