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Design and engineering phase complete on Recon Instruments' Jet smart glasses

Recon Instruments CEO Dan Eisenhardt sent out an update to Recon Jet customers this afternoon about the hardware redesign announced last fall. The bad news is that the wearable heads-up sport glasses are still not on the shelves, but the good news is that production should start soon.

In my my last note to you, you read that the team and I decided a hardware re-design was required. Today, I am pleased to report that the re-design was successful and we are pleased with the results. Design and hardware engineering are now complete and I've greenlighted production ramp up. 

Things on the software side are complete, and you can spy a couple examples of the ReconOS user interface after the break. There's also a web presence, titled Recon Engage, and you can see an example right here.

Eisenhardt says he'll update soon with final details, but to expect the Jet to ship in the Spring of 2014.

ReconOS User Interface examples

ReconOS ReconOS


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Recon Jet hardware redesign complete, production to start soon


Would probably never wear glasses on my face ordinarlily except maybe to mountain bike etc., but IMO these look better than Google Glass.

Ant+ compatible for power, hrm, cadence. Nice. Would be cool not to have to look down at the garmin while riding. I'll wait for the price to come down a bit.

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Let me get prescription lenses like my Maui Jim sunglasses and I'm all over these.
Need the prescription option.

I still don't like smart glasses but these look like some I would wear. I wonder how much their going to cost

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To me, for public use, these seem more obtrusive than the Google glasses. For personal use, I can easily see these being a replacement for a GoPro.

Ordered a pair of these in November, and the company has been a pleasure to deal with. I had multiple questions to ask before plunking down the hefty 600 bucks...and these guys get it. They even told me that if I am not satisfied, they will refund my money. Can't wait to get these.....