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Motorola's servers appear to be taking quite a beating early this morning. But if you somehow manage to get through, here's your reminder that the Moto X — our current pick for the best Android phone available — is $150 off today, outright. That means $350 total gets you an off-contract, 16GB Moto X. Another $50 bumps you up to 32GB.

Accessories are still 30 percent off today as well.

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Reminder: If Motorola's servers ever come up, you can grab a Moto X off-contract for $350


I'm on the site now and the price still says $549. It's 9:52am EST here. Any idea when its supposed to go live?

Trying to buy the tmobile variant and price still shows as 500, and even at that price I can't check out.

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You have to design it, then go to check out. Pick a carrier then the next step or two, after scrolling down, should be the no contract price option.

Damn this phone goes down every day, pretty soon moto will be paying us just to rock the device.

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Agree, the fact that this phone is being updated to 4.4 so quickly makes me happy to see that Google is supporting the Motorola devices. This phone is a game changer for Motorola and Google. The Moto G is is going to bring Motorola back.

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That's great that accessories are still 30% off......but doesn't do much good when the item I'd LOVE to purchase seems to STILL be out of stock (MotoX Vehicle Dock)....frustrating....

Preach it! Been sold out at least since Nov 11 when I got mine on VZW. If they aren't 30% off when back in stock. I'm gonna be mad.

I'm really happy that I decided to keep my the Nexus 5, I didn't want to deal with this crap this morning. Plus, I have a Moto G for a backup phone on its way, will be delivered tomorrow.

They should not have announced this last week, they were asking for server issues by pre-announcing the sale. This sale should be done over a weekend or at least over several days to avoid these issues.

Hope everyone gets their Moto X.

While I agree with that... this whole buying phones off contract is starting to take off and I hope it's an eye opening to all phone manufacturers and we see more of it more often. If I can buy a tablet for less then a phone.... something is wrong with the system.

This. I don't think I will ever renew my two year. Got a nexus 5 on sprint, and yes even though their service kinda sucks right now, you can't beat unlimited data, without a contract!

Nexus 5...enough said

GIn that case, you should look into their prepaid $60 plan, unlimited data AND minutes... They don't seem to advertise it at all but it's on their site for sure. I haven't moved to it because:

A) I have a 23% discount which brings the lowest tier plan down to $64 (it applies to the $70 base plan only, add to that the $10 data charge), so $4/month less isn't worth giving up device discounts on renewal (yet).
B) I barely use my minutes (and I got a random 300 min bonus atop the standard 450 at some point anyway.
C) rather test Tmo/AT&T before making drastic changes.

Unlimited and/or that $60 plan are the only things keeping Sprint price competitive with Tmo tho, and they aren't pushing the latter at all... Their LTE has actually deployed fairly quickly down here but I'm still curious about AT&T/Tmo, I know Sprint still has broader coverage than Tmo here but the 3G speeds and/or building penetration might make up for it in Tmo's favor...

Plus I'd love to be able to use any ol GSM phone... It was great that the Nexus was created with Sprint in mind this year but who knows how long that'll last, and I went with it rather then the Moto X in large part cause of Spark support.

Yes, because whenever something good is on sale and people buy it, it means it was priced incorrectly initially.

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Well, the phone is basically the Motorola Nexus, near stock Android, with a few added features, specs are on par with a Nexus 5, updated to the latest Android version.. it really should have been priced this way from the get-go. That's a very true statement.

No, it shouldn't have. It's a carrier device. If they would have sold it unlocked, at that price point, then the carriers possibly wouldn't have carried it.

Motorola can't/couldn't afford to subsidize a handset for an extended period of time. They have to return to profitability, first.

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Yes and selling it on contract for $.01 - $50 on contract is making Motorola tons of money right now (sarcasm). The point is, its wasn't selling with the carriers at $199. It was priced incorrectly based on how bad it sold (500k units).

The carrier is paying the difference, not Motorola. The carrier buys the device from Motorola for, let's say 400, and the carrier sells it for one penny KNOWING they are making their money back on the two year agreement.

Motorola get the money up front, not on the actual sale of the device

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

This. It's all about hedging their bets... Selling directly to carriers first gives Moto guaranteed income up front and puts then back on the path to profitability, possibly out of Google's chopping block (it's later the carrier's problem whether they wanna sell it at $50 or $200 and how fast they wanna make up the difference thru contracts).

Selling it for $350 from the start, specially with a nexus 5 looming, would've been a HUGE risk, and if it still didn't sell the phones were sitting on Moto's Texas plant rather than carrier shelves (with no guaranteed income, unlike a carrier contract for X amount of phones). Armchair economy and business is always a lot simpler than reality.

It'll certainly be interesting to see what they do going forward, but the Moto G and their update pace are positive signs of things to come IMO. They might end up being the most enthusiast favored OEM by next year, that'd be quite the turnaround.

Yes, yes he does


Sent from the phone that God uses since he reGifted the Nexus 5

You clearly have not read any reviews for this device.

But, please, go ahead and finish.

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Some people do not and will never, get it

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Lol, so their tweet should be "just stay put and don't blink because you might gonna miss it. "
"Oops, you just did ! We said it's gonna be limited ."

I feel super dumb for going to bed late and then getting up early, for this joke. It's one of those things when you know it's not gonna work but still hope that somehow it will.

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I know ,I was referring to the later in the day :-)
They said to check for the updates but since supplies are limited...

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Did the discounts every happen? If they did, I never saw it. Thanks for false hope Moto.

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New tweet at 11:18ET

Motorola Mobility ‏@Motorola

We’re currently restoring online services. Some may have site-access, but Cyber Monday deal prices won’t begin until all systems are a go.

