LG Optimus G.

We're just sitting down for a little more intimate time with the LG Optimus G here in Seoul, South Korea. And that means a couple things. For one, it means pictures that don't suck as much. For another, we're getting a better feel for the phone and the new user experience that LG's celebrating.

A few quick, initial thoughts, with the caveat that these are preproduction units:

  • For one, this thing is fast, fast, fast. OK, that's three. But it's worth repeating. The quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro is a little ridiculous. 
  • The display is gorgeous -- 4.7-inches of deep blacks and vibrant colors. 
  • Know how much I like HTC's lockscreen? And Samsung's? LG's is as good. You've got some icon shortcuts,  which do the obvious. But when you simply unlock the device, you get a preview of what you're unlocking to. That's a very nice detail.
  • The 13-megapixel camera has a quick shutter speed. Maybe not quite instantaneous, but it's damn quick. You've got a bunch of options in the camera app, including HDR and panorama.
  • The camera app also does a bit of magic wherein it's actually recording before you press the shutter. So if you don't quite snap the shot in time, you don't necessarily miss the pic.
  • Now that we're actually sitting down with the phone, we've got a better feel for the heft of the device. It's certainly not the lightest on the block, but neither is that a big negative for us. That might change a little when we see different internals in the U.S. versions.
  • The keyboard is surprisingly good. It's not perfect -- secondary functions could be triggered a little more quickly. But it's very much usable out of the box. That's not always the case with manufacturer's keyboards.
  • I'm very much digging the smooth, glossy back with the diamond design, called a crystal reflection finish. It might be a little too slick for some, though.
  • You know how almost every phone has ignored the cool TV-off effect that first showed up in Gingerbread? LG's got its own version, with the display focusing into a single point before blinking off.
  • Watching Korean TV on a phone is still cool.

That's it for now. We've got a bevy of better pics after the break.


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Redux: A second look at the LG Optimus G


Much better pics, thank you sir

I like what I'm seeing here, get this thing in the states and on verizon and I may have to give it a go.

sweet looking piece of tech... author's hands are either catcher's mitts and this phone is as big as a tablet, or someone needs to reduce their salt intake... by about 70%

The huge amount of bezel on the top and bottom is very iPhone-ish. I don't like that. It looks like an inch at least on the top and bottom. Still so damn square though. Would it kill them to add a round edge somewhere? Also, I'm still anti-LG until they show us that their phones will actually work correctly (unlike the LG 2X among others). I wish HTC would stick all these specs (including expandable storage, 2GB RAM, etc.) in one of their phones and release it in a GSM version.

Would love to see a hands on as well as a comparison video with something like the Samsung galaxy SII/HTC OneX/Galaxy Note II.

The features seem awesome and just (along with many others IMO) blew the iP5 away.

This phone or the Note 2 will be my next phone, and it will all come down to camera quality.

Crap. It has a sealed battery. Unless this thing has a RAZR Maxx-like runtime, that's a dealbreaker for me.

Note 2, the ball is in your court.