Review 13: The Terminator

Review is like app or game coverage but for movie series, television shows, comic books, and other geeky entertainment. It's great stuff you can watch and enjoy on your Android phone, tablet, or Chromecast! On this week's episode Don, Matt, Guy, and Rene talk The Terminator. It's a post-apocalyptic trip through the original and T2, with a dash of T3, T4, and Sarah Connor Chronicles thrown in for good measure. So how does James Cameron's genre-defining 80s flick hold up today? We absolutely, positively will not stop until we've talked it to death!

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Review 13: The Terminator


Just curious what direction you guys are trying to take this site? With so many articles these days by people who don't seem to know Android very well, and these random reviews of shows and movies, I am curious what this site is trying to become.

I'm not trying to be critical, what you do with your site is obviously your prerogative. But I think it's a courtesy to your long-time readers to let them know when you're taking your site in a different direction, and what that direction is. Just seems I have to sift through more and more stuff to get to the good old-fashioned articles written for Android enthusiasts.

I did explain our direction, some two months ago. But for brevity's sake, I'll repeat it here:

Grow, or die.

We're not just some Android blog. There are plenty of those. (And to answer your question, you need only look to the stories published immediately before and after this post for a "traditional" Android piece.) We are part of Mobile Nations. We have the ability to leverage the full power and expertise of the men and women who write for all of our sites, and they have the same to do with the core group that makes up Android Central.

"Review" isn't some random review of shows and movies. It's a dedicated podcast about the things we watch, and the way we spend time with our devices, Android or otherwise. And it's yet another way to bring all of us together as a mobile community.

Moreover, with the introduction of Android TV in just a few weeks, I'd say shows like "Review" are more pertinent than ever.

This exactly!

We've spent years building up the platforms, now the platforms can build us up. My Nexus 7 came with a free movie — Transformers. Why is that? Because media is now just as mobile and important as apps.

Why is Google doing Chromecast, Google Play Movies & TV, and Android TV? Because they know this more than any of us :)

That's bullshit. It's the Transformers for crying out loud! You have to watch it or you need to be suspended for two weeks. I know it's not Hamlet or Citizen Kane or The Godfather but come on - it's the Transformers! It's better. If you don't get nerdwood when you hear the metallic, digital chorus of them actually transforming....... well, I don't even want to think about it. It just makes me sad that you're denying yourself.

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The worst Transformers movie is still better than the best chick flick.

Except Steel Magnolias. That movie was great.

I'm with Kvoth, there's a lot of useless chaff lately. For example, I don't care a bloggers opinion of old movies. I only followed the link this time in order to see what the point was.

Please break apart your Google+ account into categories if you feel the need to explore new directions. I follow ANDROID Central, not mobile nations.

I realize that I may be coming off a bit gruff, but if you want your readers to respect you then you should respect our time and interest. Even Engadget puts this kind of content in a different stream.

We absolutely respect all our readers, and thanks for your input.

But we also respect that most folks don't want the same thing day after day. I'm not saying we won't tweak how we do things in the future (we've got big plans on that, actually). But we refuse to let Android Central (or any of our other sites) turn into "Groundhog Day." That's boring for us, and readers should expect more from a publication.

Besides, I defy you to find another publication our size that reviews as many phones as we do. And covers the news like we do. And attends as many events as we do. And ventures into the less-comfortable places as we do. All while still being the go-to site for folks new to smartphones, and new to Android.

That's what makes this job so much fun, and interacting with folks so much fun. There's something for everyone.

I completely understand that reasoning, and I think it's good stuff for the web site. I use my Google + stream as a sort of digest mode for my immediate interests. I don't follow Engadget there anymore, but I'll browse the site when I feel like it. Their g+ posts are just too random.

Android Central's depth is what earned my attention. I appreciate all the work you all do (in my areas of interest :-P) . So I would hate to have to use an alternate, although a couple exist that provide good enough highlights that I would know when to visit the AC site for more information. That's not a threat, just a scenario. I'm not against variety;I just want control of my streams.

Don't cross the streams! ;-)

I enjoy the Review show, I liked it since it was called Ad Hoc and I found it by accident, hidden away in the Mobile Nations podcast lists. I’m starting to like The TV Show as well.

