Verizon Bing

This is all we have to say about that: Verizon is not going exclusively with Bing for future Android smartphones, [via Business Insider and Engadget], contrary to an anonymously sourced story by The Droid Guy that inexplicably gained traction today. Also, the Google Search widget indeed is on the Samsung Fascinate, it just routes searches through Bing.

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Still lame. Especially with the new features that google announced will be coming to mobile search this fall. Quick search or whatever they call it.
Question, if the google search routes through bing, wouldn't that make it a bing search still?

Android_Lee says:

A Micro$oft "search engine" on a Linux operating system. Yeah, that makes sense. \sarcasm off

likwidsoul says:

I would imagine that rom developers could change that by using the Google apps when they make a rom.

cj100570 says:

So basically what Verizon & Microsoft are saying is that their joint press release,, from January of 2009 in which they state Microsoft will provide search for all Verizon feature and smartphones is incorrect?! I smell BS!

icebike says:

Good catch...

trenen says:

"the Google Search widget indeed is on the Samsung Fascinate, it just routes searches through Bing."

So in other words, it's not really there. I'm sure Google is THRILLED about that!

icebike says:

So can you install the market version and over-ride this routing?

icebike says:

So can you install the market version and over-ride this routing?

(I swear I did not submit this twice....)

J T M says:

I'm surprised Google doesn't have some sort of deal in place with Verizon or other carriers to prevent something like that from happening.

KrispyKrink says:

If it's not exclusive, the user should be able to uninstall any and all Bing crap. Since they can't, I'd classify that as "exclusive".

LikeWebOS says:

I got Android because I like Google, not because I like Microsoft. Maybe Android is a little to open?

terryzx says:

THANK GAWD!!! I love Goggle and HATE Bing

Evo2DroidX says:

Then take bing off the face of android. I don't buy it. They know they messed up and are back tracking.

mickey jones says:

Good. I commend them for backtracking in the face of overwhelming resistance.

dcbelcher says:

Any response on whether Fascinate users can install the Google Search app in the Market? I was wondering why that was there when I already had it. I was wondering if there was anything different or better about it.

balthuszar says:

if one of the key features of the Android OS is it is completely open source, then google cant really do anything about it being changed. however, bing is crap, and you should be able to remove it from your phone.

mrw333 says:

There seems to be confusion about what Google means by "open." Open means the manufacturers and the carriers can make Android their own and pretty much do what they want with it. It's not open for the end user (unless, of course, you want to hack your phone, void the warranty and, in some cases, run afoul of your agreement with the carrier). Sound familiar?? This is leading eventually to a replication of the Apple/iPhone/ATT situation on each carrier with Android. Yes, there are differences in the degree of control from carrier to carrier and from maker to maker, but there is no doubt who is in control. The abandonment of the Nexus One unlocked and unaffiliated concept was far more significant than most realized. Google is playing ball with the manufacturers and the carriers because that's who their customers are for Android. The US still is not an open competitive market for mobile phone users and until it is "open" is a just marketing hype.