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1Password made a massive update to their Android app earlier this summer, and though it's been free since June, tomorrow they start charging for a few things. It's worth grabbing now to get some of the premium features like creating new password/website combinations, editing what's currently in your vault, and organizing favorites and folders. Regardless of whether or not you're an existing user, you'll have a 30 day trial starting tomorrow to see what the app offers before needing to pay.

For those unfamiliar, 1Password locks all of your passwords behind a single master password, so you basically never have to remember a password for a site ever again. You can use 1Password to generate new randomized passwords (and you might as well, since you don't have to remember any), store usernames, and lots more. On the device, you'll still need to hop back and forth between the browser and 1Password to log in, but for the security-conscious, it's well worth the minor inconvenience.

Go ahead and grab the app now and give it a shot. Eventually you'll need to shell out for extra features through in-app purchases. Anyone already using 1Password? How are you digging it?


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Reminder: 1Password premium features go on 30-day trial starting tomorrow


1password must have paid websites alot since I saw them promoted everywhere. Last time I tried the android app. it was ridiculous that it didn't have search. Not sure they add this yet. I use Lastpass premium now and happy with it. Paid $10 for 2 years subscription!

I would get a better password but Do you really think hackers just sit there trying to guess your password?

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If they steal it through hack or via keylogger they'll have access to all sites secured with that password. If every password is different, the breach is contained to just the one site hacked.

They don't have to. That process is automated.

Using a single password for everything is convenient but also very, very risky and bordering on the irresponsible. You may feel you have nothing to hide, but that is not the same as being ok with all your data being up for grabs and it is not the same as having nothing to lose.

If you are among the 400.000.000 username / pw combos that were reported hacked recently, and you use that pw everywhere, then basically you gave away the key that unlocks your house, car, garage, office.

If you download it now, you only get to try the premium features til tomorrow like everybody else.

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So, wait, just so we're clear... If you download today it is free, and stays free? Or it goes to a paid app for premium features tomorrow regardless of whether you have already downloaded it?

That's how I have understood it. If that's the case, there's np since downloading it today for free if tomorrow it will no longer be.

Free today, 30-day trial tomorrow for all, then a paywall hits everyone. $7.99/$9.99 after for one mobile client. Desktop, OSX, Windows, iOS are separate (and expensive) purchases. Then they will release a v.5 next year, requiring you to re-buy all of them. Rinse, repeat every year or so. It's a racket. 10 years in, you would have spent like $600 on 1password software, and only $120 for Lastpass...

Lastpass. $12/year for any number of devices. It's a steal in comparison. Lastpass is one of the few subscription models that's a true bargain.

@coolbreese78, only two paid upgrades in 8 years. The forthcoming updates for iOS 8 and Yosemite will be free to existing users as we already announced. But if you're happy with another solution, that's great. We would rather people use any (decent) password manager than not use one at all. Of course, we feel that 1Password is the best choice for just about everybody, but we’d still rather see you use a competitor’s product than to not be using a password manager at all.

The reasons for this should be obvious. There are the self-interested ones, such as the fact that on a very interconnected network one person’s security problems can easily become another’s. With apologies to John Donne: Ask not for whom the reused password tolls. It tolls for thee, for thou art connected to all mankind.

Another selfish reason, I suppose, is that there are an enormous number of people who don’t use a password manager at all. “Growing the industry” will help AgileBits, even if some of that growth goes to competitors. Quite simply, it is good for our business if people have already answered “should I use a password manager” and have moved to the question of “which password manager should I use.”

Plus, when we learn about how most people manage their passwords (typically massive password reuse), it hurts. When we hear about people not registering for something they might find useful because they don’t want to deal with yet another login to manage, we are saddened by the lost opportunity. When we see accounts broken into when it could have been avoided, we cringe.

Quite simply, we are in this business because we think it does a lot of good. We look forward to seeing more people using strong unique passwords, and a more secure world.

As a fresh Linux convert and long time 1Password user, I would truly love to see a linux flavor of 1Password - and yes, I would pay for it, I know others would, too... maybe another interesting area to "grow the industry" :-)

Normal price will be $9.99, but apparently on sale for the first two weeks at $7.99. Great app

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I use it and like it, though their Firefox plugin is a little buggy. The Android app does let you auto-login to sites with one click but only with their built in browser.

I love it on the Mac. It's above average on Windows and Android. Will buy the premium feature tomorrow, and we should also see version 4.1 at the same time according to the developer.

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I've been using Norton Identity Safe for a couple of months now and I have to say that I'm pretty happy with it. And the best part is that it's free and it features a lot of what others charge for, like syncing between devices.

Sounds to me like it will be $7.99 instead of $9.99. Meanwhile I'm very happy with Last Pass.

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I have used 1Password for several years on OS X, iOS, and now Android. I like it for storing my passwords, but also for secure notes and credit card info. I don't know if the alternatives mentioned here have those functions, but for me that makes 1Password worth the price.

I've been using LastPass. I like it's android app integration but Web and Android apps are terrible. 1 Password looks much better but I would miss these features.

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