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Retiring the Nexus One, Charge data connectivity [from the forums]


Yay for making the "from the forums" list! My Nexus One is now officially retired. I'm posting this on my Thunderbolt.

I just posted on your forum. Welcome to the best service from any provider. You will not regret your thunderbolt decision. Give a few weeks stock then check out a few roms. Cm7 is in the works for when 2.3.4 is released. I'm running band remix right now and couldn't be happier. Until a vanilla Tom is stable. Dont let the battery piss you off untilled you've rommed it. The battery issues are mostly settings and internal tweeks.

Nexus One owner who tried the Thunderbolt and ended up going back to still the most reliable device made, The Nexus One. I live in a LTE area with great speeds but the battery drain sucked and the worst was loosing my data connection all the time. That along with about ten other bugs I said screw it and stayed with the Nexus One. Maybe the Thunderbolt has worked thru all the bugs but will stay with my faithful Nexus One. I get over 6mb on the dl and 1.5mb on ul on the Nexus One. I found no matter how fast my download speeds were on the Thunderbolt the User Experience wasn't any better, web pages load faster on my Nexus then they did on the Thunderbolt. I have apps2sd so memory isn't a problem. Waiting for the next super phone or Nexus. The hardware on the Thunderbolt is great,, speeds are great and hopefully all the bugs have been worked out.
PS The only thing I will miss is going into speedtest and seeing over 12mb on dl every time on the Thunderbolt. Sick speeds.

I guess I will have to give mine away. Nexus one is so far the best device I ever had. The new Nexus feels like a toy, just like all the Samsung products.