Holster Combo for Droid Incredible

Verizon's Shell/Holster Combo for the Droid Incredible packs a one-two punch of a minimalist case along with a waist holster, complete with clip. The case itself is black, but not the matte black you will find along the front of your Incredible. Rather, it is the same shade as the rear plastic cover on the DInc. It is held in place by a pair of gripping sides the run the length of the phone on either side. Check past the break for the rest of the review, along with tons of pictures.

The case feels great in the hand, mainly because it adds so little bulk to the phone. It leaves the front almost completely ignored, but protects the back and sides with an extra layer of plastic. It has a weave pattern that allows for much easier gripping of the phone, especially with slippery hands. The back features the same layered ridges as the stock Droid Incredible back, which is a nice feature which I have found makes it slightly easier to hold the phone. The buttons and ports are given ample breathing room, so you dont have to worry about getting your USB or headphone cables in. Around the camera and LEDs, the case seems to have a slight lip, which should help protect the camera lens from scratches when set down on flat surfaces.

The holster is of the same color and has the same weave on its back. It has a trio of plastic grippers to keep your phone securely locked in place. A subtle ridge along each side of the case fits into the side grippers, so you will only be able to put the phone in the holster with the screen facing inward. A soft material lines the inside where the screen will rest against the inside of the holster, preventing any scratches. The top of the holster has a slight lip, which prevents the phone from simply slipping out, but is easily pushed back when sliding the phone out. The clip itself can tilt in 90 degrees to both the left and right, so you should be able to find an angle that works for you.

Since getting the case and holster, I have found myself leaving the case on constantly. The additions to weight and bulk are almost unnoticeable, and the build quality is surprisingly high for a Verizon-branded accessory. The weave on the back add a bit of style without losing the recognisable leveled design on the back that the Droid Incredible has become known for. I love using the holster when I run to keep my phone strapped to my waist band and out of the way. The Verizon Shell/Holster Comb for the Droid Incredible can be found in the Android Central Store for $24.95.

Case close up

Bottom of case

Left side of case

Back of case

Close up of holster

 Top of holster



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Review: Verizon Shell/Holster Combo for the Droid Incredible


Had this for about 2 weeks. The clip piece kept a sore spot in my side and the phone repeatedly fell out of the case... Thew mine away and got a different case.

This holster is good for a couple of weeks, but then it gets really loose, and the phone falls out if it's not upright. The shell by itself as a case is great though. It's got a good feel, adds almost no weight or thickness, and has a nice grip to it. Just the holster is crap.

Got this the day the Incredible came out. Am a bit surprised there's a review on it coming out now... Anyways it's a great shell, but the belt clip sucks. That's about all there is to it.

Can you do a review on the OtterBox for the DInc? That's on my short list to replace this case.

I have a review up on the Android Central Store for the OtterBox Commuter case. You are probably talking about the Defender case since it has the holster but maybe it will help you decide on whether to order the Defender or not. Commuter is awesome so I expect the Defender to be as well when it comes out.

I looked at getting this case when i ordered my Dinc, but I ended up going with the Seidio Innocase and holster combo. That one's got a spring-loaded clip to keep the phone in place, and covers the top and bottom a little better IMO. :)

The price on this combo is a little lower though, so that's nice.

Verizon offers a 1 year warranty on cases I believe, so take it back and get a new one or something different.

This is the case that I have. I got mine a day or two after receiving my Dinc, which was about 8 days after it's release. My case has been fine. snug fit, stylish, and I have not broken the clip (knock on wood) or anything else for that matter. I am not easy on cases either.

I initially had the two-piece Verizon case that was black, fading to red. It sucked because it was so loose. I've had this case on my Incredible for four months now. It's exactly what I eventually figured out I wanted: a one-piece case that still allows the user to wipe the screen without leaving a layer of crud around the edges. It does an excellent (no "incredible" pun) job of protecting the camera lens. Everything is as accessible as with no case (except for the battery, of course), but is still offered an extra measure of protection.

I don't use the holster at all, so I can't speak to its durability.

The case by itself, IMO, is worth the price.

Phones should not be worn on one's belt unless you work in law enforcement, construction, or plumbing; or you are on a away-team mission.

What are you talking about. A phone is an awkward shape to keep in a pocket, not to mention if you have change, keys, etc in your pockets, the will scratch the heck out of a phone. Plus it's easier to grab out of the holster on a belt than in a pocket.

A good belt clip is a crucial accessory to any phone.

+1 I totally agree. I've had this case since the DInc came out and use it on my belt exclusively. Wouldn't have it any other way.

Maybe I'm lucky but I haven't had any of the issues other members are reporting. I purchased this case with my dinc on launch day and have not had a problem with it. I use it every day at work (would never be that loser that uses a holster when he goes out) and my phone still fits very snug in it. It's not the most attractive thing (not a fan of the stiched look) but it works great and keeps my phone safe at my side. I should also note that I'm pretty rough on my cases, I went through six of them on my last phone.

Me too I love this combo. No problems with the belt clip. I've dropped my phone a couple of times without any damage. I agree that the phone can slip out if the holster is tilted but you can heat and bend the lip of the holster so the phone stays secure.

These are my (current) favorite cases for verizon android phones.

THe reason is because they are light, simple, and (at least for me) it's easy to pop the back off my Droid Case to fit it in the GPS holder.

Just an FYI for potential buyers, Verizon offers these for a ton of phones. Every device in their android lineup (with the possible exception of the ERIS) and a lot of their 3gMM/Blackberry devices as well.

People who carry their smartphones on their belts should be mocked. Point at them and laugh.

Seriously, it is the modern equivalent of a pocket protector.

I'm using this case and mostly happy with it. I recently dropped my phone from about hip height directly onto concrete. The direct hit was to the top left corner where there is no case coverage (outside the holster), so the corner is mashed a bit. Although I was impressed that as it bounced a bit and landed flat on the screem, the slight edge of the front of the case keeps the face from contacting anything. So the screen is perfect still.

Depending how I am sitting, the top of the belt clip rides a little high and can dig into the skin a bit, but other than that I love this case.

I've been using this case for a while (with the belt clip). It works. I also find it thin and while the holster can be rotated into several orientations anything but vertical is an invitation to disaster.

I was disappointed that no comparison was made with the innocase and clip because the two are so conceptually similar. I'm planning to buy the innocase and clip and I'd like to hear about fit, ease of removal and insertion/removal with the clip holster.

Anyone own both and want to let us know?

I got my case the same day the Droid Incredible came out. After about 2 weeks the case was no longer secure in the holster. I threw it out and went with a red silicone case and just keep it in my pocket.