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Fledgling operator Republic Wireless — which has some of the more interesting plans we've seen in some time — today announced that it'll carry the Moto X starting in November. It'll cost $299 outright — as in no contract — with plans starting at $5 a month.

Yeah, you read that right.

For the uninitiated, here's the deal: Republic is all about this "Hybrid Wifi" thing, which isn't unlike T-Mobile's Wifi Calling feature. The idea is that you offload as much as you can to existing Wifi networks, thus saving the operator (and then you) money. If you do decide to go with a plan that users a cell network for voice or data, you'll be using Sprint's backbone. (So keep that in mind when considering coverage.)

Again, you'll be able to get a Moto X (again, not until November) for $299 without a contract. In, out done. You're stuck to either woven white or black — none of the cool custom colors, apparently.

The plans include: 

  • $5 a month for a Wifi only deal. You'll still be able to make calls and texts, but you'll have to be on Wifi to do it.
  • $10 a month gets you Wifi plus unlimited voice and texts on the cell network.
  • $25 a month gets you all that plus unlimited data on the cell network.
  • And for $40 a month, you get unlimited everything over 4G as well as Wifi.

Source: Republic Wireless, Moto X FAQ


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Republic Wireless gets the Moto X in November for $299 outright


If I had $300 it would go to that for sure. I'd take donations.

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Signed up for their email to know when It comes in. If I have the $300 by then I for sure night just get it. Can't beat the value. $40 unlimited everything and a new shiny phone with a great accessory ecosystem. Only concern someone might have is updates for it.

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I wonder if the X will be like the other phones...once its activated on a RW account, you cant do anything else with it after...

Republic uses CDMA (Sprint), so unless they started doing new GSM leasing agreements just for this phone the answer is no.

While the above statements aren't false, they aren't necessarily complete. The real question is what additional bands and technologies does the phone they are selling support? I don't personally know the answer to that question. The phone may very well have GSM/UMTS/LTE in addition to it's CDMA capabilities.

That is the grey area Sprint won't talk about. However if it is a Sprint Moto X with a Republic Wireless rom, then TECHNICALLY it's able to be unlocked, because it has a SIM tray.

However, the ROM that Republic Wireless puts on there may restrict it, which means it will require a concoction of bootload unlocking, ROM-ing, and modem flashing in order to get it to work on American GSM.

I don't understand why Phil and Company don't ban accounts like this one who only ever have negative spammy things to say like they do to normal spammers.

good for Republic - this could begin to change the pricing landscape and hopefully put some fear into the big carriers. i hope they do well!

This has to be almost "at cost" because it's less than any other outright price I've seen.

Is this the kind of pricing we would see if all carriers were forbidden to finance phones?

So can you buy this phone out right and just activate on Sprint?

Posted from My HTC One via Android Central App

Will this work with international carriers or only US ones? As in if you took it to another country and popped a local CDMA sim into it, would it work?

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Only GSM carriers use SIM Cards.

The only reason why Verizon and Sprint (both CDMA carriers) have SIM slots and cards is for the LTE portion of their network. And LTE is a variant of GSM.

I'm sure somebody will correct me if I'm wrong.

Not wrong sir, but the Model that they use is XT1056, which has GSM built in to it for international roaming. But that's provider dependent, and I'm sure that $299 price tag comes with some big promises about keeping that locked.

Might be time to call a friendly neighborhood Hacker-Man :)

Which begs the question, if this thing were FREE with no strings attached, what good is a nice device on a crappy carrier? How is $300 even remotely a good deal if the thing runs on a sub par unreliable operator. Seems like throwing money down the toilet to me...

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4

I'm sorry to hear you've used this device on this carrier and had a bad experience. That's what you're suggesting, right? Because otherwise your comment has no merit and is just complaining for the sake of complaining.

The real question. Is there a 30 day return period?

Republic is a Sprint MVNO with voice and data roaming onto Verizon towers. Coverage is as good as Sprint, and better than other Sprint MVNOs.

Wifi VOIP has been problematic but RW promises enhancements now that they're out of Beta with the Moto X.

Can anyone confirm if Sprint ships their phones factory unlocked for GSM like Vzw is doing recently?

Sprint service in Seattle is great. I wouldn't mind making the switch. Since I'm on wifi most of the day and at home anyways.

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Republic Wireless has had some ups and downs, but they haven't quit, and they've developed their own custom firmware to handle the wi-fi calling. Which, by the way, will hand off to 3g voice when you get in your car and drive away from your house. It's really cool tech.

Now they finally have a cool phone to boot! I may just give this a shot. My parents have feature phones on VZW, I may get one for them so they can text me.

I'm on sprint now with my note 2. My coverage for where I use it 98% of the time is as good as it was on Verizon. A pair of these for the wife and I and it cuts our bill by $50 after taxes and fees. Phones would pay for themselves in a year. Tempting. This could really work out well for Republic.

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$299 for the phone then $40 per month unlimited everything on 4G. Damn it why can't the Aussie telcos be that generous. I'm paying $150 for everything but on 3G.

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I would get this and SIM unlock for TMO after some Dev figures this out. At 299 I would match this up.

Posted from the surface of the Moon

Would it be possible perhaps to buy it and flash it to Verizon like with the sprint s3?

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Phil in which republic is that? I am in the country of Texas and never heard of them.
I went to their site but couldn't find the coverage map and there's no brick and mortar.

Man. I wish we could buy this phone off contract for 299. They would sell so many.

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Interesting news from Republic. Not only the vastly improved hardware offering (over the Defy XT) but the change to different service plans instead of the single $19 plan. Although, what does the $5 plan really get you? Maybe it's targeted at people who can't figure out how to set up wifi calling with Google Voice. :D

You would think know there is a way to root and fix the radios to work for Sprint since there service is based on Sprint. Probably not worth the try, Idk.

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Sometimes, when you want to be cheap, you just have to go along with the cheap flow of whoever is offering you the cheap thing you want the cheap way the cheap provider wants to offer it to you.

NO! One cannot get this discount on this phone and use it with any other provider. This discount on this phone only exists for those people who wish to use this service.

1: I'm sure it will be carrier-locked.
2: I'm sure it will be bootloader-locked.
3: I wouldn't be surprised if the ROM they're using blocks wifi use without at least the $5 plan (because if one could use wifi without a plan, one could get the phone for cheap and not get a plan, and use other apps for VOIP, texts, and data, and RW would be out $5 per cheater per month---why else would they even consider offering a $5 plan, if you could use it without a plan at all?!? because they think ppl will be honorable enough to choose to pay $5 as oppsed to $0?!?).

You get what you get. If you don't want what they offer, then shop elsewhere. If you want a GSM SIM phone and the ability to choose providers, get the unlocked Dev version. It will work nicely with T-Mo's $30 a month 5GB data plan. look it up on CNET if you can't find it on T-mo.

If you want a cheap Moto X because you can't afford one unlocked, then get one tied to another carrier, or go ahead and purchase this pretty brick.

Now, for those of us excited about RW service on the Moto X...

Take my money, already!!!