More than 2 hours later and still nothing. Does anyone still think there's not enough demand for an inexpensive, rock solid smartphone without carrier subsidies? Look and learn BB, Sprint, HTC and other companies that have been struggling or haven't been able to gain a foothold in this industry.

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Yeah it is for all carriers

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Still getting the we'll be back soon but on my tablet that I used originally it says the 349.99 in the shopping cart but a headline that said the moto x can't be checkout right now.

This is just another sign that Google is putting their fingers all over Motorola.. Lol

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

"You cannot checkout with a Moto X right now."

The price is right, but still not letting me checkout. Hopefully I'm not missing out.

So what is everyone's top favorite color schemes (front/back/accents)? I like black/black/red and black/navy/silver

cherry red back... blue accent..can't decide on white front or black

Assuming I can get an order in that is...if I can't...big fail being up since 7 am

Oh yeah! Just ordered a Verizon developer edition for $399. Took a while to get it through, but it finally did.

I just don't like the white back but I might end up getting it since it won't let me check out w customized one.

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Well, I give up. Time for work and I can't stay home waiting for it to let me checkout. What a great price though. Good luck to the rest of you and congrats to all who get one!

FYI...Dev Edition for GSM, processed smoothly for $399 and showed "In Stock" as of 11:15 am CST. Good Luck to Y'all!

I was a lucky one I guess. I'm not BSing you haha. Chalk white front, black front and black accents. I already had it in my cart and that "you can't checkout with a moto x" went away.

Dev Edition Sold out... great, just as i completed the application for the CC it sells out. That is some horse sht.

I had same problem well over an hour ago. Got through everything into cart saying in stock, application process and still said in stock. I'd go to process order and it would tell me some items in your cart are not in stock while the item in cart said in stock/available. Now I have i have a credit account that I don't need with no new phone as I can't get maker working. Giant crock of manure...

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I did the same, but a little more patience will pay off. They will get it up and running soon enough. (At least that is what I keep telling myself)

I have to imagine that the dev editions actually sold out of their "limited quantity" @ this price... but I would LOVE to be wrong.

Now I have a dumb CC account and no phone. Yay for credit ding.

I still didn't get the response for the moto credit. Tried my wife's last night (perfect score) said 7-10 days too.

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I still dont think that this phone is worth the asking price though. Went on ebay and picked up an optimus g pro for almost half the price. Rooted then installed a kitkat rom. Whats so good about this phone to justify a price tag higher than the nexus 5?

do some more reading. the extra processors allow it to do more than any other phone (active notifications, touchless controls, etc.)

Its not higher than a Nexus 5, its the same price, big plus points for this are the battery life, full touchless contols, and active notifications just to name a few

No, it's higher. After today, the price will go back to the 500 dollar off-contract price-tag that it originally sells for.

That's not to say that it isn't worth the money, though. But, the Nexus 5 is definitely the cheaper buy (of the two), if one wasn't lucky enough to snag a Moto X today.

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I know its higher normally but as of right now its the same price, at $549 I would agree the N5 on paper is a better deal, to be honest if my N5 hadn't have gone down the rain drain literally then I wouldn't have been buying this today

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It says the MotoX Developer Edition is in stock, but when I try to commit my purchase it tells me "One of the items in your cart is no longer available." This is confusing and a little sad.

For a company on the comeback, this was not a good way to start with a sale day like Cyber Monday. I will still buy my Moto X, just disappointed. Hopefully because of the issues they decide to run the sell a little longer than originally planned.

Well, their website is getting hammered, I'm sure. They should have made it a week-long sale. That might have remedied the situation a little.

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I know that you can't compare the 2 but today best buy has a good deal on G2 - free w 2 yr extension or new activation. Meaning even if you are looking to buy it off contract it's gonna cost you 400$ + tax.
350$ early Termination fee + additional line charge 9.99 + smartphone data plan 39.99 for a month (automatically charged) - Same as 32gb moto X.
So, those who want to keep their grandpa plans they can have it w a little hassle.

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Finally actually got the phones in my cart, but I still get "You cannot checkout with a Moto X right now."


Calm down people. It will be priced at 200.00 in two weeks most likely just like all these stupid sales. Hey let me wait in line for a 120hz led tv.

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Highly unlikely, I could see it coming back at 350/400 if they determine the demand and volume would make up for the lower price tho... But it'd probably get EOL'd before selling for 200, maybe a 250 clearance sale during the summer right before a Moto X2 or whatever.

Omg I still feel bad for not picking those up , even that I'm on VZW - 199$ was a joke !

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If they mark down the X to 300 or below, you can bet your ass, I'll be on that website like a hawk.

Getting the Nexus 4 16GB for 250 was great.

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A better deal IMO is the Republic Wireless ( Moto X for $299 with no contract and monthly plans from $5 (wi-fi only)to $40 (unlimited voice, messaging, and data -- wi-fi, 3G, and 4G)

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I have to say, this is a pretty pathetic performance from Motorola.... bad planning, bad execution, bad publicity, bad communications... and people who tried to become customers left with a bad taste in their mouths...

Exactly! Moto is doing some things so right - the Moto Maker idea is pretty cool. I think the Moto G is a huge game changer in emerging markets - users get a good phone, devs can sell more apps, etc. But to infuriate your customers this way is pretty bad.

You and me both, I will wait cuz I don't care when it's available, just as long as I can get it for the discount price

Same here dude. Been up since 6am PST. Kept trying before work. Tried at work. Now I will keep trying after work. I wanna get the phone but they make it so hard. :(

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Sucks cause I have to step out probably 2 hours at most.... They better not have it during that time....

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Motorola hasn't had this problem since the razor . It's a good problem to have! The more LG Motorola fight the better it is for the industry. I hate Samsung!

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