Moto G on Republic Wireless

If you're looking for yet another low-cost smartphone option, this one should pique your interest. Republic Wireless is getting the Moto G in April. The phone will cost $149, but remember that it's Republic's plans that really make things affordable, starting at $5 a month for voice data and texting over Wifi only.

If you decide you do need cellular service, another $5 a month gets you unlimited voice and texting. And $25 a month gets you unlimited everything, albeit on 3G data only.

Beyond that? Same great Moto G. Be sure to read our full Moto G review.

Source: Republic Wireless; Thanks, @MJOforIAM!

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Republic Wireless gets Moto G in April


Phil are you trolling your own post by mentioning another phone that has nothing to do with the phone/article in question? Save it for the comments section there bub!

The $25 a month is a great plan, coupled with the the Moto X and now G it's going to be really great.

(source: I have Republic Wireless)

Curious how you like Republic, though I'm a bit baffled how a phone can work in WiFi networks which for the most part are secure. I understand that when not available they use Sprint from what I hear isn't the best. This coming from a long time ATT user with a GS3.. tired of paying the bloated prices..I guess if you don't like Republic you're stuck with the phone too right?

1. "though I'm a bit baffled how a phone can work in WiFi networks which for the most part are secure."

The company that own Republic ( is one of the biggest VoIP technology providers. They help Google, Skype and Vonage with there backend stuff. Also the ROM the Moto X is developed by RW, Motorola and Sprint to ensure it works properly.

2. " I understand that when not available they use Sprint from what I hear isn't the best."

Depends on your location. This is my 3G Speedtest ( as for voice I've haven't seen any real problems (again, your mileage may vary.)

3. "I guess if you don't like Republic you're stuck with the phone too right?"

Yes you are. due to the technology that they use to make it tick you are locked to RW. BUT they do have a 30 money-back no questions asked guarantee.

It works like any other phone that connects to wifi. If it knows the password to a wifi network it automatically connects to it. It doesn't just connect to any or all wifi networks it sees, only the ones you tell it to, and then remembers, for all other situations its on the cell.
One thing I like about RW is it seems that sound quality of calls are pretty good, because I believe it is all done over VOIP even when its on sprints network.

Republic is great, my wife used the moto x on them for a while. Their biggest problem is their used policy. If your Republic phone breaks, you can't easily sell it on eBay since it can never be activated again on ANY carrier. You have to sell it as "for parts." Or if you decide you want to switch away from Republic, your phone becomes essentially a small tablet and can't ever be activated again. You could sell it as "for parts" and someone would buy it, but the resale value is trashed.

That's a much easier pill to swallow for a $149 Moto G than a $299 Moto X but even still. It really sucks.

True, but they are working on fixing this issue and are in the last stages of implementing it! The only problem with their phones is that you can only use them on their network, but for pricing who cares!! I got my son the Moto X and it has been flawless!! I'm considering switching from my Verizon phone very soon! Look on their website under "community", and then "ideas", then "Activate used Republic phones" to get more info..

Yeah but there was also a forum post on their site somewhere that promised reactivation before the end of 2013. It's not a total deal breaker, as the prices are amazing. Just something to be aware of.

Too bad its on Sprints network.
But if you have good Sprint coverage, it's a great plan!

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So waiting on 4.4 here's a tip for moto x people on RW if you have 25$ plan use a 4g toggle app to change to LTE/CDMA you get free LTE without paying 40$ just do toggle few times a day they switch you back sometimes

Sweet tip. Thanks! The announcement said KitKat for the X enter Sprints Labs this month (whatever that means) so it won't be too much longer. Your hack might no longer work though :(

I'll be recommending this for any family members who only want talk and text. So many of the feature phones on prepaid carriers are pieces of junk. This way they can have a decent music player and camera with their $10 a month wireless bill.

Hope you're okay with never getting software updates. The current Motorola X on republic Wireless can't use any of the Moto specific updated apps. Its running a very old version of Android. It's a good deal deal if you very cheap but don't expect current software because there voice over IP software takes forever to update, delaying major OS updates. It's a bummer.

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Wow.. that totally sucks.. no updates? The savings are sweet and a $150 phone is nice too.. seems to me the cons outweigh the pro's though.. Doesn't Verizon have a new $45/mo prepaid plan now?

4.4 is coming it takes time considering they use a custom ROM for their service.

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Their press release said The 4.4.2 update Moto X has been pushed to Sprint for testing. I'd give an ETA of end of March. Also their ROM has a lot more inner working than a Verizon ROM.

Moto apps have updated on my X. Also RW have said they will update to KItKat, only that it just takes a little time because they are using a custom ROM. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets 4.4 in a month.

Moto G

Nice little phone. Just got one for my wife. She's into dual SIM. Otherwise she could have had an X. ;-)

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I use the Moto G with Republic Wireless and it's a good phone for a decent price. Republic also has access to Sprint's roaming partners so the coverage is much better than other MVNOs from Sprint. All in all, great service at an awesome price. Use this link to save $20 when you sign up!

I love my Moto G! I stay on the 10 dollar plan most of the time. I will change my plan to the 3g when I feel I need the extra. If you want to give them a try for 30 days, you can use my referral and save $20.