To be honest though I did think these were just the editors having fun outside of tech blogging and I didn’t realise they were part of the group of sites strategy. Buy hey it is good stuff and perhaps if this area grows for Mobile Nations it will justify its own blog alongside AC/IM/WPC etc.

I’ve no issue with Mobile Nations bringing more content to its sites but I do have some understanding of the concerns that this is Android Central. I’ve watched another tech site I loved completely lose itself in “culture”, come out of the other side not knowing what it is anymore and end up mostly unreadable. I’d hate to see that happen to AC, although to be fair I doubt Phil would let it either!

Thanks for taking the time to reply Phil, I did read that post but still couldn't see where Review fit in with that. And to be honest I am not convinced it does, just because it can be watched on an Android device. So personally I can't say I like these latest growths but I wish you the best in them all the same.

Maybe what would be good is some sort of filtering (tag-based?) that users could set, so you can still post those handy beginner tutorials without making the power users scroll through 3 pages of stuff to get to what is relevant to them. And also then maybe non-US readers (I'm sure I'm not the only one :P) could filter out all the "x-device released/announced/updated for *insert-us-carrier-here*", and anyone who doesn't really visit this site to read about tv/movie reviews can filter them out too.

Anyway it's just a suggestion. As a developer I know it would be no small task, but trying to have both depth (which I appreciate has always been your strength) AND diversity will piss off at least as many readers as it will please unless there's a way for them to manage the stream.

I don't recall seeing all of this dissenting and aggravation during game reviews. It's pretty much the same thing, isn't it? Media that you can consume on your Android device. Not trying to start a thing here but just wondering where people draw the line.

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The sad thing is you're right. It will piss people off. The thing I hate most about this site is that there is a large number of commenters who are dead set against options. They seem to feel like the world should only offer what they want and to hell with what anybody else will want. Whether its options on phones or options on this site, they just don't want it. Its always about them and what they want and they are very vocal about their opinion that nothing that they don't want should be available.

No one said it shouldn't be available, I merely suggested there could be an option of sorting/filtering it so we can choose what's relevant.

They post a lot of content, and I'm finding that if I want to take 10 minutes to chill and read something interesting, it's getting to the point that I can't rely on AC because it takes more and more time just to find something I like. And that means I often miss the good stuff, which is disappointing. So I thought I'd give some feedback and a suggestion.

I don't take issue with your post per se its just upsetting to see the growing number of complaints by people who only want the site to contain the things they want to see. There's nothing wrong with giving feedback, and I'm sure Phil appreciates it, its just frustrating to see so many people want the site to be so limited.

Here's the bottom line. If they go too broad and people start unfollowing them or quit coming to the site they will go broke and close up shop. So maybe you shouldn't be so one sided. I think people want filtering options, not the removal of content for all. No one is trying to take anything away from you. We just don't want stupid terminator reviews in our plus stream. If I wanted movie reviews I'd follow a professional reviewer. Since you mention it, it would be nice to have the game reviews posted under a separate account as well. Good suggestion.

Ad hoc (err Reviews ) doesn't come out that often. I might agree if it was daily (or even weekly) but its monthly or less. I think people who don't want to see that kinds think can scroll past one post a month.

Edit: OK I guess its expanded a bit but its still only weekly.

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This is going to sound crazy, but I'm all for this! It's like I get to be there to see Android Central (and the rest of Mobile Nation) become this huge juggernaut of a network that could compensate for most of my interests!

As much as I love Android and iOS, I do have other interests (particularly music, video games, tennis, and basketball). While I don't think Mobile Nations is going to be the hub for sports, if they do plan on going in the direction I think they are, they could be the ideal spot for Mobile OSs, Desktop OSs , tips and news for budding/veteran coders and programmers, computers, laptops, and computer components, music, video games, and more!

Posted through my Nexus 7!

More app reviews please, I like the Saturday apps suggestions but would love more of them.

The Google play store sucks trying to find certain apps you want, but it does not allow you to search within the sub-directories. Most of my apps I have found come from AC and DL.

And thanks for the hard work and dedication

this site isn't just android. this is mobile nations. they wanna promote whatever they want and there's no awesome android news everyday.

don't click on everything you see here.. not a big deal man.

