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Serious athletes now have their own version of Google Glass

Building on its previous efforts in the HUD (Heads up Display) market, Recon Instruments announced today that its latest Recon Jet HUD will be available for $499. These Android-powered glasses are targeted directly at cyclists and triathletes, providing extremely useful information just a glance away. You can think of the Recon Jet as a distant cousin of Google Glass, targeted at a sports-minded wearer to show information such as heart rate, cadence and power output through a suite of on-board sensors. Athletes will be able to track their speed, pace, distance, time and ascent/descent throughout a race or training session.

Just as is the case with Google Glass, the Recon Jet pairs with a phone over Bluetooth for connectivity and can display caller ID and text messages as well as upload details of their current activities to social networks. The Jet has a 1GHz dual-core processor, dedicated graphics chip, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and a camera on the front along with the aforementioned sensors. Recon notes that the components of the glasses are evenly distributed to both sides, adding just 14 grams in weight to each side of the sunglasses.

While the Recon Jet is focused on a core set of features for serious athletes, the company is making an SDK available for developers to write apps for the platform. Recon says it is already in talks with major health and fitness companies to make new native apps for the device.

In its current form, the Recon Jet is offered in an early "Pilot Edition" for $499 from now until July 21st. This Pilot Edition is for willing early adopters to give a try several months before full production begins. After the July 21st cutoff the pre-sale price will jump to $599. Hang around after the break to see a few more pictures showing off the Recon Jet and HUD interface.

Recon Jet

Recon Jet UI

Recon Jet UI


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Recon Instruments announces Recon Jet HUD glasses for $499


Awesome. Not very expensive compared to a lot of regular ol' sunglasses either. Granted, not the ones I buy since I lose them within a week lol.

As a cyclist that generates a ton of telemetry on my rides, this would be awesome. I videoed my cycling commute with my GoPro helmet cam and you can see me tip my head down every 30 seconds or so to look at my computer and heart rate monitor. Being able to keep my eyes on the road will make my rides safer and more enjoyable. Now if I only had $499.

Great comment, Scott. I'm the CMO at Recon and also love to ride. Have been testing every version as we develop the product, beginning last January. You can get a short look at some video we shot of that test in the middle of the George Hincapie video that is on My colleague Tyson is in the red jacket, I'm in the white one.

Not having to look down to see your numbers is fantastic. Great when climbing, especially out of the saddle, great if you do triathlons or time trials so you can keep your head in the right position. As you say, much safer, easier access to the key information. Also super awesome to be able to see caller ID and text messages in the HUD. Maybe I don't answer those calls but it is good to have the information to be able to make an informed choice.

I would love a set of these. At the moment I use an app on my phone that records gain, speed etc... But because it's on my phone I daren't keep it out or put it in a bicycle mount due to fear of breaking it. This is a genius way of being able to connect to my phone and see that information without putting my phone at risk! Not too mention receiving texts, calls, taking video etc...If only I had the money I would be buying a pair of these now. Time to save but sadly I doubt it will be before the cheaper price tag is gone :(

"The Jet HUD is situated on the right side of the sunglasses. Our research indicates that >85% of the world is right eye dominant, making this the leading reason to choose the right-eye mount."

Bummer. One customer lost....

I second this! I'm legally blind in my right eye, though I still have peripheral and can see colors and shapes. Why not make glasses where you can switch which side the HUD is on? Or how hard would it be to offer it in both left and right?

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How does the glass measure heart rate? *EDIT: scratch that, I just saw on the site that it requires an external hr monitor to hook up to* I'm currently trying to train for a 5K (yes i know it's not a lot but for a fat guy like me, it's a step in the right direction) and I'm using a zephyr HxM and would love to be able to use something as awesome as this to run so that I don't have to constantly look at my phone's screen when I want to know my heart rate and distance.
Will this also be using standard bluetooth or low energy? How long would the battery last? and if the glasses get damaged, is there a possibility of changing lenses and such?

Although the price range is out of my range (I'm in the process of saving for a ring for my gf), I love to see new technology and it's always so exciting to see awesome new products like this!

The right eye dominant thing might be an issue, but this would be awesome to have. It would make keeping pace so much easier when you can see it instead of having to glance at a screen - which is tough if you wear your phone on your arm. Now to figure out how to spend $500 without the wife figuring it out...