What has one million members and happens to be the best damn Android site on the Internet? You're looking at it! To celebrate this milestone, our Forums admin, podcast personality, and all-around great guy Cory Streater is holding one heck of a contest in the forums. In case you've been under a rock for a week, here's the prize list:

in addition, Cory has a special prize package for long-time members (six months or more and over 500 posts) consisting of a new Chromebook, , a $100 coupon code, a $50 Google Play gift card, and a Lloyd T-shirt from Word is that we're also going to see what Google announces on October 29 and consider it as well.

It's an awesome list of prizes for an awesome community of members, and we want to make sure you have a chance to enter. You do that by clicking the big link below. You don't want to miss out on this one folks!

Enter the One Million Member giveaway!

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ItsaRaid says:

A/C....Don't leave home without it

Hey, AC got a mention in the KC Star:

But no link to the site (unlike mashable). You might want to contact them to get a link added.

Whoa! You guys really aren't playing around. Awesome giveaway!

EVOJoe says:

I wish I got credit for all of the people that I've referred to Android Central! It's the ONLY source for all things Android!

damjr312 says:

Great giveaway; thanks for the opportunity & congratulations!!

gregdb says:

Count me in I could always use some new stuff

creiij says:

Just got my first Android and started litening to your podcast. Keep up the good work!