And how are we to know there's no awesome Android news unless we take the time to check through every article since last time we checked ;)

No it's not a big deal, though bigger to some than others. But it will be an issue for more and more people as the site grows, unless some sort of filtering is implemented.

Absolutely! First two are icons. Other ones, and even the TV show had their moments, but aren't the whole package.

The reboot will be interesting to see!

The Sarah Connor Chronicles were good, and an excellent development. Ended way too soon.

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Should review the 1981 classic Evilspeak!!! Just got my bluray a few days ago, but last time I seen it was on the old laserdisk format of the 80s!

I spend a lot of time on Android Central. If there is an article that I'm not interested in, I don't click on it. What I don't do is click on the article and then go to the comments and say "why are you guys doing this? I only want XYZ to be covered, stop doing this other stuff" You know why? Because this is Android Central, not Tdizzel Central. I don't know why people can't understand the concept that no site is going to be specifically designed for them unless its a website that they create. If you don't like the Review columns, the simple solution is to not click on them. Phil and Co can tell how many people are coming to each article, and I can guarantee that if they post these Review columns and can see that only 4 people are clicking on them they will stop. But you know what? they're entertaining and relevant. I enjoyed last weeks column abut Arrow and right now I'm re-watching the first season...streaming it through my Chromecast as I type. I wouldn't be doing that right now if last week's column hadn't reminded me how much I enjoy it.
So yeah, there is some stuff on this site I don't care about, but I'm not gonna go into a column and put the site on blast claiming I'm gonna stop coming here if they don't stop posting columns about how to do a factory reset on a Galaxy S5. I enjoy more than 90% of the columns on this site and I skip over the ones I'm not interested in. That's the amazing thing about choice. I don't have to read things I don't want to read. I suggest people learn more about this "choice" concept and stop trying to get the site to get rid of things that are enjoyed by many who come here.

That being said, the first 2 Terminator movies were outstanding. I've watched them both dozens of times over the years. The other movies I can really do without. I watched the Sarah Connor Chronicles because of my crush on Summer Glau, but I have seen very few shows that seemed to lack direction more than that show. I really have no idea what it was even about, other than it had to do with terminators.

I 100% agree. If your not interested don't bother with the article. Move on to what interests you.

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This article was posted to the android central Google plus feed. I follow android central, not mobile nations.

You know what, screw it, I'll unfolllow it. They can chalk reader loss up to their apologist fanatics that encourage them not to improve content delivery.

I think that the point is this: you know that the Review columns have nothing to do with Android, so don't click. Granted, improved filtering isn't a horrible request but if 90% of it is stuff you want to read, and the other 10% is published in a way that you can easily identify just by looking, it is no skin off your back to just not click.
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When I bought my first FHD Plasma TV and BD Player together, I bought T2 Skynet edition. Great demo movie. OK I also bought Avatar.
Emm? I don't have time to read more right now, but " ___ ____ ____."

Getting back to the point of this post The Movie Terminator.....
I find it strange that in the picture his Huge 45 would need such a gigantic scope, after his fire and control and tracking systems would render a scope moot.. I just saw Terminator salvation, again and I ask this....Spoilers warning....
They nuke the Cyberdine complex in the end but the EMP does not disable the chopper. but the nuke in the beginning of the movie disables the first chopper, WHY? Also the master plan was to "bomb Skynet in San Francisco and win the war. They went to SF to rescue Kyle Reese anyways, so when they nuked "Skynet" with the Nuclear batteries wasn't that the plan overall? by that logic they should of ended the war.....
sorry I just had 3 cans of Monster.............. any ideas?

Y'all really ought to consider giving your podcast a more unique name. It's nigh impossible to find just searching RSS.

Leave the movies to imdb, this is a tech site, if I want movie review this ain't the site I come to.

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The fact that it is a review is very clearly labeled. And you did not have to click

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Review the original Star Wars series! PLEASE! (or did I miss it somewhere along the way?) Oh, and don't miss BSG (BattleStar Galactica)!!!! :D

TheVerge tried/is trying this.

It used to be one of my prime tech sources, now it's more like the tech world version of TMZ... and I lost interest.

I'm ok with you guys trying things - have fun with that, but please don't loose track of the important stuff .. I love AC