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Hey Folks! James here, your Community Manager here at Mobile Nations. I wanted to give you a quick heads-up on some changes coming to the Android Central Forums.

Late Thursday/early Friday we are going to do some revamping to the organization of the forums. This is something we've done recently on Windows Phone Central, iMore and webOS Nation. The changes were all well received… and now it's Android Central's turn!

The new and improved structure has been vetted by your editorial team, forums team, other key players at Mobile Nations, and most importantly, Lloyd. We're excited about the changes. The new layout will simplify navigating Android Central's massive amount of forums.

One of our goals is to make the forums index as clean and clear as possible, while still providing as many relevant sub-forums for users to dive into. Carrier specific device forums, rooting/ROM forums and the like will still be available for existing devices… and we'll even have a few new areas to explore.

This is just one of the first steps in the continual evolution of Android Central's forums. We are always working to get better for YOU, our readers and active members.

Keep an eye on the forums over the next little while. If you're not active in the forums, I encourage you to pop on over and get involved. We have an amazing community of friendly and knowledgeable members. In a nutshell it's the BEST damn Android community there is!


Reader comments

Android Central Forums are going to get a lot easier to get around in


The app gets all of its information from the forums directly, so whatever structural changes the forums on the web see, the forums on the app will reflect those changes as well.

Good job guys its nice to see the forum get some love love the site listen to the podcast every episode

Please create a dedicated app, like the verge one, where I can get all the stories and also access the forums without the clutter that is tapatalk...please :)

Curious to see what you've got in the works.

And for the love of Lloyd, please make the little triangle that allows us to go the most recent post bigger than a comma and further from the last poster's profile link. Show XDA how it should be done!

Finally! - I really like how the Verge did there's. This is awesome, now if only AC could get a real app. How is this an Android site with no real App for the news etc. . . blows my mind.