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Wicked busy day for a Monday eh? New Nook Tablet, HTC and Sprint confirming some Ice Cream Sandwich love and Google+ Pages now popping up everywhere. If you missed out on any news from today be sure to jump on back a few pages and get ccaught up. Plus, you can head on into the Android Central forums for more Android discussion.

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Rezound vs. RAZR, Dialer data [From the Forums]


Droid Life had a survey: GNex vs Rezound vs Razr. The Razr was far more popular than the Rezound, and the GNex won the vote. Personally, I think the Rezound is a kick ass phone. It will have ICS before we know it. As long as it doesn't have the same reception problems the Incredible 2 has, this will be the phone I'll be going with.