HTC One Max in redHot on the heels of the black variant that appeared first in Hong Kong last week, HTC has launched a red version of the 5.9-inch One Max in its home territory of Taiwan. Hardware-wise the red Max is identical to the silver version — including the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner — but sports a red plastic trim in addition to the anodized coating found on its metal parts. That gives it a pretty striking appearance, perhaps more so than the red HTC One, which has black accents.

The red HTC One is available now from local retailers priced NT$23,900 (around $804.) There's no word of any plans to launch the red version in other markets.

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Red HTC One Max launching in Taiwan


I remember a few years back Apple said they were having trouble with the white paint when they finally decided to come out with a white iphone, and now both the S4 HTC One are available in a number of colors, white, black, gold, blue, red, purple, pink, Samsung and HTC don't seem to have a problem with colors, but Apple, it's a big deal for Apple to make a white iphone.

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Yeah, the black One looks SO MUCH better than the other Ones. Heck, it even manages to feel better because of the finish (vs just raw metal)

I don't know what people's infatuation is with the color black. Personally I associate the color black with goth, depression, and funerals. Not anything positive.

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This is nuts they should make all of the colors available unlocked on their website HTC who ya crapping

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