Droid 3 bloat

Drooooiiiiidddddd...  It's a sound plenty of us know and love, and we realize that along with it comes some serious bloatware from the folks at Verizon and Motorola.  The Droid 3 is no exception.  Of course, that's when the Android Central forums shine -- we'll help you twist and wrangle all the "value added" applications right off your D3, and get it set up to your liking.  Cory, our fearless forums leader and world-famous midnight tinkerer, has worked up quite the masterpiece for doing just that for your D3.  It has all the directions spelled out for easy understanding, and full lists of what you can and can't get rid of -- as well as an explanation of what each one of them are.  Top it off with a complete walkthrough using Root Explorer (no need for a wire or a computer) and it's a thing of beauty.  Make sure your D3 is charged up, and hit the forums to take care of business.

Source: Motorola Droid 3 forums


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Removing the bloatware from your Motorola Droid 3


just read P3 from TBH app getting read to release toolbox for bionics to remove restore and somthing else in it. i just wish my bionic would stop bootlooping.

Best to root and get titanium backup and freeze apps not delete. Else upates fail and you could brick y8urself.

Be careful with some of this program. In some cases the OS will pound away trying to restart them resulting in poor performance/battery life. You don't need to freeze something that never started up in the first place. If they are starting, then that's a good reason to root and move them to SD.

Freezing makes it invisible to your phone, the phone thinks it is deleted. So if what you say is true, deleting does would also hurt your battery. But no one I have ever heard of has ever had problems with battery life after freezing, it only gets BETTER, so not sure what your statement is based on. Not to mention you can freeze and defrost on the fly, no need to move apks around.

Cory what about the idiot such as myself who completely deleted the apps. Some are in the market but I couldn't find cityID. There is a much needed OTA update coming that my phone could benefit from, what would I have to do?

Yup yup. Be sure and read the procedure though. I ran into some permissions issues if I didn't do as instructed for restoring apps using Root Explorer to get things to work right. Also, I'm sure it will be a matter of days before someone comes out with the fully flashable stock ROM if you can wait a few days.

Not to piss in tne punch but also check out the xda forums.one click root, bloat remover and restore apps available from peter souza as well and they work.

Also good news, sbf is available in a way and its for the version going out for ota and being soak tested.

Cory, I copied the post i made into your thread. I've experimented with freezing a lot of bloat. I made a full list of the apps safe to freeze, including some of the ones you were skeptical about.

What about if you send the bloatware to sd card? Will they still consume emory. People need to be careful if you dont have insurance because if you remove a bloatware that it is necessary for the devices to work you will be in trouble. It happened to me but i was able to get another one for asurion paying the cost of the device. It is better to leave them or freeze them

I'm gonna be honest with you. I rooted my DX. Instead of me using something to freeze the apps I just totally removed them. Looks a whole lot better and seems to run smoother. The only vz apps I have left are city ID, backup assistant, my verizon mobile, visual voicemail and the preinstalled skype app. Will that affect me in anyway?

I'm not sure first I could not find my phone ,I thought it was called boost max, but when I went in settings I couldn't that any where