Republic Wireless is offering customers a free Google Chromecast if they purchase a new Motorola Moto X smartphone online from the no-contract wireless carrier.

At the moment, Republic Wireless is selling the Moto X for $299.99 in black or white with the free Chromecast, which is normally priced at $35. The offer apparently does not extend to purchasing the Moto X if the user wants to also get the Moto Maker option.

As usual, the terms and conditions, better known as the "fine print", for this freebie offer states that the deal will support up to four Moto X units purchased per customer. Republic Wireless says that this deal will continue "while supplies last", which likely means there is only a limited number of free Chromecast devices to go around. Also, buyers should note that the Chromecast won't appear in their online cart when they purchase the Moto X.

What do you think about this deal that bundles a free Chromecast with the Moto X?

Source: Republic Wireless


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Republic Wireless offers free Chromecast with Moto X purchase


Didn't someone else have something similar to this a few months ago

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We're really coming close to an x+1, I think!! All of these discounts and promotions are very promising!

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Agreed. A lot of incentive offers lately to clear existing inventory I think. I'm hoping for a Motorola event announcement within the next couple of weeks.


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I was calm the first 60 times, but the last 75 times...not so much

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But we haven't seen many leaks, which leaves me puzzled. I mean, there have been alleged pics and things, but nothing that really seemed like a plausible leak to me. I like it because I hate knowing everything about a phone before it's announced, but I've also gotten used to leaks before an announcement event

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Pretty good deal, but republic wireless isn't that great

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You know this from personal experience? Because I have seen many people praise the service.

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I'm all about cheap service and so I read some reviews online, and most praised the price, but not the actual service. I also wouldn't be too satisfied with a Moto X considering my hands are pretty big and I like bigger screens for bigger content. I guess if you're always in areas with good WiFi, this is a great deal.

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Already have a Chromecast, but wouldn't mind a second one for the other TV...

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Nice. I love getting free perks with purchases. It doesn't seem fair that buyers who want the Moto Maker option are excluded, though.

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It would make sense if they have inventory sitting in a warehouse that they're trying to clear. Since Motomaker is build on demand, there wouldn't be inventory to get rid of.

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Well of course there is inventory, it is just in the form of parts rather than finished product.

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But it's on the sprint network...... Why would anyone want to endure that......

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Because I pretty much always have Wi-Fi, so why pay a ton for a more robust cell network that I don't need? Anyone is welcome to have their opinions about which networks suit them, I just don't have any need to blow an extra $1,500+ per year.

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Republic Wireless is a love it or hate it thing. I know everybody likes to hate on sprint. Reasons I love republic:
* $25 gives me unlimited talk, text, and 5 gig of data with out throttle.
* Speeds on 3g in my area are consistently 700k - 1.5 mb. Fast enough for every thing i need on a smart phone.
* Coverage is awesome! Republic is one of the only MVNO's on sprint that gives you access to Sprint's roaming partners (Verizon, Us Cellular, etc). Data speeds suck when roaming. However, I'm surprised when people say coverage sucks. Yea if you want to watch movies or play games then roaming sucks. Data speeds while roaming can still activate navigation or pull a web page in a pinch.
Really though: $25 and you can talk on a cell phone all day any where Sprint, Verizon, U. S. Cellular, or any of sprints other partners have coverage. Incredible.

The Moto X is a great phone. Even now,

My teenage daughter has been using the Moto X since April. She has been very pleased with the performance of this phone. Nice camera on this phone. Excellent call quality. Kit Kat is on there now.

Between wifi at her school and at our home, she is almost always near good wifi, but it is also very good to have unlimited voice and text on the cellular network the rest of the time. She has been on the $10/month plan for all but one week (she upgraded to the 4G plan for one week when we took a family vacation).

It has been totally worth laying out the money for the Moto X to now be reaping the benefits of a $10/month phone bill that does every she needs.

If you want to get $20 off, please use this referral code when you sign up:

You'll get $20 off your first bill (and she'll also get $20 off her bill - Republic Wireless is awesome. They let you use up to 30 referrals per year!)